2016 spring and summer the latest fashion from Prada MiuMiu

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The new Prada retro style and a harmonious blend of modern geometric elements, Miu Miu places contrasts and differences reflect the unique sense of creative inspiration.


The new series is the perfect embodiment of the Prada brand DNA, in order to challenge the traditional, sultry Hyun heart design to subvert the normal definition of elegance. The new Prada 2016 spring and summer female eyewear series, the retro style and modern geometric elements harmonious blend.


SPR 60S models
The butterfly style glasses brand sunglasses reminiscent of the show, the structure, the frame on both sides of exquisite inlay colored decorative plates, wrapped in metal contour lines among


SPR 53S models – Prada Cinéma Series
The 2016 spring and summer sunglasses creative classic Prada Cinéma series of reproduction. Square plate frame, large profile, upper half of the frame is made of metal, with a metal frame exquisite architecture and modern architecture


VPR 05T models
The optics plate completely build, is a new interpretation of the style show, with sunglasses unique design elements. Rectangular metal frame on the decorative details, the whole series of the most unique track characteristics, but also modern and elegant style of the best comments.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu’s spring and summer 2016 new series to reflect the unique sense of contrast and diversity of creative inspiration. The new series of style, fully reflects the Miu Miu girl double-sided qualities: Bad bold but yet with no feminine unparalleled. Large frame, contour lines looming, intertwined elements of different styles, showing a different kind of leisurely style, personality filled design boutique.


VMU 01P models
Miu Miu Scenique special series optics, a unique way to reinterpret the series sunglasses exquisite style. Compact and bright multi-faceted crystal is hand-set on gentle cat eye frame, unique creativity. Thin metal temples to turn the series unique song lines were sketched.


SMU 55R models
Miumiu Scenique special series was in the spring and summer 2016 fashion show in dazzling debut. Circulation Frame outline the soft curve of the circular lens, creating a new style oversized metal frame styles.


SMU 54R models
The new Miu Miu metallic glasses, exudes a charming and delicate femininity. Large irregular frame with slim lightweight mirror legs, contrasting color plates pouches, showing unparalleled beauty.

Prada Linea Rossa

Prada Linea Rossa 2016 spring and summer series of glasses, with straight line aesthetic style and superb manufacturing process to create the perfect new models. The new Prada Linea Rossa series of lightweight material with a slender slender lines, highlighting the fascinating spectacle of modern style.


SPS 57R models
The Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses with irresistible lines, simple and smooth. Irregular profile ultrafine metal frame and lens echoes.


VPS 01H paragraph
The new Prada Linea Rossa series optics, flaunt minimalist aesthetic style. Full Mirrors with metal contour double nose perfect together. Particular and rubber coating for added dynamic beauty, but also allows the frame perfect fit facial lines.

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