Tom Ford Launches Dopp Kits and More for Spring

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Tom Ford Launches Dopp Kits and More for Spring

If there’s one man who can get away with launching a $790 dopp kit, it’s Tom Ford. Simple and luxe, the bag is made from gorgeous grained leather. I couldn’t for the life of me justify the price, but if you’ve got the disposable income…I’m jealous. I’d buy one in every color! Each of the cases has a washable liner should you get makeup on it, so they have function to match their good looks. If nearly four digits is too steep a price for you, the designer has launched a number of covetable beauty buys as well.

Tom Ford Launches Dopp Kits and More for Spring

First up, the Lash Tips Mascaraicon ($44), which comes in two colors: Pure Cobalt and Burnished Gold. As the name suggests, use the mascara on the tips of your lashes for a color pop. Gold was such a huge beauty trend this season; I love that this product offers a subtle and totally wearable way to get the look. It will be gorgeous with our skin once we all get a little sun.

Tom Ford Launches Dopp Kits and More for Spring

Black Outicon ($35) is the designer’s new polish, and it isn’t exactly what you think of for spring but it’s right up my alley. If I’m not sporting pink or red, I love an almost-black shade for its wearability. This one is a dark gray/black with fine silver shimmer. Again, not what you’d expect for the season, but a versatile color that matches pretty much everything (especially if you live in NYC!).

Tom Ford Launches Dopp Kits and More for Spring

Also worthy of a shoutout is the Waterproof Extreme Mascaraicon ($45)…the wand is amazing! It’s the longest one I’ve seen, so it coats all of your lashes. It also goes on clump-free, and you shouldn’t need a primer.

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Alexander Wang Launches a Jewelry Line

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It seems that many designers have begun shaking up their strategies and adding to their product lines these days, seeing the holiday season and the whole gift-giving traditions as the perfect moment to launch new ideas. Alexander Wang is among these designers, who finds himself opting to start a new line right before the Christmas frenzy. Then again, it was a long time coming as the man has come up with designs for lighter cases, “do not disturb” signs, bottle openers, travel neck pillows and canteens, so Alexander Wang jewelry only makes sense after all of that.

Alexander Wang Jewelry Line

Why on earth had he not launched jewelry before though? “I always wanted to do jewelry, but I never felt like I had the opportunity. I’ve had my hands quite full,” Wang mentioned in one particular interview. “But I really got exposed to it when I went to Balenciaga and I really enjoyed the process.” Better late than never though, right? After all, a designer needs to feel comfortable with a concept first, before embarking on a journey to make it a reality.

Wang is known for his chunky pieces. As such, it makes perfect sense that his small collection of three pieces is all about the chunky, with bike chain earrings and a necklace featuring a lock in the middle. There is also a lock cuff, and these three were shown off for the spring collection. He has increased the number of pieces in thecollection for the pre-fall line as well.

Wang’s previous collaborations for jewelry included those with Gaia Repossi and Betony Vernon. However, at that point, it was him submitting ideas and they handling the rest. At Balenciaga, it was the opposite, with Wang himself having taken over everything from the initial sketches of the ideas to the final production of the jewelry pieces, also having major say in the prices each was listed at. “I really got a hand on it in Paris,” he said. “We were really successful with the jewelry that I did [at Balenciaga].”

At the moment, the Alexander Wang jewelry pieces we see are just a natural extension to the collections he puts out, with the tough looking chic hardware and the intricate details that are forever Wang. It is all produced in Italy, the chain pieces plated with brass palladium, while it is 24-karat gold we notice on the locks that appear. For now, we know that the earrings cost $295, while the prices can range up to $525, as is the case with the double lock necklace.

We know that this will definitely attract a good number of people who are more than willing to give the gift of Alexander Wang jewelry in the coming year for all manner of occasions. First though, we expect Christmas shopping and from Alexander Wang stores to double or triple in the coming days as the collection launches mid-December.

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Prada Launches Olfactories Fragrances


Prada presents Olfactories Fragrances, 10 distinct perfumes triggering the subconscious mind.

New Fragrance Prada Olfactories Eaux De Parfum Collection

Prada Olfactories Eaux de Parfum are powerful blends of the unexpected, each provoking the unique, cinematic experience of a considerably remembered fantasy.

Available in a 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz size, the fragrance is developed as collections of uncanny involvements; they adopt the enthusiasm of enigmatic juxtapositions: the feminine faces the masculine, the real runs into the imaginary, and the mundane becomes precious.

The ten distinct fragrances of Prada Olfactories collection bring about the subconscious mind. Combined by an overlook for lifestyles, they are the sensational pieces — merging contradictory, counterintuitive features to endorse exceptional views.

Prada Olfactories Cargo De Nuit Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Cargo De Nuit Fragrance

An ocean voyage under the cover of night. Celestial navigation and shadowy cargo. A daring yet addictive journey. Handle with care. Cargo de Nuit is the scent of a twilight passage on the high seas.

Dior Launches New Fragrance Campaign “J’adore Touche de Parfum” Starring Charlize Theron

Prada Olfactories Purple Rain Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Purple Rain Fragrance

Prada’s iconic Iris reimagined. The fragile perennial fortified into an opulent bloom that evokes its namesake goddess of the rainbow: a link between land and sky, heaven and humanity. Purple Rain is the complex yet understated scent of iris, potent in its powdery charms.

THE FUTURE OF FRAGRANCES: Private Label Perfumes are in Fashion

Prada Olfactories Nue Au Soleil Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Nue Au Soleil Fragrance

A golden nectar bursts forth from a newly cultivated flower. Claimed by a besotted monarch, it is spirited away and coaxed to bloom again in a desert hideaway. Nue au Soleil is the scent of an Orange Blossom dipped in gold.

