Hermès Virevolte In Swift Calfskin

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hermes_virevolte-swift-calfskinIntroducing the Virevolte, a new bag offering from the house of Hermès which I can’t yet quite pronounce. Measuring 29 cm across by 42.5 cm (from top to bottom), it’s a casual enough of a sling-messenger that’s great for the weekend, in a soft slouchy leather that should hug the side of your body with ease. Finished with a leather shoulder sling that allows you to adjust the length, the bag’s most interesting feature is perhaps its counterweight fastening mechanism in natural Hunter cowhide, which besides weighing the bag, also keeps it secure from prying hands.

Priced at GBP3430 (or around SGD7000 after conversion), it’s a welcome addition to the French house’s bag inventory where most of its other bags are either handheld or too boxy. This one, on the other hand, could be just right for those looking for something casual and relaxed.

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Hello, girls! Today, we’re going to do an exciting feature on the Hermes Virevolte Pouchette, another coveted accessory from the leading producer of designer goods. It’s really worth talking about!

Some weeks ago, we featured the Handbag version of the Virevolte. If you want, you can check it out for yourself and be mesmerized.

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The pochette comes in Swift calfskin, Hunter cowhide and Clemence bull calfskin – very luxe materials, don’t you think? Measuring 35cm x 23cm x 3cm (L x H x D), we know very well that this piece will come in handy and will fit your hands snuggly as you walk around in style. You can also use it as an inside bag to store your personal effects wonderfully. With a color so bright and lovely (in poppy orange, nonetheless), we know you’ll love it, girl.

Priced at €2,650 EUR or £2,430 GBP, you can get your very own Virevolte Pouchette via Hermes e-store.




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Allow us to take you for another spin as we bring to you Hermes Small Virevolte Bags! These adorable pieces are highly functional as well, and are set to give you a different bag experience.

The collection typically features two sizes: small, and medium. This time, we’re going to feature the Small size – another great bag that’s sure to keep up with your busy schedule.


Hermes Virevolte Bag in Black Calfskin and Taurillon Clemence Leather
Size: 16.7′ x 18.5′ x 5.7′ inches
Price: $5,850 USD, £3,200 GBP


Hermes Virevolte Bag in Grizzly and Clemence Bull Calfskin
Size: 16.7′ x 18.5′ x 5.7′ inches
Price: €3,900 EUR, £3,570 GBP


Hermes Virevolte Bag in Swift Calfskin and Clemence Leather
Size: 16.7′ x 18.5′ x 5.7′ inches
Price: €3,500 EUR



All the bags come with an adjustable shoulder strap and counterweight fastening mechanism in natural Hunter cowhide, silver and palladium plated hardware. Inside, it even has a large inside pocket, which is really great for organization!

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Just like great opportunities in life, it only comes once in a while. Hermes rarely introduces new handbags and when they do, we’re excited.

The brand needs no introduction about its impeccable quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. And they’re famous for holding a waiting list of a waiting list. But here it is, from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, please meet the Hermes Virevolte Bag.

What is that?

It’s a bag with complex shape, never-seen-before. It’s a bit slouchy but do not get confused as it’s made from leather. This bag holds shape!

The handles are made to sling and it can be adjusted with the buckle anytime you want. It also comes with a shoulder strap to wear on the shoulder.

What’s interesting, is the fastening mechanism on the front, which has been luxuriously designed with natural hunter cowhide. When opened, you can find one large inside pocket and that’s it. But given the dimensions of the bag, it can hold plenty of your essentials.

Made from Swift Calfskin and Clemence Bull Calfskin, this is another piece of art. The back of the bag is embellished with white stitches, is this for decoration purpose?

The size is 29 x 42,5 x 14,5 (L x H x D) in cm, priced at $5850 USD, €3750 euro, £3430 GBP and via Hermes boutique.






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