Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review

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Two of the most recognizable and loved models Chanel ever created are the Chanel jumbo classic flap and the medium flap. They come as diverse as it can, with a lot of different colors, leathers and chains. They are very easy to sell and often out of stock so don’t be very pick and make up your mind quickly about the style you like the best.

You already know that I am very fastidious when it comes to the purses I choose to buy or to wear. For me the jumbo size of this model is perfect. It has just enough space to carry all my stuff without having to worry about not getting something important with me because of the lack of room. I consider the medium size of the Chanel classic flap too small, there is just enough space inside it to carry only the essentials and maxi flap is too large for me. The jumbo one is just between these two last versions and it perfectly satisfies my needs.

chanel classic jumbo

The colors you can choose from for the Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag are very diverse: black, beige, white, pink (rarely), green, silver, light blue, brown and red. The most desired one is the black in caviar, but unfortunately it gets often out of stock, so you should be prepared to get another color, another size or even another model if the one you decided for is not available anymore. You shouldn’t be sad though; Chanel has a lot of gorgeous bag models to offer.

Even if I am not a huge fan of black purses, I certainly understand the reason why people go for this option. The black bag can accessorize any outfit, it just looks great on anything you decide to wear and if you don’t like it, or you just decide to replace it with a new model there is a huge market out there and you can re-sell it to someone else.

The chains of the Chanel jumbo classic flap can be gold or silver. I don’t think that you should take this decision following the crowd, if you like silver you should go for silver and if you wear gold then gold is the color you should choose for the chains. Some people are asking which one is the most popular. They both are, you should just pick the one that fits you best. Chanel doesn’t change the chains, so if you decide for silver or gold that will be the color of the chains for your bag.

chanel classic jumbo flap bag

One more aspect you have to take into consideration when you but the Chanel jumbo classic flap is the type of leather. This bag comes in two versions: lambskin and caviar. The lambskin is just gorgeous, so soft, chic and with such a royal appearance. But it is not a very durable material, it gets scratched very easy. On the other hand the caviar looks great; it is a resistant material but is not as soft as the lambskin. So if you intend to buy this purse for a daily usage you should go for the caviar, if you only want to wear it occasionally just go for the lambskin.

I am sure that if you’ll buy this Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap  bag in any version you like the best you will be very happy with it. It is a gorgeous purse, one that pleases the most fastidious critics. It is very easy to wear and it has enough room for anything you need to carry with you daily.

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Designer Vault Giveaway: Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag!

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Chanel Beige Flap Bag

In honor of April showers, we’ve teamed up with e-commerce luxury consignment boutique Designer Vault to shower one Snob Essentials reader with a very special prize: a Chanel jumbo Flap bag (worth $4,950)! You made it through a long winter. You deserve this. The beige lambskin will keep you chic through all manner of seasons, and for years and years to come. Designer Vault specializes in Chanel, ranging from the famed house’s coveted perfume bottle clutch ($16,500) to its memorable hula hoop style ($2,500) from the Cruise ’13 collection. Follow the site on Facebook to keep up with their inventory! At the end of the day, though, nothing beats a classic Flap, so make sure you enter to win it for yourself….


By participating in the contest, you’re agreeing to opt in to receive e-mail newsletters from Snob Essentials and our sponsor, Designer Vault. The contest will end on April 30th at midnight when a random computerized drawing will select the winner. International readers welcome. Good luck to all entering the giveaway!

Designer Vault Giveaway

Designer Vault Giveaway

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