Zatchels + Hello Kitty Polka Dot Saddle

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zatchels_hello_kitty_polka-dot-saddleIt’s time for your weekly dose of cutesy, and for those looking a bag that’s small, fun and affordable, this officially licensed Zatchels and Hello Kitty Polka Dot Saddleshould do the trick.

While this isn’t exactly new, I thought it would be good to feature this in case anyone missed it previously. And with all the doom and gloom in the world lately, the iconic mouthless cat should bring a smile to most of your faces. Priced at just GBP65 online via Zatchels for the small one (23.5 cm by 19 cm), and GBP75 for the large (29.5 cm by 22 cm), it’s a keeper as far as Hello Kitty fans are concerned.

Check this out, along with more saddles (and satchels) in different designs and sizes. Zatchels also ships internationally, so there’s really no reason not to.

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Calling all Cat Ladies! Paul & Joe Sister Kitty Cat Bags

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Calling all Cat Ladies! Paul & Joe Sister Kitty Cat Bags

Nothing says true Cat Lady like a designer handbag with a feline face design stamped on the front. A tribute to all the fur-baby lovers out there.

This Paul & Joe Sister Kitty Cat Handbag collections is too quirky to not take a double glance. The bags are designed in a saffiano faux leather and are very minimalistic with clean lines and feminine style… with a twist of course. The curious-eyed kitty peeking at you steals the show. For sure a conversation piece.

I would love to know the story behind this design. It really is comical. It’s almost as if they had the classic designs laid out, then cut out a picture of a cat and glued it on. Most importantly- Who Is This Kitty???!

Paul & Joe Sister Elvire Purse

Paul & Joe Sister Elvire Pouch – Day clutch or cosmetic pouch. This style is perfect for those who love the design but not into the full sized bag.

Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Bag 
Paul & Joe Sister Ecume Bag – Such a fun day bag with a crossbody strap, which is perfect for those on-the-go errand days. Available Here,

Paul & Joe Sister Elvirine Tote 
Paul & Joe Sister Elvirine Tote - Need a little bit extra room? This tote has you covered! I think this bag would be great as a casual weekend tote or for those who are looking for something school worthy, besides the basic backpacks. 

All styles are available in the color Black or Blush Pink.

Paul & Joe Sister is the fresh, youthful diffusion line of the eponymous French label.

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Aside from giving you some insider scoop about the latest happenings when it comes to designer pieces, we’re also on the lookout for cute finds. Something about our radar having the best of both worlds, because we also want in on all things kawaii! Presenting, the Hello Kitty x O.P.I. Nail Collection, a much-welcome collaboration between different worlds. Well, what can we say? We sure are excited!

Fresh-off the drawing board, Hello Kitty is the next muse of the cosmetics brand that revolutionized how we look at nail care today. With a brush of creativity, both powerhouses have teamed-up to bring us a limited edition line of fab colors to choose from. We can’t disclose much deets about these babies yet, though, but expect them to hit the shelves by next year. For now, feast your eyes on the pictures we have for your, which is sure to keep you just as pumped.

What do you think about this collaboration? Comment now and let us know your thoughts!





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