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The Diorama has been reinvented again and they’re looking better and better. This version is so good that we do not know whether anyone can resist the temptation.

Meet boyish bag of Dior and here’s what you need to know…

The print is brand-new, but does it remind you of something?


Yes, it’s look similar to the Cannage Topstitching of the latest UltraDior Bag.

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So what’s the deal? The Cannage Topstitching looks different than the Cannage Stitching of the Lady Dior. You see, the pattern is flat and smooth.

The leather is strong and durable and just like any Diorama Bag, the design is quite sophisticated. There is a lot going on. The Cannage Topstitching is only decorated on one part.

The chains are large, strong and beautiful. The shiny hardware is quite impressive. But the bag is not complete without the crest-shape closure in the center.

Now, we do not have the prices yet or the style code. This is the medium size, measuring 25 x 1.5 x 8 cm.

What do you think?


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