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Talk about setting the bar higher when it comes to urban couture, the Dior Stardust Metallic Backpacks are here to impress and give you that added sparkle missing in your closet.

If you’ll try to remember, the Dior Stardust bag was released not too long ago and this time it comes in a metallic version from the latest Fall Winter 2016 Collection. Made from metallic silver ceramic-effect deerskin with light gold-tone jewelry, and together with the crispy-look, this Stardust backpack is a shiny addition to your ever-growing bag collection.

Sleek, fashionable, and shimmery, this backpack is perfect for the millennial traveling woman. Take it with you as you careen through the busy streets of your foreign destination or as you hop from one bus to another or one subway to another, this backpack is the real deal Measuring 23 x 19 x 11 cm 

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What better way to accessorize your outfit than a chic metallic clutch? Whether you are rocking a jumpsuit, sequin embellished dress or even a pantsuit, the clutch is an amazing accessory. And if you are looking to get one without breaking the bank, then check out seven gold and silver clutches available for under $50. These bags may be cheap but they look like a million bucks.

Guess Gold Metallic Saffiano Clutch

Guess Gold Metallic Saffiano ClutchGuess Silver Envelope Clutch

Guess Silver Envelope ClutchGuess Large Gold Clutch available for $42.00

Guess Large Gold ClutchGuess Metallic Python Print Gold Clutch available for $46.80

Guess Metallic Python Print Gold ClutchNali Large Gold Envelope Clutch available for $30.46

Nali Large Gold Envelope ClutchNasty Gal Silver Glitter Clutch available for $48.00

Nasty Gal Silver Glitter Clutch

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There’s something I need to talk to you about…

Actually there are two big things, one is wrapped around a story. But before all that, I want to thank Lolli – for all the details and pictures.

First things first, let us share with you a bag that you’ve probably never seen before. We did a little research on our own, this bag is called the ‘Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag’ and it’s now in store, for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Lolli sent us a message: ‘Hi, is the CC Crave still available in London and the current price? Going there tomorrow for a week’.

The Chanel CC Crave Flap, the bag that has inherited the same elements like the Classic Flap Bag, a timeless piece that is so much cheaper. Which fashionista doesn’t love that!

But anyway, we told Lolli about the availability and the price. (some of our members found the CC Crave in this season!)

A few days later, Lolli updated us her findings, she said: ‘Thanks. I’m now in London but I cannot find it in Harrods or Selfridges. Bought the perfume bottle print medium instead’.

A perfect move, if Chanel doesn’t have your bag in stock (this happens all the time!), then prepare yourself with a back-up plan. Lolli end up with a perfume bottle print flap bag, the original name is actually: ‘Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag’.


Then Lolli continued: ‘It’s not a clutch. It’s similar to CC Crave but with embossed Chanel perfume bottle prints on the leather’.

Oh yes, as an addition, if you want the latest info about the Boy Chanel Quilted Flap Bag: ‘My friend got the Boy Chanel quilted medium with rusty gold metal at £2990’.

Then Lolli told me one thing that literally froze my heart, I was surprised, stunned, amazed, jumping and….

She told me: ‘By the way, the PTT is available at Heathrow Chanel but I didn’t ask for the price’.

A little background information: The PTT is the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote, it was not as popular as the GST and the PST, but still it was one of the most coveted and affordable tote from Chanel. But we haven’t heard about this bag for like two years or so.

So when Lolli informed me that she saw the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote, I was like: ‘Nooooo, that can’t be’ (the same facial expression when your Chanel lambskin get scratched).

I wouldn’t let my opportunity pass by, I need to dive into the head of Lolli. So I send her another email again: ‘Lolli, are you sure you saw the PTT, because as far as we know it’s discontinued’

Then she answered: ‘I am very sure I saw the PTT at the Heathrow T3 Chanel store. There was beige and black. They are distinctive because of the zip and small tote size. There are lots of bags that came in last week in London. I was lucky. I wished I could get the PTT but I was out of luggage space’.

Okay, let’s get back to the details first. The Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag is crafted from calf leather and embossed with ‘Chanel’ symbols like the CC logo, the iconic perfume bottle, Chanel Camellia’s, the number 5 and so on. The symbols will live on forever, which makes this bag a timeless piece.

The Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag matches to anything that is linked to ‘casual’ – jeans, pants, tees, tops, when you go to work, shopping, evenings and so on.

There are two different colors and styles available: in metallic calfskin with silver hardware or in black calfskin with silver hardware.

The style code is: A92243
Size: 25 x 12 x 5 cm
Price: $2,800 USD or £1790 GBP before VAT (euro is almost the same)

Before you go, please like our Facebook page and share this post. Drop a comment if you got any question and if you saw the PTT too, let us know.

