Tamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo) Sugar Daddy Tote.

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Tamara Mellon Sugar Daddy Tote

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a handbag could be a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is someone who buys you luxurious things, right? Okay, I admit that is a simplified definition, but you know what I mean. However, I gave it some thought and I asked myself why couldn’t a handbag be a sugar daddy? After all, a handbag can make you feel pretty darn good and, for many of us, they are a guilty pleasure. So perhaps the name is fitting for the handbag you see here. Introducing the Tamara Mellon Sugar Daddy Suede Tote!

When I first laid eyes on this handbag, I couldn’t get over how sophisticated it looks. The thin suede panels on the sides are sewn together to give almost a pleated look from a distance. The brown suede looks so rich and I love how it was paired with contrasting black leather trim. What really grabbed my attention though was the potential this bag has. With 3 large compartments inside, this bag would actually make a great work bag. It’s roomy and it would keep you organized. Plus it looks professional, but also a little different than other work-ready bags out there. With a handbag as beautiful and luxurious as this one, there is no doubt it would make anyone who carries it feel special.

Tamara Mellon Sugar Daddy

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