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Hermes Soie Cool Detail

Today I wanted to share with you a review on one of my favorite new bags for summer – the Hermes Soie Cool. This is one of those items that was always a bit on my radar, but which I had never really given much thought about. That is, until I found myself sandwiched between two packs of very eager groups of shoppers during one of my last visits to my favorite Hermes boutique while in Paris. Usually I can stand crowds quite well and have a decent tolerance to being jostled (I have extensive experience waiting in line at many an Asian restaurant) but I found myself really tired and ended up retreating into a comfortable corner to cower and wait for our favorite salesperson. Actually, I didn’t know it at the time – but I was already pregnant! So maybe that is why I was so tired.

Anyway, I was sitting down and staring aimlessly into the abyss, when my eyes happened to settle onto this bag in one of the display cases. And really…as soon as I saw it – I fell in love! If any of you have read The Godfather, I was basically struck by the thunderbolt. I just kept staring and staring at the bag…and when my salesperson came, I said I had to see it immediately.

Hermes Soie Cool

I think this bag is just so cool. The braided straps, the easy bucket shape, the way you can wear it on your shoulder or as a backpack, everything. Plus, I really just fell in love with this particular combination – both the barenia leather (other versions may have clemence or fjord), and the print and color of the scarf. I have always admired the “Brazil” print that Hermes does, and this was my first item with the design.

The silk used in the bag also appears to the be thicker version used in the “Silk In” wallets and the like. Our salesperson recommend it over another bag which I’ve always admired – the Silky City – because she said it would be stiffer and keep some shape.

See how easy this bag is to wear? I really think it’s the perfect summer bag.

Hermes Soie Cool Modeled

And of course, the Soie Coie fits quite a bit due to its simple shape. You can see the tiniest peek of its orange lining here – I need to get a better photo of that. And, it’s crazy light (especially for those of us used to heavy leather bags), because of its silk fabric and minimal hardware.

Hermes Soie Cool What FIts Inside

All in all – the perfect summer bag. I love it, and think that this is a highly underrated bag from one of my favorite brands.

Hermes Soie Cool Brazil

My Soie Cool is in the “Medium” size, though the small is REALLY tiny, just so you know. It’s available at Hermes and priced between $2200 for the regular clemence version, and a little more – $2425 – for the Barenia. I love both leathers, but I have to say that the Barenia is luscious!

If you have any more questions or comments about the Soie Cool – feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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