The Major Obsession With This Bag Is So Real

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The Major Obsession With This Bag Is So Real

The French have a chic and effortless way of dressing and some of the best luxury labels have come out of Paris, the city of impeccable style. So it's no wonder that fashion girls look to Parisians when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, and they sure love their Chloé bags.

Every single style that's introduced becomes a must have among the fashion crowd. It all started with the iconic Marcie bag, then it was an obsession with the Drew and the Faye. Now, it's all about The Hudson. There's a serious Chloé addiction happening, so much so that it's coined a popular hashtag (#chloeGIRLS) on Instagram where women put their Chloé on display for the world to drool over. See the many lust-worthy bags on the arms of women everywhere and it'll make you want to splurge on one too.

The Chloé DrewPIN IT
The Chloé Drew
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The Chloé FayePIN IT
The Chloé Faye
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Instagram user rumineely
          PIN IT
Instagram suer cryskay
The Chloé HudsonPIN IT
The Chloé Hudson
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Instagram user sincerelyjules
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Instagram user chiaraferragni
The Chloé MarciePIN IT
The Chloé Marcie
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Instagram user stylishpetite

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Real vs Fake Coach Authentication Tips: How To Tell The Difference

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I know this post on real vs fake Coach is a bit surprising for those of you who know I’m not the biggest fan of knockoff Coach handbags out there. But that doesn’t matter as long as some of you girls are interested in this brand. Still, I have to admit that the new Coach 2016 bags are much more to my taste than the classic monogram pieces. They look much more current and elegant but don’t get your hopes up. Good Coach knockoffs are difficult to find in general and the new ones even more.

There is a lot of information on real vs fake Coach online but some of the authentication tips either no longer apply or are wrong. So here are some real vs fake Coach authentication tips you should look out for.

Real vs Fake Coach: Myths vs Facts

The CC patterns should always align throughout the bag

Authentic Coach CC Pattern

Coach CC Canvas

Every real vs fake Coach guide will mention the CC canvas pattern. And that’s because it’s one of the easiest ways to spot a fake signature Coach handbag and also one of the most obvious. Most Coach knockoffs you will find online are made of this type of canvas, so it’s really important to know how to spot the fake. The C pattern should always contain two rows of vertical and two rows of horizontal Cs that are perfectly aligned to the center of the bag. The only exception are the really small signature C bags where the pattern might be slightly off on the sides. The authentic CC pattern will not break even if there are pockets and seams on the bag! Also, the edge of the horizontal “C” and that of its vertical “C” counterpart should touch. Just remember that the C monogram pattern should always be symmetric at the center of the bag, without exception.

YKK Zippers

Coach YKK Zippers Authentication Myth

Not All Coach Bags Should Have YKK Zippers!

Even though most Coach bags feature YKK zippers that are of very good quality, this doesn’t mean that an original Coach handbag cannot feature a different type of zipper. This includes older models and their smaller items. Coach has also used Talon zippers and IDEAL zippers in addition to YKK zippers and many other zippers suppliers so the fact that a Coach bag has or doesn’t have YKK zippers is not enough to tell a real vs fake Coach.

The serial number

Coach Leather Creed No Serial Number

Coach Serial Number Is No Longer On The Creed

This is also an outdated real vs fake Coach authentication tip in most of the guides you’ll find online. The serial number used to be embossed on the leather creed patch inside the bag but now it is sewn into the bag on a white fabric tag. But just like the old serial number, the current one should also start with N° followed by 2 numbers representing the year and 2 other digits. If the serial number has 5 digits, then it’s probably a fake. So just because the bag does not have the serial number on the creed doesn’t automatically mean it is a fake; on the contrary!

The new Coach bags are much subtler branding-wise and their designs have evolved a lot in my opinion. For example, all their pre-fall 2016 bags are made of gorgeous leather and most of them will only feature the signature horse and carriage logo on the hanging leather tag or the metallic logo on the exterior for their smaller items.

Coach Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection

Coach 2016 Bags

As you can see, Coach bags are some of the most difficult to authenticate replica bags online. So every time you check out a real vs fake Coach post or video, you should also take into account the fact that many things have changed in the past years. So don’t authenticate your bag based on old information because some of the rules that applied 4 or 5 years ago do not apply anymore.

So forget about all the Cs and start paying more attention to their newer styles! Even though not all of them are particularly special or unique, they look much more elegant and luxurious than their older designs. But I’m sure it will take some time until we will find replicas of these Coach bags.

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Dior So Real Mirror Sunglasses Reference Guide

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Introducing the Dior So Real Sunglasses. The So Real Sunglasses are one of Dior’s most popular sunglasses for this season. It was first released during the Spring / Summer 2014 Collection. The sunnies have been spotted on many celebrities including Rihanna, Olivia Palermo and Rita Ora. It has a “pantos” shape which is a vintage eyeglass shape from the 50s and 60s. The So Real sunglasses are available in a variety of shades featuring reflective mirror lenses that have 100% UV protection. It features metal brow bar frames with metal and enamel arms.

Dior So Real - Rihanna

Style & Price



Dior So Real Sunglasses $505.00 (USD)
Dior Havana So Real Sunglasses $530.00 (USD)


Source: Dior

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