Shop The Parda Trick Bear Charms For Holiday 2014

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No matter for little girl or young girl, a cute doll always their favorite toy, and they are also the great items as a gift, especially as a holiday gift. And for those adult, those cut doll charms also their favorite accessories.

Now, here we will bring you the newest Prada Trick Bear Charms for Holiday 2014 Collection. For years now, Prada always very popular among people,and they had been launched many of different charms, or as the brand calls it “Prada Tricks” special for holiday season. Those hottest Prada Tricks are made of fur and even have their own names which dressed up in different clothing and accessories. Very cute and unique to shop for.

Here, we make a newest 2014 holiday Parda Tricks Bear Charms below and here you also can find more Prada tickets which launched for past seasons. And those latest 9 bears for holiday 2014 also have its own name as Brigitte, Claire, Ettore, Franz, Mary, Olivia, Renee, Tom and Topazzio.

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2014 Holiday Parda Tricks Bear Charms

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Parda Tricks From Past Seasons

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