Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase

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montblanc_meisterstück-selection-double-gusset-briefcaseI’ve always been a fan of a smart leather briefcase, the type busy professionals will carry from point to point that’s probably filled with all manner of important work documents and contracts that they’ll need in their daily work life. And even though I own a couple of classic briefcases myself, I’ve never had the chance to use them all these years because, well, I don’t really need something so formal and structured because of the work that I do.

Which brings us to the Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Double Gusset Briefcase, a supremely smart formal workhorse that won’t look out of place on any suited man’s lap. Measuring 42 cm by 32 cm by 12 cm, it’s a really decent size for all manner of A4 folders and tech gadgets. Made in Italy, using full-grained calfskin that’s also reminds one of Saffiano leather, it being grained also means it will be more hardy than smooth-skinned leathers and more resistant to most nicks and bumps.

Priced at just SGD2300, which really, isn’t that bad for a work bag that will probably be used on all work days of the month since men don’t usually like changing up their bags as often as say, the ladies, you’ll find it it Black, Cognac (shown above), and Flannel (a really lovely hue of grey) at Montblanc boutiques islandwide.

Plus it doesn’t scream ‘old’ or ‘fuddy-duddy’ either, just smart and sophisticated, which can only be a good thing.

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Bagaholicboy Celebrate Meisterstück With Montblanc In Singapore

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bbn268_montblanc2It’s not every day one gets to celebrate their 90th, and in the case of Montblanc’sMeisterstück, 90 years is no mean feat, especially when all the hype is over a pen. More specifically, the pen that we all grew up knowing to be superior and reliable, and more often than not, every man’s (or woman’s) first proper writing instrument when they entered the working world, and one we all wanted as a milestone of us entering adulthood. Which, on hindsight, makes the hype definitely worthy.

Fittingly, Montblanc will be celebrating this icon in a grand exhibition that will kick off on 2 August 2014 at Ngee Ann City’s Civic Plaza. Running for only 3 days till 4 August, you’ll be able to experience firsthand the evolution of Meisterstück through the years, illustrating its exquisite artistry and unmatched craftsmanship.

bbn268_montblanc1The Montblanc Meisterstück collection will also be unveiled during the exhibition, a specially-created capsule that includes a new line of fine watches, intricate jewellery and of course, luxurious leather goods will be made available for sale during the duration of the fête.

Depending on which style of instrument you prefer (I’m a Rollerball, by the way), theMontblanc Meisterstück collection will also feature a new line of writing instruments(#MEISTERSTUCK90YEARS) which have their nibs finished with 18k red gold. Choose from between ballpoints and elaborate fountain pens that will each come beautifully packaged in a box (and accompanying sleeve) that hails back to the original design used back in 1924. Which makes 2014 the 90th year. And given how they are so expertly made, good for another 90 more.

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