A Knock Off Birkin Bag Worth Spending Money On

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A Knock Off Birkin Bag Worth Spending Money On

I wouldn’t mind owning a Knock off Birkin bag as long as it will share the similarities with the authentic brand. Think I am crazy? Well, believe me I am not. And I often find myself fighting the idea that once you buy a luxury product you get a lifetime guarantee. You can still be and look glamorous without spending top dollar and keep for a lifetime the replica. But here is a trick (or tricks) we should learn about for overcoming nasty situations.

Knock off Birkin bags are all over the place, but an amazing replica Birkin can not be found anywhere. Unexperienced opinions say that when you invest in a knockoff, you’re not investing in anything and you are at a loss when the bag starts to fall apart. That’s the whole idea, getting the most exquisite replica, that won’t let you down. But how can we have one? Follow some simple steps that will help you recognize a good replica over a bad one.

The Label Stamps

A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have The Label Stamps Checked

The label stamps can give you a clue on how good or bad your knock off Birkin bag is. The above picture is representative for that. These are the label stamps hallmarked on the top of the bag. On the amazing Birkin replica, on the left, they are high and close to the stitching. If it happens to be in the middle, somewhere between the stitching and the lock, that’s a dead giveaway, and you should not be ashamed to decline it. Keep in mind that, while the good replica Birkin has the stamp part of the fabric, the bad one has its stamp on top of the leather.

The Lock

A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have Chekced The Lock

The following step should lead you to Birkin’ replica lock. Undo the lock and pull back the arm to reveal the blind stamp. Surprinsingly, amazing knock off Birkin bags are handmade by one artisan, so they put their own stamp on it, along with the blind stamp, indicating the year it was made. Look at the stamp’s quality; it should be very deep, looking like it was machine-stamped. A good knock off Birkin bag will have the stamps much fainter, hardly to be seen.

Stitching, corners, hardware

 A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have Checked The Details

Even if you don’t have an authentic bag to compare a fake against, you can check out for any inconsistencies on details like hardware. A poor knock off Birkin bag will always give oneself away, because there will always be that one place where it’s just not consistent with the quality of the brand. And that place, as the experience shows it, it is the hardware. Even an unexperienced person can tell if a hardware is plastic, because it does not get cold and it feels lighter, also.

If you are planning to purchase a knock off Birkin bag, check out the stitching, because it is a factor that reveales the fake’s identity. If you don’t look closely, the replica Birkin may seem quite well stitched. But if you start looking at finer details—edges and corners—you’ll notice around here that the stitchings will get sloppy. So, the hardware and the stitchings will always tell the true about your knock off Birkin bag. These are some of the inconsistencies that you won’t find in an amazing replica bag.

Check out the above tips, because even if you can’t afford a Birkin bag, you can still enjoy owning an amazing replica, for a life time.

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Do you want a more fashionable way of storing all of your hard-earned moolah in one place? Well then, the Balenciaga Le Dix Money Wallet is the one for you! You could think of this baby as one of Alexander Wang’s masterpieces, because since we all know that since he took over the reins as the luxury house’s creative director, we’ve been seeing some cool pieces from their end. (Side note: Recently it has been announced that he is going to quit and start focusing on his own brand ‘Alexander Wang’.) Getting pretty intense, alright.

You can think of the Le Dix Money Wallet as one of the important pieces from the label – and why not? It has a flap with snap closure, which secures all of your valuables. It has a two-tone closing clasp which is composed of palladium and brushed gold, giving off a beautiful shine. Inside, it even has a zipped coin pocket and card compartments, which is exactly what you need.

Measuring 7.4” x 3.9” x 1.2” inches (W x H x D), you can get your very own Le Dix Money Wallet for €445 EUR or £355 GBP, available via Balenciaga e-store.






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Once you fall in love with the Classic City Bag, there is no return. You buy the next one, the next one, and you can’t make up your mind which color you want because you like so many.

And if you love the Classic City Bag, you will also adore the brand-new Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Money Wallet.

Yes, it’s inspired by the Classic City… do you see the ‘Self-Finish Studs on the Edges?

The Metallic Design gives this wallet an impressive look – it stand-out, especially if you choose black with Palladium hardware.

And honestly, how many Wallets look like these? It’s truly one of a kind and you can only shop it at Balenciaga store.

Made from durable leather – Shiny Grained Goatskin. And because it’s a Long Wallet, all your necessity essentials can be stored inside. It also features with a flap top, snap closure and leather tassel zipper pull.

You can find a zipped coin pocket, front zip pocket, 4 bills compartments, 8 credit card slots in the interior. The logo Balenciaga is also embossed inside. Measuring 7.4’ x 3.7’ x 0.8’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $655 USD, 445 euro via Balenciaga e-store.


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