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The Chanel Paris In Rome Quilted Bag is like a dream come true. Imagine you’re one of those Disney princesses and you’re fairy godmother is willing to grant you that one special wish. What would you ask for? If you ask us, definitely we’re going to wish for a Chanel Paris In Rome Quilted Bag.

Elegant, sophisticated and polished, this wallet on chain (WOC) bag is our ultimate bag crush. And why not? A true style stunner, this Paris In Rome Quilted Bag is made from genuine sheepskin and is made lovelier with its light gold metal accents. The thick diamond quilting in the center and the new and beautiful CC logo on the lower part made it all the more stylish! My oh my, as if those aren’t enough to make you sold on this bag, the interlocking chain straps on the other hand made us want to head to the nearest Chanel boutique store, pronto!

Chanel Small Paris In Rome Quilted Bag
Style code: A93083
Size: 4.7′ x 8.3′ x 2.2′
Price: $2900 USD, €2630 euro, £2230 GBP, S$4200 SGD, $22100 HKD, $4200 AUD, £358560 JPY

Chanel Paris In Rome Quilted Bag
Style code: A93085
Size: 6.7′ x 11.4′ x 2.8 inches
Price: $3200 USD, €2940 euro, £2490 GBP, S$4690 SGD, $24700 HKD, $4690 AUD, £400680 JPY

Chanel Small Paris In Rome Quilted WOC
Style code: A80972
Size: 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′ inches
Price: $2100 USD, 1€850 euro, £1570 GBP, S$2950 SGD, $15500 HKD, $2950 AUD, £251640 JPY

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Freshly baked and just arrived at the boutiques – a complete new affordable flap bag. Want to know more?

V Lai bought this bag at Neiman Marcus a few days ago, here’s what she has shared: ‘I just found out this from Chanel site after I bought the bag from Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale. The size is small and light enough for me as my GST hurts my shoulder very much. The price is attractive compare to other Chanel flap too!’.

The Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag is somewhere between a WOC and a Medium Classic Flap Bag. You know, there are always days when you need a smaller bag, but an evening WOC is just too tiny. This has the perfect size.

Crafted from durable calfskin and adorned with gold metal hardware, the bag is quilted and chic. It features a beautiful iconic CC logo on the front and its made with the comparable chain as the boy bags.

For those that are interested, here are the details:

Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag
Style code: A93427
Size: 6.7’ x 11’ x 2.2’ inches



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Did you know that the Chanel Castle Rock Bag has been rocking the fashion industry since it was introduced in the Pre-Fall 2013 Collection? Well if you’ve missed it before and now on a serious fashion hunt, worry not for it is coming back to Chanel’s most loved boutiques for its Paris In Rome Collection.

For keen observers like us, this newest Chanel flap bag that appears in the Pre-fall 2016 Collection already made its way to the fashion ramp, which is popularly known as the Castle Rock Bag.


Now you might wonder what’s the difference between the 2013 and 2016 versions? Let’s take a look and compare. We’ve previously featured the Castle Rock bag before. In vintage-style appealed to bag lovers back in 2013 that’s why it was made available in medium and large size. The 2013 version looks antiquated with the top handle and CC clasp making all the difference.

The 2016 version on the other looks ever polished and refined. It looks so fresh that one might think it came straight out of the Chanel’s fashion oven. It’s so hot and classy, one should not dare miss it especially the rich burgundy color contrasts well with the golden chain straps. The CC clasp looks more pronounced this time and oh, the quilting effect and the tiny shiny effect in the leather used made it more appealing and desirable.


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