Kate Spade Saturday Full-Circle Straw Bag

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kate_spade_saturday_full-circle-straw-bagWhile most brands have shifted their strategies and have gone upmarket, Kate Spade bucks the trend with Kate Spade Saturday, which like bigger sis Kate Spade focuses on bright colours, graphic shapes, and bold prints at an even more affordable price tag.

With their first store opened in Tokyo and an online presence that ships to all 50 states in the US, it will probably take a while for them to get to our part of the world. Still, it’s not too early to start checking them out, and one of the bags I think that’s pretty adorable is the Kate Spade Saturday Full-Circle Straw Bag.

Looking almost exactly like what Chanel did for S/S13, the concept is pretty much the same, a circular-shaped frame that’s fitted with a ‘bag’ in the middle. But unlike the one from Chanel that features quilted leather and a hula-hoop frame, this one from Kate Spade Saturday features a woven rattan frame and a gusseted canvas ‘pouch’ that’s bright yellow on the inside and packs 2 interior pockets.

Measuring 38 cm in diameter, you can say the USD120 bag is kinda Chanel in spirit, what with its striped black and white body that’s quite Coco. Just pin on a couple of vintage Chanel brooches and you’re good for a day out in the sun, be it for a picnic or shopping in town.

kate_spade_saturday_collectionAnd don’t forget to check out Kate Spade Saturday in detail, a treasure trove of all things fun, quirky and colourful.

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Sensi Studio by Ecuadorian Artisans, the Rombos Woven Toquilla Straw Clutch

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Summer Style Trend Alert: Straw Handbags

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Summer Style Trend- Straw Handbags

It’s that time of the year again- Summer Style Trend Alert! Straw bags are back..

Do you know what I love about the warmer months? They have this way of inviting casual styles to take their place in the spotlight. One of my favorite so-called trends that support that casual summer vibe is the straw handbag. Can you blame me though? Nothing is as airy or as laid back as a great straw bag! My only regret is that straw handbags tend to not hold up very well to the wear and tear of summer fun. That is why I try not to invest too much money into this style. That way, if my straw handbag starts looking a little ratty, the thought of tossing it out isn’t as heart wrenching as a more expensive style would be. Below you will find some straw handbags that seem to fit the bill.

Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch. $295
Clutch and go! Who says a straw handbags has to be large? A straw slouchy clutch can be pretty darn sweet. Which is why I love this Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch. It offers an eclectic mix variation in texture by pairing straw with leather.

Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag. $199
Weekend adventure or planning on hitting the beach soon? The Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag has you covered! Black and white straw not only has a summery feel, it is also somewhat sophisticated. I love the two-tone contrasting brown leather straps and matching detachable zip pouch.

Bop Basics Raffia Slouchy Tote 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Bop Basics Raffia Slouchy Tote. $130
The ultimate summer adventure tote. Shopbop’s Bop Bascis Raffia Slouchy Tote is simple, slouchy, and inexpensive. What more could a girl ask for? The earthy tones found in this straw tote are great too.

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