Oh yes one more thing, Lolli: ‘There is a smaller one that looks like a clutch. Did not check the price though‘.

About Heathrow T3 Airport: The Chanel boutique located there are generally cheaper because the VAT is not included yet. So you don’t need to apply for tax-refund, which save you money because you don’t need to pay the commission for processing tax-refund.

Heathrow T3 Airport don’t stock iconic anymore, a few of them are: The Chanel Classic Flap Bags, the 2.55 reissue, The Quilted Boy Bags.

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‘Metallic Silver’ – the bling bling shimmering fashion accessory every girl loves. These mini items fit like gloves inside your handbag. And when you pull them out, they shine like a bright star.

And there is an unexplainable attraction about CC logo ladies. Somehow every city girl knows Chanel and when they spot the Chanel logo on your wallet or your bag, their eyes automatically glance.

Presenting three beautiful Chanel Wallets that are made from metallic calfskin. Is it durable? Yes, calfskin durable but also smooth.

Now, you have three choices – from the tiniest coin purse to the full-option flap wallet. Which one matches your budget and your handbag?

Though the coin purse is the smallest, you can fold the paper money and hide them inside. Small doesn’t mean cheap or cheaper, it’s just more convenient for some people.

And if the flap wallet is too big, choose the Chanel Metallic Small Zipped Wallet. The size is okay; you can store your credit cards inside. That should be enough right?

But the Chanel Metallic Flap Wallet is really the top prize. The interior of this wallet is like inside the paradise – credit card slots, pocket for coins and paper money, even some room for extra items.

So which one would you choose?


Chanel Metallic Chevron Quilted Flap Wallet
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 1.4’ inches
Style code: A80758
Price: €850 euro


Chanel Metallic Chevron Quilted Coin Purse
Size: 3’ x 4.7’ x 0.8’ inches
Style code: A69271
Price: €380 euro



Chanel Metallic Chevron Small Zipped Wallet
Size: 3.5’ x 6.1’ x 0.8’ inches
Style code: A80481
Price: €575 euro


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Chanel Metallic Iridescent Cruise 2016 Boy Bag Review

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Chanel Metallic Iridescent Cruise 2016 Rainbow Purple Boy Bag

It’s been branded the mermaid bag by online fashion bloggers, due to its metallic sheen and oil slick appearance, but the Chanel Small Boy Bag in Metallic Iridescent is everything! I personally came across this bag a few days ago when I was checking out the Chanel Cruise 2016 collection on their website and I completely fell in love. The moment I saw the purple sheen and the iridescent hardware, my eyes were instantly drawn to its beauty. The purple sheen on the goat leather changes to a pearly green and blue as the light moves, while the chain itself is an iridescent rainbow of beauty, as is the lock closure and all its hardware. Combining these together definitely makes it mermaid appropriate, I think you would agree?

I’m not lucky enough to own this amazing bag, but a few people on The Purse Forum and on YouTube definitely are, so I have compiled their photos together as well as two video reviews of the Metallic Iridescent Boy Bag for you to check it out for yourself, all in one place, and decide whether or not you love it. One of the girls in the video said it’s the most beautiful bag she has ever seen and couldn’t stop staring at it. Are any of you lucky enough to own this beautiful bag yourself? I’d love for you to share your opinions on it too!

I’ve always been a fan of Chanel, owning one of their gorgeous Velvet Boy Bags in Bordeaux from last season and adoring their classics, but I have to say that the brand is definitely upping their game right now in terms of pushing the boundaries. I’ve always found the French fashion house sticks to seasonal pieces and isn’t very daring, but in recent years, they have truly stepped outside their comfort zone and created bags which have been stunning, much like this metallic one here. It makes me excited to see what’s to come from Chanel in seasons to come.

As this is impossible to find, buy a very similar Rebecca Minkoff version here.


Chanel Metallic Iridescent Boy Bag Video Reviews


If the Boy Bag is not your thing, it also comes in the Flap Bag as well! So there’s a style for everyone! Check out the Chanel Small Flap Bag in Metallic Iridescent here. Isn’t it beautiful? I’d love to know which bag you prefer though in this metallic purple, the Boy or the Flap? Let us here at Fashion Runway Blog know!

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Day 10: I never got behind the backpack trend and bought myself one, but I've been feeling the urge lately. If you want a chic designer backpack look no further than this Balenciaga option. The metallic edge provides a downtown cool touch and there's something utterly perfect and very model off-duty-esque with the Balenciaga black leather backpack.

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