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Shopping at Hermes is something like shopping ‘on sales’. Though the bags are not a penny cheaper, but once the right bag arrives, it goes as fast as it comes.

This is obvious for the Birkin and Kelly Bags, but it also applies to the less famous ones like the Hermes Garden Party Bag.

It only takes the right colors – like this Duchess version. Hermes took it to the site for a day or two, and then it disappears because they’re out of stock. But Hermes is famous for not putting it back on online, so you have to visit the boutiques to find out whether they have more.

The Hermes Duchess Garden Party Bag is designed to look like a ‘royal bag’. The soft red shade is simply irresistible. Mixed it with some of beige and it takes our breath away.

This style has joined the House’s Classic Collection for sometime, crafted with Duchess red large Chevron Weave (which you can only see when you’re zoomed-in). The other part is chalk white Country Calfskin and refined with Silver hardware.

Oh, there is even a zipped pocket inside, check out the Hermes boutiques for stock.

Measuring 36 x 26 x 17 (L x H x D) cm, priced at €1550 euro, £1350 GBP via Hermes boutiques.



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Hermes Garden Party Bag

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The Hermes garden party bag has been around for a while. It’s the ideal everyday bag for the modern heiress to flaunt. Carry it whenever you are in need of shopping spree, take it in the evenings and even to work. It’s versatile enough to adapt itself to the summer and winter times, this bag melts like ice cream to your short yellow dress or even your winter coat.

If you have never touched the Hermes Garden party, then you haven’t experienced the ultimate smoothness of a luxury. Though available in different leathers, but the buffalo skin is my favorite. This bag holds shape, is smooth and durable. Decorated in silver and palladium plated hardware and it comes with a Clou de Selle snap closure.

You can find this bag in two sizes, small and medium. Both of them has enough room to take down all your personal essentials It’s even strong enough to carry your books and thus makes it great for traveling or everyday use. We spotted celebrities like Jordana Brewster toting with their Hermes Garden party, so why wouldn’t you want to try it out?

Small: 12″x 8.5″ x 5″
Medium: 14″x 10.25″ x 6.5″

The Garden Party bag comes in a full leather option as I have pictured here and also in a canvas option with leather trim. I don’t particularly go for canvas bodies for bags, so my pick would have to be the full leather version.

Hermes says their Garden Party bags are made of negonda leather, which is a soft and supple leather that is also durable and more water resistant with a matte finish. I thought it made sense because the Garden Party bag isn’t one you’d baby, as you would a more structured Birkin or Kelly. It has a more casual, relaxed vibe to it.

I could and would take it to work, paired with a business-like white shirt and pencil skirt with heels, because it looks structured enough; but I would also take the same bag when I travel or when I’m out on a weekend, paired with flats, jeans and a polo tee or shirt, and it wouldn’t look out of place!

The interior is lined with canvas instead of leather, which is quite natural since the price isn’t as swoon-worthy as many other bags from this uber luxury brand, coming in at about US$3,400 for the medium leather version. I just like how it looks like a workhorse, but an elegant one.

Whilst it looks plain, I’ve seen pictures where people dress it up with a scarf or a bag charm to add some visual interest. Also, the leather versions come in beautiful colours including a beautiful bright blue and the signature Hermes orange, which appeals to me because I love colourful bags. But as much as I’d love an orange Garden Party, I think if I were to end up getting one, I’d go for one in Gold or Etoupe. Gold isn’t gold at all, and looks more like a tan while etoupe is a workable cool grey-taupe. Just to get a little more mileage out of it.

Granted, there are similar looking options out there from more affordable brands. The Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote has a similar design and vibe, as do many more affordable brands, if you look in Michael Kors, Coach or Kate Spade.

For me however, I have my eye set on a leather Garden Party. It looks like something I’d get a lot of use out of, it suits my style and it isn’t obtrusive nor immediately noticeable. I like that in bags.

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Jimmy Choo Bag And Shoe Party

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Jimmy Choo Purse and Shoe Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo with all its beauty and luxury dedicated always managed to make an awesome collection. In addition to dresses, handbags and shoes are an important part in every appearance. Especially for the party that is usually filled with luxury. Jimmy Choo shoes presents that will make you look very pretty. As a collection of heels with a big Ribbon ornament is very sweet and is available in black. Heels of lace in a wide selection of models and colors are so very sweet to be worn. Especially if combined with a bag made from lace as well. For those of you who love the sparkling Crystal, there are some shoes that are so pretty. The luxurious fur shoes and soft fur bags plus will increasingly make your appearance is very different. Here under the Jimmy Choo collection party bag and shoes.

Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

2015 Jimmy Choo Party Collection Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Lace for Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Lace Bag and Shoe Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Fur for Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Bow Shoe Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

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The Best Party Shoes to Get You Through All Your Summer Events

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Want to see a new bag made by Hermes? It’s about time right? Well, it’s not really new but its something you haven’t spotted yet.

First of all, the original Hermes Garden Party Bag doesn’t need any introduction because it has been around for sometime. And we know the Hermes Garden Party is ideal for almost any occasion – for work, the weekends or shopping. It’s feminine and has large spacious to carry so much more than your basic essentials.

But anyways, allow us to introduce something different; Meet Hermes Garden Party Pockets Bag. The one we are sharing is made from calf leather in combination with cotton. It’s refined with palladium hardware and the interior features a zip-closure. The shoulder strap can be adjusted anytime you want – it can be carried on your hand or even on your shoulder.

Sow what’s new about this bag? Well, the name already revealed the secrets – it got extra pockets on the front and it has a squared shape (if you compare it to the original Hermes Garden Party Bag).

But other elements like the button on the front, the handles and most of the design are basically the same.

Now for the details;

Hermes Garden Party 36 Pockets Bag
Measurement: 36 x 26 x 17 (L x H x W) in cm
Reference code: H070507CKAA
Price: €2470 euro

What do you think?






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Marc Jacobs Party Bow Mini Trouble Bag

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Back to Marc Jacobs. As we’ve already showed the past two weeks, the brand-new Marc Jacobs Trouble Bag is the ‘new classic’. Inspired by 60’s glam, this fresh mini addition has been re-styled to make it even more intriguing.

READ: Marc Jacobs Mini Trouble Shoulder Bag

First they changed the experience from smooth suede to smooth lambskin, then it’s made quilted for the optimal chic’ness. And knowing that it’s a mini bag (with minimum storage), it’s perfect for the evening occasions, when you go out and party without worries.

On the front flap, Marc Jacobs embellished a super cute hand-crafted bow, each one is made up of four layers of leather, stitched by hand, one on top of the other. In the previous version, the mini trouble bag was embellished with a coin-shaped closure, which looked more vintage.

It features a convertible chain strap that can be worn in three ways for comfortability and carrying options. The interior includes a back slip pocket with mirror, measuring 16.5 x 13.5 x 6 cm, priced at $1350 USD at Marc Jacobs e-store.





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