Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real: When The Price Is Too Good To Be True

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You can already find two detailed posts on how to spot a replica Givenchy Antigona bag and also plenty of replica handbags reviews that will help you learn how to stay away from bad fakes. So this time I want to write more about another Givenchy bag replica that’s also very popular, the Pandora messenger bag.

I will also make a few mentions on other popular styles from the brand, such as the replica Givenchy Rottweiler bag or the Givenchy Lucrezia bag. When it comes to celebrity favorites, I don’t think there’s a Givenchy bag that could ever surpass the Antigona’s wild popularity. Still, if there’s a certain Givenchy bag replica you’d like to know more about, just let me know.

Givenchy Bag Replica Pandora vs Real

I recently received an email from a reader who wanted me to authenticate her Givenchy Pandora bag in distressed leather:

“Hi Eva!

I came accross your blog as I was browsing pics of real vs fake givenchy Pandora. I really want to buy this bag. (Photos attached) The seller says all her bags were from an auction in Japan where they get luxury nags in . Thank you so much for your help and I await your reply.

More power to you and you blog! 	<p class=Tags: bag replica Givenchy the Price Be To VS PANDORA is Real: When Too Good True

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Wild West! Charlotte Olympia Horny Pandora Clutch

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Ultimate Guide To The Sensational Pandora

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Did you know? The Pandora bag from Givenchy takes its name from what some believes to be the first woman on earth in Greek mythology. According to the myth, Pandora had a jar full of malicious spirits that would bring harm to the world. Unfortunately, she could not contain her curiosity and unleashed the evils from the jar.

Same for you, this Givenchy Pandora box is one that you certainly cannot resist taking the lid off from- but you can be rest assured that there is no evil involved here!

The Pandora bag was first launched in Fall/Winter 2009 Givenchy collection. Following the success of this number, Givenchy then created the Pandora Box followed by the Pandora Box Chain. Its latest addition to the range is the Pandora Pure.

Undeniably a groundbreaking style in the fashion world, the Pandora boasts a single top handle, detachable shoulder strap and chunky zippers that is a Givenchy signature. When fully stuffed, the bag resembles a box which is the inspiration behind its look. However, the shape morphs according to how one carries it. This bag truly is a head-turner because of its odd shape. But one can find beauty in oddity and the Pandora is a true testament to that statement. The Pandora is primarily available in goatskin leather and sheepskin leather.

In 2013, Riccardo Tisci created the Pandora Box which is a small rigid leather bag. Maintaining the label’s signature zipper detail, this much-coveted number is a sight to behold. Closely related to the Pandora Box is the Pandora Box Chain where the leather strap gets replaced with a chain strap to glam it up, giving it an air of freshness.

The most current member in the family is the Pandora Pure. Just like the ‘eldest’ in the collection, the Pure sports a single top handle with a chunky zipper but it is far more structured in its silhouette. This number is great as your work accompaniment with its capaciousness and of course, its beautiful form will certainly add points to your style.

With a selection of lustful versions of the bag in different sizes, colours and materials, there is indeed something for everyone. Check out these A-list celebrities who incorporated the coveted bag into their wardrobe, and find out which Pandora suits your style.


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Do you love pearls? Well, say hello to Charlotte Olympia Necklace Pandora Bag. Inspired by their fancy box clutches, this one will melt your heart away.

A glamorous handbag is what you need. You see, it’s not about the box but all the attention is going to be streamed to the gold-tone beads (which looks like pearl necklace). For the elegant evenings, this is what will perfectionize your chic outfit. The stunning handles instantly elevate the smooth cream box clutch base.

The box is large enough to carry your must-take-with-me essentials, the interior comes with an internal zipped pouch. It opens with a magnetic fastening.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.5’ inches.



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Givenchy never failed to make our hearts skip a beat one more time with its Micro Pandora Box Metallic Shoulder Bag that looks extra plush and luxurious. As we all know, the Givenchy Micro Pandora Box Bag is an icon on its own, having existed for some time now but this new design deserves its own post and spotlight.

Its snakeskin metallic finish paired with its cute silhouette embraced and stayed true to its mini bag look. Imagine bringing it to an evening party while you wear your perfect body-hugging black dress and your favorite red lipstick, you’ll definitely spell glamour and sophistication from a distant and up close. The detachable chain shoulder strap also won our hearts for you can wear it a shoulder bag or clasp it between your fingers as it can function as a mini purse as well. Talk about functionality and practicality.

This stunner measures 4.5’ x 5.5’ x 3’ (H x W x D)




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When you’re into fashion, everything needs to be flawless – from the shoes to the dress and all the way to the make-up bag. But sometimes it’s easy to store your cosmetics in a simple bag and leave it like that. Then again, a make-up bag is a one-time purchase and forever, why not pick the best of the best?

So we take you to one of our favorite brands – Givenchy. And we introduce to you a piece from the latest Shark Collection. It’s a minimalistic make-up bag, but the size and the craftsmanship are sufficient enough to say ‘yes’.

Crafted from lambskin, the brand’s logo is printed on the front top. It features a zipper pull that’s attached to the famous Shark Tooth. The interior comes with one internal patch pocket, measuring 12.5 cm x 17 cm x 7 cm (H x W x D), priced at $540 USD or €350 euro.




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