Ralph Lauren American Flag Ricky Bag

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Ralph Lauren is often called the king of All-American style so it’s no surprise that he occasionally looks to symbols of Americana like the Star Spangled banner for inspiration. The designer’s American Flag Ricky Bag is a distressed take on the classic stars and stripes design and features a snakeskin trim, patchwork details and the shabby chic look that some fashionistas absolutely love.

The bag is made from cotton canvas which is contrasted by blue snakeskin trim on the handles, flap, and corners. The bag features a folded top with slide-lock clasp and belted closures. On the inside you can find a twill lining as well as zip and slip pockets. A detachable cross body strap and gold tone hardware complete the look. The bag is made in Italy.
As tempted as you may be to pair this bag with your favorite red white and blue outfit, you want to keep the look chic but not costume-y. Wear the bag cross body with a casual jeans and white shirt ensemble, or use it spice up your fall sweater-and-leggings uniform. The flag inspired design may be a summer staple, but with election season upon us, there’s no better time to show some love to the flag!
The bag is priced at $2950 and is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman as it was designed in celebration of their new main floor.

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Ralph Lauren ‘LED Light’ Ricky

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ralph_lauren_led-light-rickyYou think you’ve seen it all until something like this comes along that confounds your mind for all of 3 minutes. Described as ‘the Ricky with light’, it got me all excited. Would it be strung on the interior with a tiny row of festive fairy lights? Maybe, a single bulb that can change colours according to your mood? Or perhaps even glow blue when there are orcs nearby.

Sadly, it was not to be. Simply put, ‘with light’ is actually a rechargeable battery that’s included as part of the bag, one that powers an internal LED light that helps you find your bits and bobs in the dark, as well as the added function of a USB port that would allow you to charge your smartphone.

In other words, it’s a portable charger that comes with a light-emitting diode. No string of fairy lights, nothing to warn you against orcs nearby. Which begs the question. As useful as this might be, how different would it be from using myiPhone6Plus to light my bag’s interior whenever I can’t find anything?

Priced at USD5000 and available for pre-order via Ralph Lauren Marina Bay Sands now, it will be officially available at selected Ralph Lauren boutiques worldwide come February 2015. And just in case you didn’t already know, Ricky bags are pricier to begin with (crafted by artisans every step of the way with up to 12 hours just to make one bag), the retail price probably doesn’t have anything to do with the added rechargeable battery. Especially when it’s useless against orcs.

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Lauren Moffatt for Lauren Merkin Margot Bag

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Lauren Merkin Margot Bag

It occurred to me the other day that Lauren Merkin hasn’t really been in the spotlight lately. I remember loving her simple clutches that were easy on the eyes and on the bank account. Styles like the Tatum and Eve were everywhere, from red carpet to street style. Then the novelty wore off. As much as I love a classic envelope clutch, it just sort of got old after awhile. So I moved on to other things and haven’t paid much attention since. Then I saw this Lauren Merkin Margot Bag and my interest in this designer was suddenly rekindled.

Lauren Merkin is no stranger to embossed leather and this bag has a combination of lizard embossed and smooth calfskin. But that isn’t what caught my attention. The bright kelly green is what drew me in first. Who doesn’t love a fun color like kelly green? It looks gorgeous next to the contrasting cream too. The color isn’t the only thing I like about this bag though. The cutout pattern on the flap really calls to me. This is going to sound silly, but the green triangles remind me of cute little trees. And, oddly, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You know, that feeling of “nature” without it actually being a woodsy looking piece. The fact that this is a shoulder bag and not a clutch is special too. Lauren Merkin is known for clutches, but this designer does produce some shoulder bags as well. This bag isn’t big, but I think it would be cute for those casual days when you don’t need to carry a lot.

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Limited Edition Capsule Collection: The Ralph Lauren RL Clutch

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Limited Edition Capsule Collection: The Ralph Lauren RL Clutch

The definition of modern minimalism, with it’s clean lines and simplistic detailing, the limited edition Ralph Lauren RL Clutch is a pure expression of effortless style.

