Bagaholicboy Muses #443 – Trunk Show

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bbm443Because we all long to have a stack of these sitting in our living room (or bedroom, you get the picture), it’s frankly not easy to actually get one especially if you live in Singapore (or in the region) and don’t have access to estate sales, fine vintage purveyors or rich relations with gorgeous vintage trunks in their living room or bedrooms.

What we do have access to is Christie’s, which I thought for the longest time was a playground meant for 1% of the populace. Not true. All you really have to do is to sign up for an account and you’re good to go. And with Christie’s ongoing online auction ‘Vintage Couture‘, it’s your chance (and mine) to pick up beautifully-aged trunks and steams from Louis Vuitton.

Pricey? Well, it really depends on how you look at it. The largest of the 3 trunks shown above is estimated to be worth around GBP6500, which is a steal for something that was made in the early 20th century, that must have surely travelled far with wonderful tales to tell, if it could, that is.

Besides vintage trunks, you will also find bags from the likes of Chanel and Hermès (some from recent years, others too old to decipher). What’s more important to note is that there are definitely bargains to be had, from the ever-popular Birkin in many colours and sizes in the GBP5000 to GBP7000 range to a chocolate-brown Constancethat’s now holding at GBP4000.

In other words, head over to Christie’s now and have a look at what’s available. Who knows? You might just be rewarded with a beautiful vintage bag you thought was never attainable.

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Bagaholicboy Muses #446 – 10 Things On Sale You Should Buy Now

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What started out as a selection of cheery must-buys that are on sale quickly went another way, what with studs, lace, sequins and some form of abstract art making up all of my sale picks. A little bit dark, a little bit sensual and a little bit gothic, I guess you could blame it on the haze that we’ve been experiencing in Singapore getting to me.

And if you’re on the lookout for accessories for a glamourous night out, start by having a look here. From clutches (there are 4 to choose from) to a beautifully printed MCQ tote, they are sourced from all manner of e-commerce portals having their end-of-season sales right now. What’s more depressing than the haze? If you didn’t pick up anything for a steal right now.

Clockwise from top left: Christian Louboutin Mina, now GBP815, Browns, Diane Von Furstenberg Sutra, now SGD220, Matches Fashion, Maison Michel Yoko Cat-Head Hairband, now GBP189, Net-A-Porter, Ann Demeulemeester Leather Flower Brooch, now GBP260, Browns, Givenchy Madonna iPhone Case, now SGD146, LUISAVIAROMA,MCQ Alexander McQueen Printed Shopper, now GBP159, Net-A-Porter, Saint Laurent Studded iPhone Case, now SGD314, LUISAVIAROMA, Anya Hindmarch Marano Glitter Clutch, now GBP274, THE OUTNET, Mulberry Wide Eliza Bracelet, now GBP100,Mulberry, Alexander McQueen Britannia Skull Clutch, now GBP657, Net-A-Porter

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Bagaholicboy Muses #473 – 5 SLGs From The MATCHESFASHION Sale You Should Buy Now!

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Ok, so the title of this post isn’t exactly 100% accurate since there are most definitely more than 5 SLGs you could buy now from the MATCHESFASHION sale. With discounts of up to 30% off (for now, anyway), you can pick up quite a lot of good deals, from the Fendi #BagBug wallet (was SGD445, now SGD310) to the bright fluorescent zip-around wallet from Saint Laurent that’s just SGD360 now. The Givenchy leather zip clutch that measures 30 cm across? Now SGD530. Seriously. Last but not least, that pair from Pierre Hardy consisting of a zip pouch and a passport holder? SGD155and SGD130 respectively, which is really affordable even if they are just coated-canvas pieces.

