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This cute, lovely, and feminine coin purse from Kate Spade is just too much to handle. We mean, who couldn’t just get enough of too much cuteness all bottled up in a coin purse? Who would have thought of that? Well enough with the tete-a-tete and let’s get down to business. Ladies, allow us to introduce to you this Kate Spade Perfume Coin Purse.

Featuring a design that is inspired by a classic perfume bottle, topped off with a black bow, this zip-around pouch is the perfect place to stash your spare change! Trust us, this coin purse is for the win!

Made from smooth cow leather with metallic pvc trim, quick & curious lining, and 14-karat gold plated hardware, this one will surely brighten up your bag. A perfect go-to accessory, onlookers will absolutely love to see this beauty!

Measuring 3.5’ x 5.5’ x 0.4’ inches and is priced €128 euro, £88 GBP via Kate Spade e-store.




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Best Bet: Kate Spade Alice Street Adriana Satchel

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I’m always on the lookout for bags that look more expensive than they are. That can be a hard thing to pull off, with ever-rising leather prices and executive boards that expect high margin percentages, so when it happens, it makes my day. If you’re looking for a solid work bag that looks professional and sophisticated without a price tag higher than your monthly rent, look no further than the Kate Spade Alice Street Adriana Satchel.

They key to this bag’s expensive look is how sharp it is. It’s got plenty of structure, uncluttered lines and a color combination that accents its shape while leaving it totally work-appropriate, even in an extremely conservative office environment. It’s capped off with just enough gleaming silver hardware, including a front lock that’s reminiscent of closures commonly seen on both Louis Vuitton and Prada bags, which goes a long way toward elevating it into expensive-looking territory.

If the old adage about the wisdom dressing for the job you want and not the one you have has any truth to it, this bag is exactly the kind of thing that a recent grad with her first office job needs on her arm. It wouldn’t be too shabby for a not-so-recent grad, either.

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In times when making a statement is an emergency, you will be digging into your closet and try to match the best combination. But what combination is perfect without the perfect clutch?

For the dressed up summer nights, you can call on Kate Spade to deliver you a statement-making accessory that will suit your personality – glam, playful and chic.

The Kate Spade Fine Feather Roux is a pink clutch that ‘bling’ like the disco lights. It glitters in the eyes of your competitors and it’s so glamorous that it will help you steal the night effortless.

What makes us happy is that it comes with a long shoulder strap of 15’ in length, which means that you can free your hands anytime you want. You know, when it’s time to dance…

Finished with 14-karat light gold, a parrot is crafted on the top to represent the summer season, embossed with Kate Spade signature, it’s measured 6’ x 9’ (H x D).

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Pin to Win a Kate Spade New York Bag!

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In celebration of National Handbag Day, we’ve teamed up with our friends at kate spade new york to give away a Cedar Street Maise Bag to one lucky reader! Ever dreamt of all the things you would carry in your bag if money were no object? Now’s your chance to show us.

On Pinterest, create a board and pin the Snap Pea Green kate spade new york Cedar Street Maise Bag (found here) with at least 7 items you wish you could carry inside. Once you’re done, send us the link to your board at pintowin@purseblog.com and you’ll be entered to win. The contest ends Tuesday, October 14 and winner will be announced that week.

Need some inspiration? Check out our example. Get creative and have fun with it!

How to Enter:
1. Follow PurseBlog and kate spade new york on Pinterest.
2. Create a board titled PBWIMB Giveaway.
3. Pin the kate spade new york Cedar Street Bag and at least 7 pins of what you would carry inside it. Include the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay on each item.
4. Submit the link to your board to pintowin@purseblog.com.

Before you pin, please check out the full terms and conditions for this giveaway.

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Kate Spade Fancy Grapefruit Shoulder Bag
Size: 4.2′ x 8′ x 3.1′ inches (H x W x D)

Talk about cuteness? Well well, this Fancy Grapefruit Bag from Kate Spade just have all that. Yes, it’s that perfect cute go-to bag all summer round. Without blinking an eye, your heart knows for sure that you’ll be taking it to the beach, park or at the movies. It’s that gorgeous that you couldn’t resist taking it with you wherever you go.

Step out of the house and take that feel-good vibe with this bag. Just be careful for you might be the eye of envy especially of doe-eyed little girls. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Let’s talk about the bag details. Shall we? This fancy cute of a grapefruit bag has 14 karat gold plated hardware, soft smooth cowhide with matching trim and a bookstripe printed on poly twill lining. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap perfect for wearing it cross-body or merely as a shoulder bag.




Kate Spade Fancy Grapefruit Coin Purse



Kate Spade Fancy Grapefruit Tote Bag
Size: 12.2′ x 20′ x 6.6′ inches (H x W x D)


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A girl that loves to eat will try to taste as many different kind of food as she can, she will not stick to a specific dish, restaurant or whatsoever. And by trying many variations, she will also gain knowledge about food.

And it’s the same for a girl that loves handbags, try as many brands as you can, spread your investment and do not point your finger to a specific brand. Before you know, you will discover some amazing new taste that you will love. And by the way, by trying different handbags and brands, you will gain knowledge about fashion and bags, which eventually will make you a better shopper.

Kate Spade does not only deliver beautiful bags, but hers are also creative. Have your read our previous reviews yet? The Kate Spade fine feather Roux clutch, which is gorgeous for the night, our personally hand-picked Kate Spade Wedding Bags, oh and the Kate Spade Ooh La La Bellini Bag.

Here we present you, the Kate Spade Madison Ave. Ville Flores Torrington, the name sounds luxurious, but that’s exactly how the design looks like. With Croc embossed, made from cowhide, this brand delivers you not only the look, but also the quality. Your bag will not fall apart two weeks after you bought it. A perfect tote bag that can carry all your daily essentials, it fits even your small laptop, with Kate Spade New York signature crafted in the center.

What you will also get is the new vintage frame that is so ‘in trend’ nowadays, you know, the same like the Fendi 2jours tote, but Balenciaga has been working with these too (ahum, the Balenciaga Ray Doctors Tote). Refined with 14 karat light gold plated hardware, a frame closure, you can find a zip with double side pockets on the inside.

Measuring 10’ x 13’ x 5.5’ (H x W x D) inches, for $568 USD at Kate Spade e-store.

For those that are interested in the chic shoulder bag, it’s priced at $398, also at Kate Spade e-store.



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