Prada Olfactories Tainted Love Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Tainted Love Fragrance

Playful and charming, with a regressive edge of nostalgia. A glossy and seductive bullet fired from the laboratory to the vanity.Tainted Love is the personal yet universal scent of lipstick: a celebration of synthetic allure.

First Look of Johnny Depp for Dior Fragrance Sauvage Campaign

Prada Olfactories Un Chant D'Amour Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Un Chant D’Amour Fragrance

A pure white cloud dissolves into layers, revealing the complexity of weightlessness. A glimpse ignites a surge of emotion, giving way to tender immersion. Un Chant d’Amour is the scent of human touch, at once calming and carnal.

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Prada Olfactories Day For Night Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Day For Night Fragrance

A modern encounter with the ancient, preserved for eternity in hardened honey. The patient work of a quill pen brings light to a dark chamber. Day for Night is the ultimate amber scent: the fossilized made newly mysterious as the natural becomes precious.

B.BALENCIAGA Fragrance Campaign 2015 Starring Anna Ewers

Prada Olfactories Marienbad Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Marienbad Fragrance

A hotel suspended between Western ease and Eastern ouds. Souvenirs of an elegantly crumbling empire: leather-bound volumes to be devoured with spiced tortes, black coffee, and a view of the Danube. Marienbad is the scent of a charming, baroque escape, otherworldly in its richness.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue: Two New Limited Editions Fragrance 2015

Prada Olfactories Heat Wave Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Heat Wave Fragrance

An island arrival, as evening wanes. Stepping into humid darkness, the air dense with a silent chorus of night-blooming flowers.Heat Wave is the scent of complicity in paradise, steamy and decadent.

Gucci Bamboo Eau De Perfum Collection Campaign – New Fragrance for Her

Prada Olfactories Pink Flamingos Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Pink Flamingos Fragrance

A cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo. The joyful embrace of nature and the synthetic animates the familiar to produce a heightened form of beauty. Pink Flamingos is the scent of fluorescent pink blossoms, stylized and innocent.

Blooming Bouquet, the New Fragrance of Miss Dior with a Touch of Sparkling Floral

Prada Olfactories Double Dare Fragrance

Prada Olfactories Double Dare Fragrance

Beyond charted territory, a discreet wilderness flourishes on manicured grounds. Creatures roam in a warm haze of spice and leather. Evolution takes wing. Double Dare is the scent of a rarefied preserve, a balance of the exotic and the exquisite.

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The Burberry Scarf Ba_001
In the world of fashion nothing spells British more aptly than Burberry. More so for its mono-tones that are strikingly elegant than anything else. This week will see the brand jump out of its traditional wagon and embracing some changes that are both new and a colourful uplift for Britain’s favourite fashion label. Celebrating Burberry scarves is The Burberry Scarf Bar – in-store and online – which will offer a range of lightweight and classic cashmere scarves including the iconic heritage shades such as camel, stone, charcoal, navy and parade red. The scarves are exemplary pieces of craftsmanship, weaved in a 200-year old mill in Elgin and another mill in Ayr, both in Scotland. The collection will feature more than 30 colours. To keep up with the times, the brand has also introduced a personalized responsive marketing campaign where a server will help you navigate through the site, keeping in mind your location, the weather there and personal choices. As also is typical of Burberry, the scarves can be monogrammed – more than 30 shades, up to three letters and available in two font sizes. The launch has been colourfully explained in a video ad. The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection has also updated the Burberry Poncho range with the addition of classic checks, prints and block colours.

As well as the Scarf Bar, Burberry has also – for the first time in its long history – introduced two new colours to its trench coat line. The Heritage Trench Coat Collection will now feature navy and parade red in addition to its honey, stone, and black palettes. The revolutionary British trench coat is keeping up with the times, without washing away its sturdy roots of tradition.
The Burberry Scarf Bar - Lightweight Cashmere Scarves

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At Hermès, recycling gets a whole new meaning through the luxury house’s Petit H line of products. The line utilizes waste materials left over after the creation of other Hermès goods to create fun and quirky items that are as endearing as they are unique. The brand has added an additional air of intrigue to the label by launching a monthly Mystery box.

Other brands usually use this promotion on a subscription basis, but Petit H has chosen not to take this route. The brand describes the promotion saying: “Each month, we surprise you with a new selection of items from Petit h, our laboratory of imagination and reconstruction.” Everyone is a winner with this surprise box.

Luxurydaily reported that the mystery box was available in three price tiers. The PM box for $240, suitable for both genders, a MM box best suited for women with a price of $440 and the GM option, available for $580 is also intended for female customers.

Though Hermès gives no hint of what the boxes could contain, it is most likely that they will be small leather goods, jewelry or similar trinkets.


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Handbags at Louis Vuitton have been a diverse surprise this season with the offerings ranging fromprint splashed monograms to boxy mini-trunks, now after a long wait we finally have some news on the leather handbag front. The brand has launched a new bag- he Volta, for this season. The Volta is available in a single size (11.8 x 11.0 x 5.1 inches) and is crafted from Taurillon cowhide and features the same hardware that we saw on the Capucines. The messenger bag is revealed in campaign images that once again star actress Michelle Williams.

The brand calls their Volta bag a perfect fit for “women who appreciate luxury but also love the on-trend allure of a messenger bag.” The bag stays true to this with a simple but highly functional design. The soft leather bag is available in four shades Kaki (a neutral taupe), Coquelicot (a vibrant red), Petale (a blushing pink) and Noir (ubiquitous black). The appeal of this bag is simple, it allows brand connoisseurs to stay true to their favorite while eschewing the logo heavy monogram that LV is famous for. Discreet bags appear to be gaining popularity over their hardware heavy cousins these days.

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