MCM summer sunglasses

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Summer occasion, MCM brand image of classic blend of classic elements with modern design aesthetics, presenting the new eyewear collection again. With excellent technology and advanced technology to create high-quality eyewear collection, more innovative design and unique style of the unexpected highlights the brand’s unique creative spirit.



Navy blue retro round glasses shooting Bazaar jewelry fashion large



Adhering to the retro style and modern appearance of the perfect fusion of bold section metal frame glasses lens covered with MCM classic pattern. Double metal frame to make the appearance more perfect. Design with light bright gold, blue and bright gold and copper.


Wine red cat eye sunglasses


Coloring balance each cat eye frame with the classic distinctive achievements of the bold avant-garde style. Metal trim lens combination decorated with metal rivet detail of the frame, and metal brand plaque decorated with temples to each other. Series with black, tortoiseshell and red wine.


Supermodel Erin Heat at MCM boutiques try surreal translucent frame sunglasses


Lightweight and translucent colored implementing brand fashion concept and design aesthetics, the avant-garde of the frame shape with smooth lines and metal rivets highlight industrial design elements of fun. Series with gold satin with gray satin and gold with light gold.


Diamond Rivet large frame sunglasses


Series with elegant diamond shape for the design blueprint, the unique triangular design clear and neatly decorated in the mirror leg beams and decorated with metal logo. Frame in front of the semi-metal rivet diamond-shaped frame for the King of crude to create a unique fashion style. Series with black, tortoiseshell, wine red, light brown and green.


Classic frame design, with geometric mirror leg rivets and small metal diamond as a decoration, to create a brand well-known masterpiece. Inspired by the iconic MCM backpack series, brand logo placed in the avant-garde designs temples. Series with black, tortoiseshell, wine red, blue and pink nude.


Inspired by MCM classic leather series, the quality of its printed sheet mirror leg special brand classic pattern. Wide rectangular frame with golden brass nameplate next to the temple, consistent with the nameplate on the MCM handbag. Series with matte black, light rose gold and matte brown with a golden yellow, respectively.



Both bold and avant-garde and classic, retro brow with round mirror frame, and stylish metal trim, front frame decorated with diamond shaped rivets two and a half, and the mirror leg of MCM metal nameplate embraced each other. Series with bright gold with a black, light gold with tortoiseshell, horn with a bright golden brown, light gray-blue and golden horns with bright gold with horns khaki.



A sleek sophisticated flight details of classic metal glasses more Ambilight. Easy to fold its lightweight frame structure, unique. MCM logo subtly placed in the upper right corner of the lens, glasses with matt black, glossy pink gold, bright gold and black chrome-plated.

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MCM ‘Eyes On The Horizon’ Collection

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mcm_eyes-on-the-horizon-collection1Just when you thought it was all over (because really, how many of those studded backpacks can K-pop stars keep flaunting in front of us?), MCM clears the table and presents the ‘Eyes On The Horizon‘ collection, a collaboration with Pop Art artists Craig & Karl as part of its F/W13 line-up.

mcm_eyes-on-the-horizon-collection2Featuring a wide variety of bags and SLGs (yes, even backpacks but this time without the studs), prices will start from around EUR151 for the ‘Eyes On The Horizon‘ key holder, to EUR691 for the two-toned full leather briefcase that comes with a bright neon yellow handle. The backpacks sans studs but emblazoned with Craig & Karl’s fun artwork comes in two variations (click here to see them), one with optical eyewear, the other with coconut trees and will sell for EUR751 each, reasonable if you ask me.

I’ll be reaching out to MCM at Changi Airport to see if we’ll be getting any here, so do stay tuned for more updates.

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Currently Coveting: The MCM Rockstar Vanity Case

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MCM 2016 early spring release Mitte handbags

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2016, MCM ushered in design and innovation to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the bright, founded in 1976 in Munich, the German brand MCM in 2016 spring and summer backtracking ecstatic, stylized golden age – “Munich Disco style years, “about the heyday of the German city and the rich artistic atmosphere, when he was in Munich for the prestigious cultural and musical center, is also a gathering place for early nomads.

This iconic inspiration created a series of perfectly integrated into the 1970s (Bauhaus) classic design, (David Bowie) of Ziggy Stardust era elements, but also absorbed the German contemporary art pioneer (OskarSchlemmer) the concept of creativity. Mitte series metallic tone perfectly fine new color, sweet pink, blue tile vibrant jewel tones and with very glossy.

Mitte re-interpretation of the MCM handbag collection designed in the 1980s, the use of grain leather Mitte series classic shape, covered with saturated sweet pink, blue, and Sands tile colors. And unique design to create a top opening and closing disco girl fashion maverick style.

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An Interstellar Space Odyssey: MCM Roboter Robot Clutch

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Top 6 MCM Backpacks

Sometimes a simple wallet doesn’t have the full capability of storing all your paraphernalia, on just these occasions perhaps a backpack is called for. Gone are the days of those garish coloured nylon varieties in favour of the fashion forward styles. One such brand which leads the way is MCM, whether you chose the classic style with its sublime autumnal colouring and subtle monogram pattern or if you’re feeling flash, you may like the futuristic looking bionic backpacks. Whichever you choose, each bag is safely held together with quality South Korean craftsmanship, they should definitely be top of your shopping list when on the look out for a suitable backpack.

MCM Stark Basic Small Backpack

Stark Basic Small Backpack

This is the ever reliable classic MCM bag in the beautiful medium tan colouring, with simple yet standout monogramming. The original, yet still one of the best. An icon among their backpacks.

MCM Bionic Medium Backpack

Bionic Medium Backpack

This backpack has a stunning gold colour, while additional abstract lines give the futuristic robotic look. It’s definitely a stand out bag that will get you noticed during fashion week or on the streets.

MCM Galaxy Duke Small Backpack

Galaxy Duke Small Backpack

Featuring a spectacular galaxy print, this MCM backpack is most certainly eye catching! A beautiful showpiece to add flare to any outfit as well as a sense of fun. How cool is it?

MCM Dual Stark Medium Backpack

Duel Stark Medium Backpack

This bag is unbeatable in its glorious style, with a silver and gold stud covering. It’s definitely unique in its lavish look. It’s a much more simpler take on a backpack which is quite subtle.

MCM Stark Small Backpack

Stark Small Backpack

This MCM bag boasts a beautiful burgundy colour scheme with contrasting gunmetal details. A great carry item for your laptop or tablet and one that will look sleek, fashionable and luxurious at the same time.

MCM Duke Visetos Medium Backpack

Duke Visetos Medium Backpack

In a super silver, this will have you gleaming as you traverse your journey with your belongings safely stored, MCM style. Let Fashion Runway Blog know which MCM backpack you like the most.


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