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In Hermès, the time is in constant motion. This year is very promising for the firm because they are many and interesting innovations presented. The new Slim d’Hermès Watches are designed by the creative director of La Montre Hermès, Philippe Delhotal.

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 39.5 mm in rose gold with minutes track & Arabic numerals

One of these outstanding releases is the new collection of Slim d’Hermès. With the wide range of watches it meets the firm has “declared willingness to go to basics” and this momentum “it leads into an elementary sobriety design in an extremely thin case.” Hermès brilliantly summarizes the philosophy of this line of thin watches with magnificent simplicity.

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The new line Slim d’Hermès has been designed by Creative Director of La Montre Hermès, Philippe Delhotal. Simplicity was the maximum of its creator when he embarked on this project because the luxury timepieces has to be the expression of a movement that will substantially with rigor and balance.

Delhotal is synthesized the elegant Slim d’Hermès watches with the innovative signature of the French fashion house. It used the font created for Hermès Apeloig graphic designer Philippe, who maintain close ties with the firm for years. With a slight stroke, Philippe Apeloig imposes a lively pace in Arabic numerals and marks the cadence of time.

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Slim d’Hermès emerges from an exercise in style based on the most authentic minimalism. Its case is thin, the handles are angled and the field is open. Balance, rigor, simplicity and watchmaking tradition, of course with the signature details of the house.

La Montre Hermès has created the older models of elegant Slim d’Hermès in one new caliber with only 2.6 mm. It’s all a watchmaker exercise achieve automatic mechanism as lean for what should have been minimizing the thickness and diameter of the rotor. Through the open bottom, covered by a sapphire crystal, you can see the mechanism manufactured by Hermès with its initial as a decorative motif.

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 39.5 mm Perpetual Calendar

The star of the collection is Slim d’Hermès watch with perpetual calendar. It is also very flat, but offers one of the complications most expensive and difficult to perform watchmaking. This model has the memory of time as it takes into account the length of the months and do not forget the leap. It is set for a period of four years and offers the phases of the moon and a second time zone.

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The more refined and elegant version of the latest Hermès timepieces collection is expressed in male and female key. The elegant watches are 39.5 mm case in steel or pink gold and equipped with the new ultra-winding mechanism and for woman, it features a quartz movement in boxes of pink gold or steel, 32 and 25 mm, with or without diamonds on the bezel.

If skin talk, Hermès has much to say. For new Slim d’Hermès watches, the luxury French fashion house has designed a wide variety of alligator leather straps which vary in color depending on the diameter of the case and whether accompanied or not diamond.

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Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 32 mm in rose gold/purple and in steel with steel srapHermès Watches Slim d’Hermès 32 MM

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 25 mm in steel with diamonds and in rose goldHermès Watches Slim d’Hermès 25 MM

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