Moynat: Parisian Promenade

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Created in collaboration with NOWNESS, French trunk-makers and leather goods specialist Moynat presents their first-ever short film, Parisian Promenade, directed by Mary Clerté. Beautifully shot in Paris, you could say the film pays homage to Pauline Moynat, who in 1849 was also the only French trunk-maker in Paris.

More important (well, for me anyway) is the fact that while watching the video, you’ll catch glimpses of Moynat’s lovely bags, from the Cabotin in the opening shot to the elegant Réjane which accompanies the model at the cafe, and later on, is slung across her body as she cycles past the magnificent Palais de Tokyo.

You’ll also be able to spot a selection of small leather goods from purses to smartphone cases, a leather Quattro tote, as well as a selection of archived vintage trunks that span the atelier’s long history.


Here’s the Cabotin I mentioned earlier, the versatile yet beautiful full leather bag that’s shaped like a vintage metal lunchbox. Available in 4 different colours, you can find out more about the bag here.


And then there’s the Réjane, which was also covered on the blog last December. Dedicated to Gabrielle Réjane, a celebrated actress from the Parisian theatre scene in 1896, it was created by current Creative Director Ramesh Nair. Contemporary and curvaceous, it’s worthy of any modern woman’s admiration.

Moynat is currently only available in Paris at their flagship along Rue Saint Honoré, or feel free to drop them an email with your enquiries. And if anything catches your fancy, Moynat will have it shipped it to you, anywhere in the world.

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Moynat Petite Réjane

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moynat_petite-rejane-blackBecause sometimes big is not always better, one of my favourite French houses Moynat has recently launched a smaller, or in their exact words, petite version of the Réjanethat’s just 26 cm across. An elegantly beautiful yet surprisingly functional handbag (because, really, she is more than just skin-deep), the Petite Réjane will easily make the transition from day to night with you.

moynat_petite-rejane-blueMore importantly, because only a limited number of pieces are available in new summery hues, you’ll not very likely catch someone carrying the exact bag as you, especially if you are going to have to pay EUR3200 for it. The price might seem high at first, but once you consider factors like Moynat’s emphasis on quality leathers and fine craftsmanship, its limited runs and the fact that you probably pay as much (if not more) for bags from other brands that are as common as the rich Mainlander these days, it’s really not that bad at all.

Visit them in Paris at their flagship along Rue Saint Honoré, or drop them an email with your enquiries. Moynat will take your order and have your bag (or bags) shipped direct to your doorstep.

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Moynat Petite Pauline

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moynat_petite-paulineYou’ve already been introduced to the Petite Réjane, so now meet the 2nd tiny wonder that’s now also available, the Moynat Petite Pauline. Not exactly a new style (it has been around for awhile and is named after its founder, Pauline Moynat), it has been released in a new size, 29 cm across to be exact.

Priced at EUR2600 and available in limited quantities, it looks adorable in this petite size, a fun day bag that you can carry via its pair of top handles or slung over the shoulder. Only available in Paris at their flagship at 348 Rue Saint Honoré, you can also drop them an email with your enquiries/orders.

moynat_galeries-lafayette-parisIf you are heading to Paris from July 2013 onwards, do also note that the French house will be setting up the ‘Moynat Trunk Show‘ at Galeries Lafayette where celebrated styles Pauline, Réjane and Quattro will be on display in a beautifully oversized transparent trunk designed by Gwenaël Nicolas and inspired by another Moynat classic, the Limousine Trunk.

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The Moynat Pauline Bag – named after the founder and crafted with quality as durable as Hermes, this is one of the most underrated handbags in the fashion world.

Together with James, we are going to reveal the ins and the -outs of the Pauline Bag and all in full details with vivid images. The bag will be put next to the iconic Hermes Kelly 30 Bag, just to give you a sense of what it is like…

For those that are still not familiar with the Moynat brand, it’s the oldest French trunk-maker founded in 1854. It has existed even longer than Louis Vuitton.

The Moynat is like the Hermes brand without the buzz – with comparable leather quality, design and craftsmanship. For a lower price, you will enjoy the same luxury as Hermes.

