Longchamp in Reverse: the Roseau Reversible Bag

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By Lau  /  May 30, 2016

Mention Longchamp and your mind will probably go straight to the label’s Le Pliage. Touting a product to be as popular as that is a big call, but Longchamp’s new Roseau Reversible isn’t an ordinary bag. 

Yes, it features quality stitchwork and calf leather. Yes, it comes in a selection of colours. But, it’s also reversible, which means you can choose a classic shade for work then flip the bag inside out to reveal a cheeky shade for weekend wear. Two bags for one? Total win-win.

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2-in-1 Handbag Style: Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote

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1 Bag, 2 Looks! Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote

I came across an interesting looking handbag today. It’s from a designer that I haven’t heard from in some time, bag designer Luana Italy. The brand Luana Italy was originally founded in Pelago, Italy in 1965, and then recently relaunched after a brief hiatus from the fashion world.

One handbag in particular by this designer, that caught my attention is the Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Leather Tote.

Every girl should have a basic leather tote in their collection. It has become a staple for both work and play. What I like about this particular tote is that it’s a 2-in-1 style. That means two looks for one investment! I really like this black and red version. You can be sophisticated one day and powerful the next. And this tote is made out of leather. You just don’t see very many reversible totes made of leather these days. Seems like many designers go for canvas and nylon, however this leather is a soft enough material that would allow for reversible design. This designer may have taken a break from the fashion world, but they started back off on the right foot. I do like the look of this tote. It would be perfect for whatever life throws your way!

The Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Expires 10/18**
Luana Carlyle Reversible Handbag

Below are a few versions of the Luana Italy Carlyle Reversible Tote. Which is your favorite?
Luana Saffiano Carlyle Bag 
Textured Saffiano & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Italy Carlyle Shearling Leather Reversible Handbag 
Textured ultra-soft long hair shearling & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Italy Carlyle Textured Saffiano Bag 
Textured Saffiano & Soft pebble leather.

Luana Carlyle Shearling Leather Reversible Handbag 
Textured ultra-soft shearling & Soft pebble leather.

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What is this we’re seeing? Another reversible available in the market? Well, just so you know, Prada ain’t the type to be left behind – they’ve come up with their own version of the reversible tote as well…in Nappa leather, no less. And we are quite impressed, alright. So, do you want to have your very own piece? We’ll try to convince you even more.

This piece is a soft reversible tote with double handles – perfect for giving you ease in carrying all of your essentials. It is also adorned with steel hardware and metal lettering logo (a testament of the bag’s quality), which gives it a beautiful shine. It even gets better because it has a pocket with zipper closure – who says you can’t have it all with a reversible? Life just got better.

The main side comes in black, but you can choose from four equally beautiful colors for the flip side (Lily-of-the-Valley White, Agave, Anise and Astral). You can get your very own Soft Reversible Nappa Leather Tote for $1,590 USD or €1,250 EUR via Prada e-store.










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A medium-sized tote with a larger-than-life flair that’s made to be the talk of the town, the Gucci Reversible Tote Bag is out to get you started! With its reversible feature, you are given the chance to have two different looks in one (ain’t that exciting?). Don’t be fooled by its non-intimidating exterior (or exterior/s, as we may put it), though, because this lightweight companion is a champ in the functionality department. It packs in so much more than it seems!

Depending on your style preference, you can choose from three variations of the leather surface – off-white, red, and black. On the flip side, you can find the beige/ebony GG leather surface, which is a classic look. It has leather details too, and a removable ID tag, which completes the design effortlessly.

Measuring large size is 14.9″ x 11″ x 4.7″ inches (W x H x D), the small size is 11″ x 8.2″ x 4.3″ (W x H x D), you can get your very own for $1150 USD or €980 EUR (large size) or $890 USD or €690 EUR 

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