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A new addition to the Hermès’ family of SLGs is this, the Soie-Cool which is a natural extension to the bag of the same name, the silk and leather drawstring sling bag that’s both easy on the eyes and the wallet. The zip-around wallet also happens to draw on these two strengths, a 17.5 cm by 11 cm Epsom leather piece that’s mainly characterised by a huge cut-out in the middle that features a panel of Hermès’ famous silk.

It’s also pretty straightforward inside, with 4 card compartments on one side with the other featuring a pull-out leather snap-closure pouch that you can use together with or separate from the wallet. A great bonus that actually strengthens the case when buying another Hermès given how high they are usually priced, this wallet is also rather well-priced, coming in at USD1600 or around SGD2250 after conversion.

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You remember the Hermes Soie-Cool Bag?


Let us freshen your mind. It’s a cool light-weighed shoulder bag. No wait, a better way to explain it to tell you to imagine a drawstring bag (a bit like the bucket bag, ya know!) Crafted from Silk to create a luxurious feeling. All Hermes Soie-Cool Bags are designed with art-of-work-prints, in multi-colors. Every print has its own story.

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Perhaps the Soie-Cool Bag is not your thing, but it’s a great bag for the gym or whenever you need an easy-to-go and light-weighed bag. This bag is a bit sporty, and you can easily pack your stuff inside.

But if the bag doesn’t work for you, how about the wallet?

A complete new accessory, joining the Soie-Cool Collection, this wallet is made from silk and Epsom Calfskin. The perfect mix that you will certainly love. The print is named ‘Flamingo Party’ and what you see is flowers, leaves and birds growing like in the summer, with beautiful colors like you’re inspired by flamingo’s.

This accessory is basically a zipped wallet, it features 1 removable snap closure pouch for change and 4 credit card slots. It’s certainly ‘not’ boring and perhaps your bag will love to have one like this. Measuring 6.9’ x 4.3’ inches, priced at $1600 USD via Hermes boutique.



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Oh, it’s spring and summer…

I love the feeling and the flowers are popping everywhere. The trees are working hard to get green again, and the bright colors are everywhere.

They say money never sleeps… and I say fashion neither, because it knows how to adjust and create.

Now that’s summer, we’re spotting flowers everywhere (also on handbags). And just to let you know

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