The Moynat Pauline Bag we’re featuring is sized 30 and it is priced at $4400 CAD with duty. James is a regular Hermes shopper and owns the most iconic Hermes bags like the Kelly Tote, Contour Birkin Bag and Kelly Cut Bag, so she knows what she is talking about when it comes to Hermes quality. And as she inspect the Moynat Pauline Bag, she told us that the quality is indeed very much like Hermes, but the price is less expensive. In fact, all Moynat Bags are lined with pearl calf leather, which is very soft and it’s like the Hermes Swift leather.

We’ve also heard about the great customer service in Moynat boutiques, with staffs that are helpful and very kind and perhaps you should check that out too.



The Moynat Pauline Bag is secured with a zipper on the top and in the interior you will find one large compartment, a zip pocket and two more pockets for your wallets or other small items. So there is plenty room for your daily essentials.

The bag comes with a luxurious luggage tag, a top handle for hand carry and a long leather strap in case you want to carry it on your shoulder.



When the Hermes Kelly 30 Bag is put on the background, you can see the actual sizes – The Kelly 30 Bag is actually much taller, but the Moynat Pauline 30 Bag is a bit more width, also due to its shape.


And here you see the Pauline Bag next to the Hermes Kelly Bag. The size of the Pauline seems like to be smaller, but can the Kelly Bag hold more essentials? It’s even smaller than the Hermes Lindy 30 Bag.

And now for the details:

Moynat Petite Pauline Bag
Size: 29 x 18 x 15 cm

Moynat Pauline Bag 
Size: 35 x 16.5 x 23.5 cm

So what do you think about this bag? Let us know more in the comment section.

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Moynat Ballerine

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moynat_ballerineHaving been in the Paris workshop where a Ballerine was being crafted at the time, I can still remember running my fingers over the smooth leather, playing with the shiny hardware and just generally feeling like the happiest kid in the world ever could in the proverbial candy shop.

Beautifully structured and a boon for those who like their bags stiff and proper, theMoynat Ballerine is the perfect boardroom accessory, and like the woman who carries it, is both no-nonsense and powerful. But it’s not just that. Look closer and you’ll see the softer side of the Ballerine, from her rounded curves and the fact that the sides can be extended ever so slightly to make it a tad roomier. Priced at EUR6000, it’s also one of the priciest bags around but with the amount of craftsmanship that goes into her and the infinite number of years you would enjoy using the bag, I’d consider it a worthwhile investment.

Measuring 34 cm by 27.5 cm by 16 cm, this made-to-order beauty can be viewed at Moynat’s boutiques in Paris and London (Mount Street), or you could just drop them an email to place an order.

moynat_rivage-tote-collectionIf, however, you prefer something a tad more casual but no less beautiful, here is the new Rivage Tote collection that I promised earlier I would cover soon. Made of leather that comes printed with its own repeating M motif, the almost squarish totes that measure 35 cm across are perfect for casual weekends. Priced at EUR790 each and available in 3 different colours (Grey, Blue and Yellow), this would also be a godsend to those already tired of that other French brand’s signature totes that are now everywhere you turn in Singapore.

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Moynat Rivage Pochette Collection

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moynat_rivage-pochette-collectionHaving had the honour of seeing the prototypes the last time I was in Paris, I’ve kept these a secret for as long as I could, and now with their official launch I can finally break my vow of silence (I know it all sounds a tad dramatic, but that’s just me, especially with the tropical storm we are experiencing right now in Singapore).

Featuring a pattern that’s reminiscent of Moynat’s interior structure in their trunks dating back to 1870, Artistic Director Ramesh Nair had taken upon himself (and with great success too, if I might add) to create the new monogram, with a series of repeating Ms that’s both discreet and yet arty.

Something important to note, whilst most printed pochettes (and totes) these days are made up of coated canvas, the Rivage collection from Moynat are printed on durable cowhide leather, sourced from French suppliers to the house’s highest specifications.

Besides the ones in Blue, Grey and Yellow (shown above), there will also be a special edition in Red for Isetan Tokyo. Prices, sizes and images of the totes will follow soon, so do stay tuned for more updates.

Gorgeous, no?

Update: 16 June 2014
This just in, the Rivage Pochette measures 21 cm by 15 cm and retails for EUR350. Have a look at their boutique in Paris (348 Rue Saint Honoré, diagonally opposite from Colette) or drop them an email at to place an order.

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