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I can only imagine what Nicolas Ghesquière was thinking, when he moved from Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton. He must be thinking: ‘I am going to drop something so fucking hot, that it will literally shake the world’. And then as he was studying the history and tradition of Louis Vuitton, he can’t keep his mind of the iconic 1800s trunk, the symbol of the house.

And so in his thought he was imagining: ‘A woman carrying a mini trunk on her shoulder and companied with a mini trunk necklace’. Fabulous!

Presenting the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Jewelry Collection and as you might have already expected from such a famous brand – everything about the ‘Petite Malle Pendant’, even in the tiniest details, is the exact copy of the historical Louis Vuitton trunk, recreated with fine craftsmanship. The padding, handles, saddles, Louis Vuitton signature, nails and even the corner pieces, oh gosh, a standing ovation please!

The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Pendant comes in three different trunk pieces: A cubic trunk, open trunk that shows the interior and rectangular trunk. They are all made in 18k gold and the prices, well:

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Cube Pendant
Material: 18k gold

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Open Pendant
Material: 18k gold

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Rectangle Pendant
Material: 18k gold



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Do you love pearls? Well, say hello to Charlotte Olympia Necklace Pandora Bag. Inspired by their fancy box clutches, this one will melt your heart away.

A glamorous handbag is what you need. You see, it’s not about the box but all the attention is going to be streamed to the gold-tone beads (which looks like pearl necklace). For the elegant evenings, this is what will perfectionize your chic outfit. The stunning handles instantly elevate the smooth cream box clutch base.

The box is large enough to carry your must-take-with-me essentials, the interior comes with an internal zipped pouch. It opens with a magnetic fastening.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.5’ inches, priced €995 euro or $1095 USD.



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Chanel Long Metal Necklace with CC Signature, Pearls and Strass
Style code: A88766
Price: €2,600 EUR

The Chanel Necklace Collection is here to stay, ladies! And you thought bags were the only attraction for Chanel’s Cruise 2016 Collection…well, the necklaces they have are fab too. What a way to cap-off the year with some fancy Chanel bling, right? We’re so excited for this one!


Chanel Long Metal Necklace with Pearls and Jade Elements
Style code: A86105
Price: €1,900 EUR


Chanel Long Metal Necklace with Glass Pearls, Metal and Resin
Style code: A87546
Price: €1,250 EUR


Chanel Choker with Glass Pearls and Metal and Resin Flowers
Style code: A87562
Price: €2,520 EUR


Chanel Choker with CC Signature and Strass
Style code: A86072
Price: €930 EUR


Chanel Long Metal Necklace with Chains, CC Signatures and Strass
Style code: A86065
Price: €950 EUR


Chanel Long Metal Necklace with Pearls, Resin and Strass
Style code: A87487
Price: €1,290 EUR


Chanel Metal and Resin Pendant Necklace with Pearls and Strass
Style code: A87571
Price: €990 EUR

Spread some sparkly holiday cheer with one (or two… or…) of these babies! You can get your very own Chanel necklace now via Chanel boutique.

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Louis Vuitton Me & Me Necklace Collection

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louis_vuitton_m-m-necklace-collectionIt’s not the first time alphabet charm necklaces have been offered for sale, and it won’t be the last, it just so happens the Louis Vuitton have launched their very own stylised letters from A to Z that’s not only timely (hello, Valentine’s Day is just 10 days away) but rather affordable as well.

Though I think the actual alphabets will be quite tiny in real life, there’s also no denying how pretty (ok, pretty is not the right word) manly (no, too manly) cool they look, each alphabet represented with screws reminiscent of iconic Louis Vuitton trunks. Priced at SGD660 each, these charms which interestingly enough are in either upper or lowercase depending on the letter you pick. Available now but only at Louis Vuitton Island Maison Marina Bay Sands, this could be the gift you present to your loved one come 14 February.

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