Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch

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kenzo_animal-print-watersnake-clutchSometimes I blog because there’s something new/fun/desirable that I just have to share with you guys. Other times I blog because it’s my way of keeping an online record of what I liked when, and we all know how useful blogs are when chronologising such things.

Today’s share is the Kenzo Animal-Print Watersnake Clutch, which is here for 2 reasons. Firstly, I need not stress how big clutches are this season (and probably for the next 17 to come), so if you haven’t yet acquired one, this could be it. Secondly, with the craze for everything leopard-printed-including-the-shoes-bags-and-RTW that’s Kenzo-related and rather pricey, this clutch could be one of the more affordable pieces you could get yet.

Measuring 20.5 cm by 15.5 cm, this unisex clutch is semi-glossy watersnake clouded leopard on one side, and shiny patent tiger stripes (yes, really) on the other. Priced atGBP127 over at Net-A-Porter (which makes it just over SGD250),  it’s exactly what I said in the beginning, that it would make a memorable collectible (that’s also affordable) for fans of this collection.

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Kenzo Signature Prints Urban Backpack

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kenzo_signature-prints-urban-backpackThere’s no denying how important backpacks are in this day and age, especially with the resurgence in recent years when it went from every schoolboy’s grubby excuse for a bag to today’s designer must-have. Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, the Kenzo Signature Prints Urban Backpack which you can now find via SSENSE. Made primarily of nylon with a mish-mash of most everything Kenzo you’ve either come to love or loathe, it’s the type of bag that’s also guaranteed to stop people in their tracks and/or turn heads.

Measuring some 24 cm across by 38 cm in height, the unisex backpack is also pretty functional, with an additional strap sling at the side which would allow you to also wear it as a messenger of sorts. Packing multiple pockets that are everywhere from the front of the backpack to the interior where there are a myriad of storage options, you can pick up them via SSENSE for USD490 a pop. 4 designs in all are available, and you might also want to note that any spend above USD500 will get you free international shipping which isn’t so bad at all.

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Kenzo Mini models Kali bag color upgrade

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Kenzo’s Kalifornia series of bags has finally launched a mini-models! In addition to black, gray and red basic color choices, but also increase the blue, yellow, pink and white, different colors to bring the feeling is completely different! Exquisite calfskin even have hundreds of percent waterproof function is completely “Idol strength” bag Representative Oh!




Kenzo Kalifornia series launched a new Mini Bags

Different types of Kalifornia bags with different capabilities, the Kenzo and intimate to launch mini models, presumably Kali bag wave will certainly comeback.




Kenzo Kalifornia series launched a new Mini Bags

In addition to basic black, gray and red to the choice, the new Mini Kali bags are Blue, yellow, pink and white, select the space is very big Oh!




Kenzo Kalifornia series launched a new Mini Bags

Kenzo has identified a tough package of zipper design, mini style but also adds feminine.





Kenzo Kalifornia series launched a new Mini Bags

The Kali bag for young girls want to have cool girl, pale cherry pink macarons like the same temptation.

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Kenzo Multi-Logo Pouch

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kenzo_multi-logo-pouchEvery time I tell myself I’m done with flat zip pouches that hold next to nothing, something will come along and suck me back in. This time that honour goes to the Kenzo Multi-Logo Pouch, which is a culmination of most everything the brand has done in the last few seasons. The Flying Tigers print from F/W13? Check. The eye and the fish from S/S14? Check, and check. Even the monochrome tiger head, which came out on a couple of  RTW and SLG pieces is also here, making it a triple whammy.

In other words, most everything you ever loved about Kenzo’s iconic prints can now be yours, all for the low, low price of EUR125, which is also why I’m tempted to get this 30 cm by 22 cm zip pouch for myself. The only saving grace? It’s only available via Kenzo and they don’t ship internationally, which means I won’t be able to get it anyway.

And if you see it elsewhere online that ships to Singapore or the region, don’t tell me. No, tell me. Really.

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