There is no mistake, the Ralph Lauren RL Clutch is a classic. The artisan craftsmanship and timeless details are on point with its sleek design and signature gold-toned ‘RL’ hardware. The front flap and discrete hidden push-lock closure keep your goodies secure in the open and spacious compartment. A beautiful clutch, worthy of any day-to-evening adventure. With the long adjustable strap, wear cross-body or over one shoulder, or simply remove and clutch it hand-held. As a plus, also comes with a “Ralph Lauren” engraved compact mirror.

The limited edition Ralph Lauren RL Clutch is exclusive to RalphLauren.com and the Madison Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. Available in three rich shades that would complement any look: Red or Navy Lambskin, or Caramel Suede.

Retails for $1200 at RalphLauren.com

Ralph Lauren 'RL' Clutch in Red Lambskin 
Ralph Lauren RL Clutch in Red Lambskin
Red is one of those colors that is season-less. It’s a gorgeous vibrant neutral that goes with everything and adds pop to your outfit.

Ralph Lauren 'RL' Navy Clutch Bag 
Ralph Lauren RL Clutch in Navy Lambskin
Navy is a surprisingly universal color. I usually wear a lot of navy blue during the spring and summer season, however I think it still can be pulled off during the autumn season, especially when paired withcamel or beige.

Ralph Lauren 'RL' Caramel Clutch Bag 
Ralph Lauren RL Clutch in Caramel Suede
This color combined with the supple soft suede is perfect for the Autumn season.

Ralph Lauren RL Clutch Bag 
The Limited Edition Ralph Lauren RL Clutch features impeccable craftsmanship and timeless details!

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Ralph Lauren Holiday Dreamin’: From Resort Day to Evening Glamour

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What’s more fun than playing dress up? I can’t think of a single thing, especially after just having partnered with Ralph Laureniconto pick (and wear!) my favorite looks for the holiday season.

Ready to jet off to a tropical island holiday? Even if you’re staying on dry land, this asymmetric white jumpsuit, out of Lauren’s Resort collection, looks like ‘70s-chic turned cool and contemporary for the new millennium. Especially when topped off with a strong silver cuff, an alligator belt for a cinched waist, and a gorgeous, lightweight lamb-leather jacket in sand to keep the color palette clean and fresh. But the superstar of the outfit is the new Ricky drawstring bucket bag. The updated sleek shape makes for the much-needed, modern touch that such a classic outfit requires for ultimate balance.

Then inviting color in for evening, there is nothing more glamorous than a mauve Mongolian lamb jacket, cropped just short enough to flaunt a flowing skirt. (I’m obsessed with this hue; it’s the palest shade of blush.) Especially when you show full commitment: With a floor-length gown, I went monochromatic for this look, and the result is so striking. My long-term love affair with the Ricky bag continues in miniaturized form. Carry it as a convertible crossbody for day, and switch it to a top handle for evening. From lean bright white to sweet feminine softness, this power duo of ensembles is the ultimate in day-to night glam!

Ralph Lauren Holiday Looks

Resort Day
Wide-Leg Leighna Jumpsuit, $1,295; Lambskin Tracie Jacketicon, $3,495; Ricky Drawstring Bag, $2,500, and Alligator Trench-Buckle Belt, $1,249, from $1,950, all available at Ralph Lauren.


Evening Glamour 
Francina Evening Gown, $3,599, from $5,995; Shearling Carla Jacket, $2,579, from $4,595; and Mini Ricky, $1,750, all available at Ralph Lauren.

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Limited Edition Ralph Lauren Sakura Ricky Bag in Cherry Blossom

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Normally we tried to stick to the brands we’re familiar with, but if we do not tell you about the secrets of the Limited Edition Ralph Laurent Sakura Ricky Bag, we’d feel guilty.

The Ricky Handbag has been around for some time and there is basically nothing much new about it. But on February 18 2015, Ralph Laurent is going to release the Sakura Ricky Bag for charity purpose and it’s stunning.

The bag is painted in white and it’s painted with gorgeous cherry blossom, which symbolize japan and spring. It’s a work of art.

But look beyond that, given its size, you can carry it as an everyday bag or when you’re on a city tour. The space doesn’t embarrass you as it got enough rooms to store everything you need and more. Also a perfect working bag and the flowers will certainly draw attention and compliments.

This bag will be sold at Ralph Lauren Isetan Shinjuku, size is measured 27 x 33 x 18 (H x W x D), priced around 415,000 yen (around $3400 USD) + tax.

So what do you think? Is it worth your money?

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