YSL Tassel Bag Replica: Common Flaws You Should Avoid

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There are many varieties of the YSL tassel bag replica when it comes to size, color and material. This bag comes in smooth leather, patent leather, suede, python leather, croc leather and also grain de poudre textured leather. But even if there are so many different options for this bag, it’s important to be familiar with the common features all of them have.

I’ve seen many fake YSL bags, from really cheap to really expensive , so I thought I should make a small guide for those of you who want to learn more about this iconic bag.

I’ve already shown you some bad fake YSL bags as to know what to avoid. What I want to point out this time is that an YSL Tassel bag replica doesn’t have to be cheap to be bad. On the contrary, I’ve turned to eBay for some examples and unfortunately I did find them. I really don’t want to scare you girls with these bad examples I find on eBay but you really need to stay safe.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Sold On eBay

The only good part about these two Yves Saint Laurent replica handbags I’ve found on eBay is that the price is relatively cheap, which should make anyone suspicious.

I will also show you some really cheap YSL tassel bag replica bags for comparison. Given their price, I can’t say I’m disappointed by the way they look. Still, if you come across a similar replica that is more expensive than these, you should keep in mind that it’s not worth it.

Bad Fake YSL Bags

Cheap-Looking Fake YSL Bags

As long as you know the features a designer bag has, you should be safe. But you need to pay extra attention to details. Just because a bag looks really similar to an authentic at first sight, it doesn’t mean it is. Here are some photos of a grey YSL tassel bag replica that costs £220. It’s an expensive replica but you have to admit it looks really good and it’s not easy to tell it’s a fake for the untrained eye:

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Features

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Details

Tassel – goes without saying but this is an essential feature of this bag and a good way to tell if the bag is fake or not. The tassels should be long and thick and gorgeous!

Stamp on the interior of the flap – should say “Saint Laurent Paris”, not “Yves Saint Laurent”.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Logo Stamp Is Wrong

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Bad Stamp

Lining – never a shiny textile material like this one:

Bad YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lined With The Wrong Material

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lining Is Wrong

– either smooth leather or suede.

For shoulder bags – check the chain and the hardware engravings: the two rings attaching the chain strap; the metal plaque and the tassel.

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Logo Engraved

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Hardware Engravings To Check

There are two types of chains for the YSL Tassel bags. Both are correct but one is for older models and the chunkier one is for newer styles.

The flap – check to see if it’s symmetric and how long it is (should be about an inch higher than the bottom of the bag).

The logo – on the leather tag inside the bag.

Real YSL Logo Stamp

Authentic YSL Inside Tag

The interior – should feature a small open pocket and just one big compartment no matter the size. The Saint Laurent Cassandre Tassel bag should never have a zipper pocket. I notice that many of the bad fake Saint Laurent tassel bags have an interior that is similar to that of the Saint Laurent Chain Wallet. The YSL Chain Wallet has a zipper pocket in the middle and also many small open pockets.

Saint Laurent Tassel Bag Inside View

Also, don’t make decisions like buying expensive designer bags in a hurry, even if the seller pressures you to make a decision. Just think about the fact that an honest seller will be willing to show you all the extra pictures you need to see before you decide to buy it. But be prepared to recognize the possible flaws too because otherwise those pictures will not be helpful at all and you’ll also be more inclined to think the seller is honest just because she/he was willing to send more pictures.

If you check all these features, you will learn not only how to choose good replicas but also how to spot a YSL tassel bag replica. Good luck!

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autumn and winter fashion tassel handbags

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Early September autumn season, the weather is not cold nor hot what kind of clothes can be worn, how will be infected with the autumn, all STYLE own art, bohemian, hippie variety of flavors. And this one, can best embody the autumn flavor, of course, belongs to tassel handbags, today we’ll take a look at the 2015 autumn and winter fashion tassel handbags



Fashion always in reincarnation, the annual autumn and winter are, without exception, is a feast tassels. And with tassels swaying gait wanton dancing, always win in this season just the right temperature girls heart, or whether it is also seen in the daily street shooting star, tassel handbag has quietly dominate package bounds. Today, the selection of the 2015 autumn and major luxury brands are pushing for several fashion fringed bags to compare the next.




Tassel pendant package

This year big prevailing minimalism, a large area covered with LOGO or handbag no longer the same kind of design elements as popular as in previous years, and now the popular but low-key luxury! Fringed handbag is also yes.




Fashion tassel pendant bag Recommended



③ (Saint Laurent)




Tassel bucket bag

Shuitong popular level this year, while the combined tassels and buckets models, but also adds a great fashion sense. Early in 2015 autumn and winter fashion week, whether it is T-Taiwan model show floor also, or off the street shooting, tassel bucket bag early on board the big stage of the modern.




Fashion tassel bucket bag style recommended

① (Rebecca Minkoff)

② (Burberry)

③ (Saint Laurent)




Fringed shoulder bag

The first two have not so hot or delicate lovable, fringed shoulder bag because the shape restrictions, less susceptible to color, but fringed suede or knit a good solution to this problem. No fine exquisite pendant tassel bag and bucket fringed charming appearance, fringed shoulder bag comes with an uninhibited big femininity.




Fashion fringed shoulder bag Recommended

① (valentino)

②The Row

③ (Burberry)




Tassel Clutch

Fringed bag can be said that this year, climbed the peak, the major brands have a lot of good style, especially hand models relatively rare in previous years, this year also repeatedly exposed himself to many stars of people shot in the street. Holding a briefcase + combination of so many workplace fashionable tassel goblins overjoyed, dinner clutch began to add their own elegant decorative tassels.




Fashion Tassel Handbag styles Recommended

① (Kotur)

②EliZAbeth and James

③ (Burberry Prorsum)




Fringed shoulder bag

Thanks to the popularity of this sport, thanks to the wind, GUCCI this year several “BAMBOO” Backpacks are added Mimi tassels. Shoulders and fringed most are back behind comes naturally drooping, do not worry too messy tassels no beauty.




Fashion tassel shoulder bag style Recommended


②Christian Louboutin



Fringed handbag

Handle style fringed bag plus is a good choice, (Stella McCartney) in this year will be its most typical chain decoration packs makeover made the whole is fringed handbag.




Fashion tassel handbag styles Recommended

① Eddie Harrop

②(Stella McCartney)

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Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Tassel Satchel

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I know what you’re thinking. How is this Classic Monogram Tassel Satchel from Saint Laurent actually a satchel, since it doesn’t even look like one. There are no buckles on the front, there’s no top handle, it’s not even that big to begin with, since a satchel is a style of bag that one carries to school with space enough for books and all manner of bric-a-brac.

Honestly, I don’t get either. I will, however, tell you what it actually is, a slinky sling bag with to-die-for detailing, from the French house’s interlocking YSL signature logo that ends in a tassel to the sling that’s long enough to wear the bag one of 3 ways, across the body, over the shoulder or have everything tucked in to use it as a clutch.

Available in embossed crocodile calfskin so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it comes in the most luscious of hues, from cool Fog (shown above) to sexy Black, both of which are retailing at Saint Laurent Singapore boutiques for SGD3290 apiece. Measuring some 24 cm by 15 cm with an interior patch pocket at the side, have a look here if you still aren’t quite convinced and tell me they aren’t stunning at all.


Oh yes, it comes in Red too. Made your heart skip a beat I’m sure, right?

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