In fact, besides these pieces, you’ll also find everything from Fendi totes to Givenchy backpacks that are such good deals you’ll pinch yourself if you miss out. One’s justSGD785 after discount, the other is SGD860 after less. Yes, both are nylon, but that doesn’t really matter, right? In other words, best you follow this link and nab all the best deals before they are all sold out, 

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Bagaholicboy Muses – Wallets With Chains

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bbm467It’s not a new style, nor something recently revived. Long wallets that come with sling chains of their own have been around for a long while now, and you could consider them female counterparts to males’ leather billfolds that come with thick chain-link loops. But unlike the ones you find on the boys’ wallets, the chains on wallets for the women are often thin and sleek, meant to accompany the long wallet that can be slung elegantly over the shoulder or across the body when you just don’t want to lug the kitchen sink of your handbag around.

So what’s a wallet with chain exactly useful for? It’s the perfect bag to use for a night out with the girls especially when dancing and drinking is involved, and it’s also good to have one on especially when you’re dealing with a baby and her diaper bag; at least you know your valuables are always close to your body. And then there are days when you need to tune into bitch mode and claw your way through say, a Club21 Bazaar Sale, and carrying a handbag that will just hamper you will just not do.

And while there are many, many, many options out there, here are just 4 of my favourites for your kind consideration. All made of leather, I dare say that they are all tops when it comes to both form and function, be it something elegant like the newDior Twist, or something a tad grunge like the Chanel Boy Chanel WOC (wallet-on-chain) and even something that comes with its own iconic YSL logo, the Monogram Chain Wallet from Saint Laurent.

In other words, you just need to pick the one you like the most since they all pretty much work the same. So, what will it be for you?

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Bagaholicboy Muses #465 – A Tale Of Two Cities

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bbm465It has been an epic 10 day trip that saw me flying from Singapore to London and then on to Milan for both S/S15 runway presentations of Burberry and Gucci. And while the experience would not soon be forgotten, what with additional visits to flagship stores, factory tours and even a day spent at the museum, it’s back to reality for me and that means getting back to blogging proper.

Rest assured there will be more posts regarding both brands in the coming weeks, along with what I did in London, Milan and Florence, but for now let’s focus on the bags both luxury houses showed during their respective fashion weeks.

First up, we’ve got Burberry and their two key styles for the season, the Mini Bee inHorseferry check and the Book Cover Print Leather Pouch. The former an inspiration of an archive find, the latter an adaptation of the S/S15 mens collection which saw pieces like the satchels in two sizes and the giant leather notebook covers, both perfectly apt for Spring, what with their bright colours and bold prints.

Besides the fact that you can place your orders online now, the Mini Bee in Horseferrycheck also comes with an additional option of having your initials painted onto the bag, which you can see in detail here. Priced at SGD3595, the bag also comes with slightly longer than normal top handles and a long sling for ease of use. On the other hand, the SGD1925 Book Cover Print Leather Pouch is simply put, just a clutch. Measuring 25 cm by 15 cm, the whole of idea of it, while great with its colours and prints, doesn’t really justify its asking price.

Now on to Gucci. In a runway collection that seems to draw from all the greats of Gucci’s past, the bags are a mash-up of old and new. The one on the top (top right, to be exact), for example, is inspired by a piece that I saw displayed in Museo Gucci in Florence. The thick webbing strap, which founder Guccio Gucci loved as a fan of all things equestrian, is also the sling of choice for all Gucci’s S/S15 bags. Available in 2 sizes and made from the Italian house’s iconic GG monogram canvas to leather and even exotic croc, it’s a style that will do well next season.

Then there’s the continuation of the Jackie Soft collection into the next season, the shoulder bag made more robust with 2 roomy main compartments and 3 generous slip pockets for easy organisation. Topped with the same thick canvas strap that I adore,I’ve currently got my eye on the one in suede, even though as far as our tropical weather is concerned might not be that good an idea.

No word yet on the prices for Gucci’s bags, so expect an update really soon. And thanks again to illustrator JaeSuk Kim for rushing out these beautiful illustrations for me. So tell me, any favourites from either of these 2 brands yet?

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