ZERO Halliburton ZR-Geo 19″ Trolley

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zero_halliburton_zr-geo-19-trolleyIf you were hanging out at Mandarin Gallery recently and walked towards the lavatories at Level 2, you would have done a double-take. Rimowa’s gone (they moved to their giant flagship one floor down beside Montblanc), and in its place, a brand I’ve never heard of (yes, I did hang my head in shame for a while) till I saw it for myself last week.

ZERO Halliburton (as it’s known) has been around since 1938, and celebrates its 75th anniversary this year with the opening of its boutique in Singapore, also the first stand-alone in South-East Asia, no less. An illustrious brand, its attaché cases have carried rocks from the Moon back to Earth in NASA’s Apollo 11 space mission, as well as graced movies like James Bond’s Quantum Of Solace and Inception, for example.

And of all the different cases they’ve got, I’m naturally attracted to the ones in aluminium, with the new ZERO Halliburton ZR-Geo 19″ Trolley the most interesting of the lot. Featuring the brand’s iconic double rib design, I like how serious and espionage-y (is that even a real word?) it looks.

Besides that, the 19″ carry-on size also comes with TSA locks, telescoping handles and an interior that’s fully-lined with all manner of mesh pockets and zip enclosures for all manner of personals. Available in Silver or Black, the 19″ retails for SGD1129and SGD1249 respectively, the one in Black costing a tad more.


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Valentino Garavani Rouge Absolute Signature Trolley

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If glamorous life is what you seek, then everything needs to be ‘perfect’, even your holidays. At the airport, you got your designer bag on, paired with your best jeans and clothes, perhaps a pair of loubies on the bottom, but then… what about the trolley?

It doesn’t take too much effort to get attraction or to flaunt, or to get ‘all eyes on you’. You can either shout until your voice disappears or ask Valentino for help. You see, Valentino knows how to treat red in the right way – too much and it’s screwed up, too little and you won’t get noticed.

Presenting you the ‘Valentino Garavani Rouge Absolute Signature Cabin Trolley’, don’t fall in love with its name, but fall in love with its elegance. The Rouge Collection is one of Valentino’s secret weapons, its basically all-bags in red, I mean really fierce-red with no holding back.

Made practical double zip around closure, a frontal flat zip pocket and posterior flat pocket. The word ‘Rouge’ is shamelessly signatured all over the trolley, detailed with studs and the lock is finished with platinum. Crafted from nylon, lambskin and red leather trims, measuring 49 x 38 x 21 (H x W x D) cm.



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Summer Getaway: Eastpak Tranverz Travel Trolley

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The next time you go to a supermarket, think about your look’s glamor quotient. Because, apparently aisle cruising trends are changing! Ever since Monsieur Louboutin took it upon himself anyway, and designed a shopping trolley for Louis Vuitton’s “The Icon and Iconoclasts” range.

Unless you’ve been following our updates, it might be surprising to find Christian Louboutin lend his studded swank to LV merch. But much like the other five iconoclasts who were brought on board for the project, he has his DNA all over his offerings. The bag comes bearing rounded Toron handles and red calf-hair back panel, studs on the front pocket, on the House trunk-inspired golden brass corners, and with a stunning metal Siamoise ornament.


Inside is natural cowhide lining and plenty of room, along with a red-calf and Monogram Lace clutch, to stash the change perhaps? “A classic bag, the most Parisian bag so that you can be super glamorous. You don’t have to feel like a loser with your leeks inside your bag.” said Christian Louboutin. Even with that, we don’t see ourselves carrying much grocery in it. Because the leather luggage tag may read LV but the price tag does, $23,000!

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