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Red and white is one of my favourite combo. The class and purity of white matched with the bloody passion of red give birth to a cool fresh look. For sure, really eye-catching and glamgerous.

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Flowers are one of the symbols that represent women, Chanel is great at doing this. You know, the Camellia flowers, it’s even designed in the Chanel sneakers.

But recently I have read an interesting article about flowers and men. The question was: ‘What is about rose flowers that make most women love them so much’.

Professor Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist from Duke University wrote in his blog post: ‘One way to view this discrepancy is that women like these things exactly because men hate shopping for them’.

And he continued: ‘If you purchased something for your loved one that you enjoyed shopping for, this would be nice, but having to overcome your aversion to shopping for these items is a much stronger signal of your love and care. So this year, when you are shopping for jewelry or flowers for your soul mate, remind her what a pain it was for you’.

Perhaps Dan Ariely is right, or maybe he is not right, in the end he is a man, how can he understand how we feel.

But survey does show that most women do want to have flowers, but who doesn’t want beautiful natural things.

Let’s get back to the topic, Lanvin recently introduced an evening bag with feminine snake chain, which can be easily changed into a clutch. It’s a pretty bag to company your ‘little black dress’, if you’re wearing that tonight. White flowers are embroidered on the velvet and its super soft. Measuring 9.4’ x 5.5’ x 2’ inches.


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Spring Summer 2015 Style: White Handbags

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Warmer weather is just around the corner! I can’t wait to break out my sunglasses and flip flops. But as the spring/summer season approaches, there is something else I should be thinking about. Yep, that age-old dilemma… do I get a white handbag for the season? This is a tough decision. On the one hand, a white handbag is the epitome of spring and summer style. They are light and airy and they go with just about anything. On the other hand, a white handbag is extremely high maintenance. They get dirty easily, making them something most people think twice about before making such an investment. Hence the abundance of “throw away” white handbags that are inexpensive enough so you don’t feel guilty about throwing it out at the end of the season. Talk about difficult choices! So here is what I am going to do. I am going to propose a compromise. Spend a little more, but make sure that white handbag is made of a stain resistant material. Saffiano leather, for example, is scratch and stain resistant, making it the ideal candidate for a white handbag.

Rebecca Minkoff white MAB Tote 
Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote in White
Rebecca Minkoff has only recently starting using saffiano leather for her designs. I must say though, it looks pretty sharp on the classics.

Michael Kors white Selma 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Medium Top Zip Satchel in Optic White
Michael Kors is no stranger to saffiano leather. I love the structured shape of the Selma and rolled double handles.

Elizabeth and James white Cynnie 
Elizabeth and James Cynnie Mini Bucket Bag in White
Durability does not always mean something has to be structured. I love the slouchiness of a classic bucket bag. This one by Elizabeth and James is super cute too. I love the bold zipper detail on the front.

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Fendi 3Jours White Tote

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One of the newest designs from Fendi is the Fendi 3Jours White Tote bag. This is actually a slightly modified version of the very popular Fendi 2Jours Tote. A simple and elegant design with refined and sleek lines, the Fendi 3Jours purse has a contemporary appearance due to its ample sides. When comparing it to its previous version, we notice that it offers extra comfort thanks to its longer handles and wider winged sides.

Replica Fendi 3Jours Front

I am a huge fan of large tote purses that have an elegant and refined appearance. This is why I love so much the looks of the Fendi 3Jours. It keeps it simple without compromising its natural sophistication. Like any other large size bag, it is very practical and suited for a very active and fulfilling lifestyle where you must jungle your personal life with your professional one, and everything in between. From shopping, taking your kids to the park to important business meeting, this impeccable purse will be right there with you, prepared to accommodate all your essentials. And let’s not forget, it is a bag that is very easy to carry around due to its longer handles which feel very natural on your shoulder.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Handbag Logo

This Fendi 3Jours White Tote is one of my newest replica purses.  It was bought online a couple of weeks ago and it has just arrived in the mail. At first, I wasn’t sure that choosing a combination of white and butter would be right for me, but now after actually seeing the bag I feel more and more confident in my decision. The grainy textured white leather that is used for the front and back side of the purse are nicely contrasted by the smooth buttery winged sides. Just like the original one, the bag is made from calf leather which creates a beautiful sense of sturdiness and helps the purse stand by its own without any creases, even when it is empty.

Fendi 3Jours Buttom

The shape of the bag is rectangular with a wider base. The top is outlined by metallic hardware plates that are discontinued in the middle. This part of the hardware is emailed at the outside and marked with the “Fendi” name on the top right, while all its other sides are gold color. Four  “D” rings are attached to the top hardware and this is also where the leather straps connect to the body of the bag, The handles are considerably longer than on a regular tote bag and this makes the purse very comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Also, the arched handles are stitched on both sides reinforcing their robustness. On one of the handles there is a leather string that ends with a gold color charm embossed with “Fendi” and almost entirely covered in leather.

Fendi Bag Side View

When the winged sides are tucked in, the bag looks very elegant and sleek, but when these sides are extended the overall look of the purse changes into a more practical and casual one. This is a very nice feature of the Fendi 3Jours White Tote replica as it allows you to accommodate large items and comfortably carry them around. It is the detail that offers functionality to this design and classifies it as a must bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Knockoff

Just like the authentic bag, this Fendi 3Jours replica has a snap tab closure. I am not too fond of bags that do not have a zipper closure and this implies certain vulnerability for your belongings, but at least the purse has an interior zip that is considerably large and can protect your most prized possessions. Furthermore, it also has two interior phone pockets and a removable luggage tag. By all means, it is a very modern bag designed for fashionable and powerful women.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Bag Interior

All Fendi 3Jours bags come with a suede lining at the inside, usually in a different color than the outside. The 3Jours line is based on contrasts and this implies both colors and fabrics. This is why at the outside we find robust white calf leather while at the inside there is a smooth brown suede fabric. The Fendi authenticity leather tags located at the interior of the bag are made from the same material as the winged exterior sides: white leather. There is one wide leather tag stitched all around and embossed with the Fendi name in the lower right side, and a small leather tag on the inner side of the bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Inside

The Fendi 3Jours replica bag is stitched with white threads at the outside and brown threads at the inside. This stitching is done in a color closer to the one of the dominating fabric. This keeps the clean look of the bag while accentuating its natural beauty. Also, all the stitches are carefully made, even spaced apart and without any loose threads or imperfections.

Fendi 3Jours Bag Imitation Close Up

The hardware is all gold color. The most important thing is that the craftsmanship of the metallic parts is very nicely done. The hardware has a particular nice shine and does not show any scratches or discolorations. Just like on the authentic purse, each piece of metal is marked with the Fendi name and logo. This contributes at the overall real look of the bag.

Fake Fendi 3Jours Bag Tag

The base of the bag has a squared wide shape. As the base is one of the most important parts of the bag, the one that hold all the weight, its sturdiness is enhanced by using five gold colored feet studs. These are rounded and each one is engraved with the Fendi name. Four of the studs are placed in the corners, and the fifth one is in the center of the base. Furthermore, there are two very noticeable stitches in the base of the Fendi 3Jours bag, one on each side.

Fake Fendi Bag Review

The Fendi 3Jours purse is the perfect example for how a city bag should be. It is classy, functional and practical. It can adapt to every carrying needs or events you must attend and you can always be sure of one thing: it will look fabulous each time. My Fendi 3Jours replica is no exception. It looks like the original purse and it has the same robustness. It is an imitation bag that will style up my outfits while accommodating all my important lady essentials.

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