VBH Brera 30 Sport Python Satchel

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VBH Brera 30 Sport Python Satchel

VBH is definitely not a designer that I think about very often. In fact, I know very little about them and web searches reveal no real information. But I came across the piece you see pictured here and I knew I had to go in for a closer look. After all, it really stands out in the sea of rather “ordinary” VBH handbags. Introducing the VBH Brera 30 Sport Python Satchel in Multicolor Paint Splatter!

Whoa, talk about blast from the past! When I look at this bag, all I can see is the paint splatter dress I had when I was a kid. Yes, this was mid to late 80s. I wore it to a wedding that my mom took me too. I thought it was pretty snazzy. About 5 years or so ago, there was a surge of 80s-inspired stuff. Most was marketed toward the younger crowd, but those neon colors and retro prints appeared just about everywhere for a short period of time. I guess what I don’t understand is why this handbag wasn’t introduced then. It seems strange that it would pop up now. Unless this is a sneak peek of what is to come! Oh well, in the meantime, I will admit that this is a rather interesting-looking piece. There is just one thing that I would change. Since this is obviously a very trendy and likely short-lived piece, I would have skipped the python and lowered the price. After all, in no way should this be viewed as an investment.

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