Rimowa Topas Mini Trolley

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rimowa_topas-mini-trolleyYou’ve seen the new Salsa Air Mini trolleys made specially for the little ones, now feast your eyes on the Rimowa Topas Mini Trolley, an all-aluminium case that was also created just for Junior. Looking almost exactly like the regular adult ones, the most obvious difference being that it only comes with one TSA-approved combination lock, as opposed to the ‘adult’ ones that come with 2 or 3 locks.

Measuring 44 cm by 33.5 cm by 19.5 cm, the sturdy case will come in handy for Junior as he follows Mum and Dad overseas for family vacations, or for him (or her) to use at home to store their most precious belongings. Priced at SGD1000, you’ll find this nifty little trolley only at Rimowa’s spanking new flagship at Mandarin Gallery in Singapore.

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Rimowa Limbo Business Multiwheel

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I love Rimowa. Like seriously. In fact, it’s the only luggage brand I own and use. And while mine are old and have been everywhere around the world with me, I’ve never had any problems with them. Well, save for the two times whilst I was overseas. One of the locks wouldn’t open when I was in Bangkok, and in Hong Kong, one of the locks was damaged through no fault of mine. Both times, however, they were quickly solved by staff from Rimowa, which made me even more convinced that this was a brand that I’ll stick to, no matter what.

And while I have no intention (yet) of changing my complete Classic Flight Multiwheelsuite (I have the Beauty Case, the Cabin Multiwheel and both sizes of the largerMultiwheel trunks), I’m always on the lookout for something new, just to know what’s what. And something worth a quick mention is this: the Limbo Business Multiwheelthat’s perfect for the businessman or the busy executive who’s always on the go.

Part-aluminium and part-polycarbonate, this cabin-approved carry-on ‘comes equipped with intelligent features such as clearly arranged partitions and compartments, making organisation a breeze’. There’s also a built-in notebook bag and another bag just for cables, and you’ll find it in local Rimowa stores in colours likeBlack, Carmona Red and Night Blue. Priced at SGD1190, you’ll find the entire suite in the stores as well, from the smallest Attache Case to the largest Limbo Multiwheel 77.

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