Tabitha Simmons Flower Embellished Pouch

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Tabitha Simmons Flower Embellished Pouch

If I had to choose one color for spring and summer, I would have to say yellow. Hands down, yellow is one of my favorite handbag colors for those warm weather months. It is such a cheery and upbeat color, guaranteed to boost your mood and put a spring in your step. However, yellow is a pretty bright color and to some, perhaps a little too bright. So if you want to try a yellow handbag, but you want to play it safe, then start out with a clutch. It’s easier to incorporate into a look. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. And if you are looking for a suggestion, I say check out the Tabitha Simmons Flower Embellished Pouch!

This lovely pouch style clutch is made of bright yellow suede. It features a white polka dot design on the front which are actually flat beads. Near the top of the clutch, the white polka dots form circles around colorful flowers. The overall look is very playful and even a little folk art-ish.

What I love about the Tabitha Simmons Flower Embellished Pouch Clutch is the embellishments, which really seem to enhance the cheery vibe of the yellow suede background. This clutch would pair nicely with a white sundress or other semi-casual summer attire. But if you are still not feeling the yellow, you will be happy to know this clutch also comes in navy/multi and black/white versions.

The Tabitha Simmons Flower Embellished Pouch is 

Tabitha Simmons Flower

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