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Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 1
Roses are red and so is the lacey knuckle box clutch that we are currently coveting – a part of British designer Alexander McQueen’s collected works. The creamy beige accessory is covered with a contrasting chrome-red finish in the form of disheveled embroidered lace and the painted brasshardware. The clutch has a four-finger knuckle holder embellished with three eye-catching, hard-to-miss red roses that bring character to this handiwork. The embroidered lace also follows a flowery pattern, adding to the overall detailed theme. On the inside, one would find a matching red fabric lining, besides the essential McQueen embossed logo.

Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 2
This elegant piece is a little unlike the designer’s usual gothic, dark elements, which might suit some tastes a lot more than others. The retail price of this handy arm-candy is $3,770; and our recommendation would be to pair this with a mono-colored evening dress for a neat, decorous look.
Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 4

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