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In this edition of What’s In Your Bag, we’re delving into the tote of Reebonz insider and Marketing Executive, Sheng Juan. You’d expect no less than impeccable fashion sensibilities from the team who conveys all the latest runway styles to the fashion-loving masses, so it’s no surprise her look is understated, yet in vogue.

We had a chat and a few good laughs over the contents of her Givenchy Nightingale bag as she comes clean about what it’s like being perpetually knee-deep in luxury brands and bags.


What do you do in Reebonz, and how did you come into working in fashion?
I’m part of the marketing team for Singapore and I help organise campaigns, promotions and events. I’ve always loved fashion and it was what I studied in school, so after graduating it felt like a natural progression for me to step into the fashion industry.

You work in an e-commerce fashion company. Do you do most of your shopping online or offline, and where do you usually go?
There’s been a big shift from brick-and-mortar retail stores to e-commerce, and I’m definitely a victim of that migration of preference. I can’t resist the convenience and the variety you get from online retailers. My best kept secrets are Taobao, ASOS and some local blogshops such as Saturday Club and MDS.

What’s one thing about you that might surprise people?
I’m actually an introvert! I don’t think many people would expect that of me because I usually try to be friendly and outgoing, but I can be reserved at times too.


How would you describe your style?
I try to go for laid-back chic, but often end up piecing together clashing prints. I think my style is constantly evolving, and I like exploring different aesthetics rather than confining myself to any particular look. Or perhaps I just haven’t found my style yet!

What goes through your mind when you get dressed every morning? 
Each morning I keep thinking to myself to hurry up, so I can squeeze some precious morning minutes with my pet cat before I have to head out. Then there’s the issue of makeup, and whether I’ll be blessed with well-balanced wing tips today – no one should underestimate the time and luck that goes into getting your eyeliner right!


You’re carrying the Givenchy Nightingale. What do you like best about it?
The price! I got it from Reebonz during a sale and it was an absolute steal. I love everything about it – the size, the subtle ink blue colour, the understated design, having two ways of wearing it and the hardy zipper! You’d think that thick zippers are hard to manoeuvre, but this one is surprisingly really smooth. It’s a functionality that’s really overlooked, but having a smooth zipper makes accessing my bag so much easier.

What’s your criteria for a good office-appropriate bag that you can use day after day?
It should be easy to carry about and roomy enough to hold your daily essentials, along with a notepad and pen. You never know when you might have a last-minute meeting, but having a well-stocked bag means you can spring into action anytime.


What are the every day essentials you never fail to have in your bag?
My phone and wallet are musts. Sadly, I always have to have my medicine pouch on hand too! I have chronic asthma and am rather allergy-prone, so it’s important for me to have my medication just in case. It’s also my insurance plan because it gives me the guts to try dishes that are interesting and new, but might trigger some allergic reaction in me.

You have some interesting things in your bag – a banana and a tube of hand relief cream. Tell us what those are for!
I don’t eat large portions but I’m known for being a ‘snacker’. While I can’t finish a bowl of noodles for lunch on my own, you’ll find me reaching for a snack once I get back to my office chair! In my efforts to snack healthily, I try to keep guilt-free snacks around me, and that’s why I have a banana. As for the hand relief cream, I take it along with me as I have very dry skin. It doesn’t help that the office air conditioning is often cold and saps your skin of any moisture!


What are the luxury bags you’re hoping to add to your collection next?
The classic Chloé Paraty is at the top on my lust list now. I am also still waiting on an Alexander Wang Rockie or a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel to pop up on my doorstep in a Reebonz box!

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