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Casual Wear: Christophe Sauvat Keen Tote

When I came across the Keen Tote by this designer, I admit I spaced on who Christophe Sauvat was. Then after a quick glance at the designer bio on Shopbop, I knew exactly who he was, and I could see the similarities in this namesake line from previous work. Christophe Sauvat started out designing timepieces like watches and clocks (of all things!), then later moved on to accessories, and in 1992, he co-founded the brand Antik Batik. Christophe Sauvat has also worked as a design collaborator with major women’s apparel brands including Tory Burch, L’Artisan de Luxe, and Ralph Lauren.

I knew the design of the Keen Bag looked vaguely familiar. It has a similar feel as Antik Batik, but it is a little more refined than most of the pieces I have seen from that brand.

I do like this tote. I love the heavy fabric. They call it basket weave, but it has more of a menswear vibe to me. I also love the beads and embroidery, particularly the red and black zigzags down the front. I get the vague impression of a southwestern pattern, but this is so much better. The tote is large, casual, and slouchy too. It would be perfect for lazy weekend day or a trip to the farmers market.

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