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Flowers are one of the symbols that represent women, Chanel is great at doing this. You know, the Camellia flowers, it’s even designed in the Chanel sneakers.

But recently I have read an interesting article about flowers and men. The question was: ‘What is about rose flowers that make most women love them so much’.

Professor Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist from Duke University wrote in his blog post: ‘One way to view this discrepancy is that women like these things exactly because men hate shopping for them’.

And he continued: ‘If you purchased something for your loved one that you enjoyed shopping for, this would be nice, but having to overcome your aversion to shopping for these items is a much stronger signal of your love and care. So this year, when you are shopping for jewelry or flowers for your soul mate, remind her what a pain it was for you’.

Perhaps Dan Ariely is right, or maybe he is not right, in the end he is a man, how can he understand how we feel.

But survey does show that most women do want to have flowers, but who doesn’t want beautiful natural things.

Let’s get back to the topic, Lanvin recently introduced an evening bag with feminine snake chain, which can be easily changed into a clutch. It’s a pretty bag to company your ‘little black dress’, if you’re wearing that tonight. White flowers are embroidered on the velvet and its super soft. Measuring 9.4’ x 5.5’ x 2’ inches.


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Lanvin Mini Rigid Bag in Croc Embossed Black for $1650 USD at Elyse Walker

Loyalty to a brand is a good thing, because it says a lot about the company. They deliver you the same positive experience over and over again, but then again, we should blind us from the opportunity outside our comfort zone.

As far as mini bags concerned, Lanvin got its own and the design is unique too. Beautified with a slide-lock closure, engraved with the brand’s signature: ‘Lanvin Paris’, oh you know how much we love everything from Paris.

Then the leather is luxurious – croc embossed calfskin with jacquard lining, meaning easy to clean, no need to give it milk and tuck before sleep (we mean to baby it of course) and extremely durable if you are as clumsy as I am.

It’s a well priced everyday bag and for as far as the design, it can hold shape, stand on the table if you want it too, with a generous sized space to store all your daily essentials when you are heading down town for a shopping spree.

Refined with Elaphe Carinata snakeskin on the front interior and adjustable shoulder strap, measuring 6.5’ x 4’ x 2’ (W x H x D) inches, for $1650 USD at Forward by Elyse Walker.



Lanvin Mini Rigid Bag in Croc Embossed Black for $1095 USD at Elyse Walker

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Everything with ‘pearls’ in it, deserves our attention.

The Lanvin Sugar Bag Line has been around for some time, and there are many variations of it. Celebrities love this bag like Diane Kruger or Jessica Alba, it’s also available in different colors and materials.

But what drew our attention is this new Lanvin Sugar Pearl Bag. Basically, this bag is painted in black and refined with golden hardware, but the edges are embellished with little pearls.

It’s pearly, but not too girly. The bag appears to be more kind-of like a studded bag and it goes great with your rock-style outfit (that is hanging in your closet). And it’s also wonderful to use as an everyday accessory.

Crafted from super soft lambskin, carry it on your shoulder with metal beads. The chain is finished with a leather patch at shoulder for more comfort.

This bag is separated in three compartments just like the Celine Trio Pouch. Measuring 11.4’ x 8.7’ x 3.9’ inches.



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Classic Luxury: LANVIN Private Lambskin Wristlet Clutch

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LANVIN Private Lambskin Wristlet Clutch

LANVIN has won me over with their latest handbag, the Private Clutch. A gorgeous combination of luxurious leather and fine detailing on a season-less clutch that is meant to last a lifetime. To me, black and gold is the epitome of elegance and classic glamour.

On most occasions, I have never been one for wristlets. I find the dog-leash leather strap that so commonly is attached to the far corner of the wristlet-style clutch to look rather dull and lacking interest. That is far from the case with this LANVIN Private Bag. The snake chain is delicate and slinks to form around your wrist, resembling a bracelet. This is a chain that stands out on its own like a piece of jewelry, and doesn’t look as though it was an afterthought simply attached at last moment.

That isn’t the only thing I adore about this LANVIN Private Clutch. The geometric-topstitch adds more interest to an already elegant clutch. If you’re not familiar with LANVIN handbags, then you will fall in love with the soft and supple lambskin leather. Out of all the handbags I own, when it comes to leather, LANVIN is on the top of the list. Styled at the sides with gold-tone metal bar detail, seems to be the focal point of the design. The interior is lined with luxurious satin. An ideal size to hold all your daytime or evening essentials- measures 5.00″ height x 9.25″ width x 1.50” depth.

LANVIN Private Lambskin Wristlet Clutch

Looking for the LANVIN Private Clutch in a more bold look? There’s a stunning gold limited edition Python version here

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Lanvin Sugar Mini Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

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Lanvin Sugar Mini Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

If there’s any brand that can give me a craving for something sweet, so to speak, it’s Lanvin. There’s nothing saccharine about this Sugar; it’s all real and ready to go. The whipstitching that frames the horizontal panels and the wide braided strap on raw, pebbled leather create a medley of textures, which makes me absolutely have to have this bag.

The simple, fuss-free flap style is ideal for everyday, and the interior is just as good. It’s divided up into separate compartments for total ease and organization. You can’t go wrong with a wine-flavored hue for fall.I’m just imagining how gorgeous this one will look with all my gray staples for the cold season. Sometimes you just want (not to mention, need) a basic, highly-functioning bag that’s got just the right amount of striking details – and this one strikes gold for me. Lanvin Sugar on NET-A-PORTERicon for $2,690.

Wear with: Speaking of gray staples, Loro Piana’s cashmere peacoat in dove gray is lush to the eyes and like a cozy blanket to the touch. 

Lanvin Sugar Mini Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

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Lanvin Pumps with Stud, what is there not to like about you? The luxury house surely knows a thing or two about casting a spell on us…and this shoe works like a charm any day! Available in different neutral shades to choose from, these steppers are a lovely addition to any shoe collection. They are very versatile, and can be worn with most outfits because of its sleek and streamlined form. What else can you ask for? Trust Lanvin and their vision for quality design.

These pumps are made with brushed calfskin, a very luxe material that’s resistant to wear and tear (with proper care of course). As a design element, it has a stud on the back heel – an eye-catching piece of metal never hurt anybody. With a leather sole, narrow toeline and stiletto heel, expect this shoe to deliver.

With a heel height of 10cm, you can get your very own Pump with Stud for €595 EUR via Lanvin e-store.




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