Teddyfish 8/TF 9/TF Backpack

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teddyfish_8-tf-9-tf-backpackFirst, a quick introduction. Founded in 2010, Hong Kong-based Teddyfish specialises in bags for the urban explorer, and after the success of their duffles and totes, they are back with a new style for S/S15. Simply known as the 8/TF and 9/TF backpacks, they are also Teddyfish’s virgin effort as far as this style is concerned.

And what an effort it is, with the unisex backpacks available in 2 sizes (the 8/TF is 40 cm by 28 cm, the 9/TF is 48 cm by 28 cm) and 2 materials, cotton canvas and twill polyester. Trimmed with bridle leather from the States, they are also handsome, with their clean lines and detailed finishing taking many man hours to create.

Functionally, they are a tad unusual. My 8/TF backpack, for example, has a zip that only goes around half the bag, but the opening is large enough for you to include your laptop comfortably. On the opposite side you’ll find an exterior zip pocket that allows you to put in (and take out) your bits and bobs with ease. There’s also a padded pocket for your tech goods, but that’s it really. Those expecting more pockets and slots will be disappointed, though it won’t really be an issue if you are organised to begin with.

Available in a wide array of colours, the traditionalist in me appreciates hues like Black, Forest Green and Navy Blue, while those who prefer bright colours can opt for Ocean and Tangerine. Now for the important part. Priced at USD302 and USD305 for the 8/TF and 9/TF in twill, and USD310 and USD320 for the 8/TF and 9/TF in cotton canvas, international shipping is free (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are included) if your order exceeds USD300. In other words, if you’re already shortlisting Christmas presents for a loved one, this is definitely one to consider.

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Kapok + Teddyfish Limited Edition Totes

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kapok_teddyfish_limited-edition-totesWhile Kapok needs no introduction (you’ll find them at Robinson’s Orchard, TANGS Orchard and most recently, their very own flagship at the National Design Centre, where they have the sharpest curations of indie designer merchandise around), Teddyfish might draw a few blanks. Established in 2010 in France, they work primarily with cotton canvas, with a keen focus on having most everything they make by hand, producing only small quantities and creating functional everyday objects, resulting in pieces that are built to last, robust, yet simple.

Put them both together and you’ll get the Kapok + Teddyfish Limited Edition Totes, a pair of handsome bags that come hand-printed with leaves, said to be those from the kapok tree, which is where the Hong Kong-based indie emporium gets its name from.

Measuring 38 cm by 38 cm (it’s almost square in shape), the cotton canvas tote comes printed with the leaf motif on one side along with the single snap button in red, now a Teddyfish signature. Use it with or without its additional shoulder sling, you’ll also find a zip pocket in the interior, which is always useful. Priced at HKD2990 (aroundSGD478/USD385 after conversion) and available in 2 colours (Forest Green, Navy Blue), you could just buy it online via Kapok where international shipping is free.

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