Turn your shoes and bags into beautiful jewelry with Jimmy Choo’s Custom Bejewelled Collection

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Jimmy Choo’s Custom Bejewelled Collection is a feast of glittering accessories that are perfectly party ready. The collection includes a wide range of brooch-like shoe accessories which can totally transform the appearance of a simple pair of pumps and appease the appetite of any bling loving shoe-collector. Faux fur pompoms add some much needed humour to a staid pair of sandals while brooches and buttons adorned with lustrous pearls and shimmering crystals make any outfit party ready in an instant.

The adornments include a range of shoe clips which can be attached to any pair of shoes you own as well as a series of smaller buttons which are compatible only with the special pumps and platform sandals that also comprise the collection. Also included are a purses that are also compatible with the shoe buttons and a decorative strap that instantly upgrades any purse or clutch in your closet.
This is a far better take on the customisation trend than we got from Dior. Even though the shoe buttons are only compatible with a few items, they can at the very least be used on both bags and shoes. Moreover, the designs are classic and versatile, well suited to the holiday season that’s coming up. The shoe clips can be purchased on their own and are compatible with most of the shoes you probably own.

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Jimmy Choo Bag And Shoe Party

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Jimmy Choo Purse and Shoe Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo with all its beauty and luxury dedicated always managed to make an awesome collection. In addition to dresses, handbags and shoes are an important part in every appearance. Especially for the party that is usually filled with luxury. Jimmy Choo shoes presents that will make you look very pretty. As a collection of heels with a big Ribbon ornament is very sweet and is available in black. Heels of lace in a wide selection of models and colors are so very sweet to be worn. Especially if combined with a bag made from lace as well. For those of you who love the sparkling Crystal, there are some shoes that are so pretty. The luxurious fur shoes and soft fur bags plus will increasingly make your appearance is very different. Here under the Jimmy Choo collection party bag and shoes.

Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

2015 Jimmy Choo Party Collection Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Lace for Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Lace Bag and Shoe Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Fur for Party Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

Jimmy Choo Bow Shoe Jimmy Choo Bag and Shoe Party

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Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

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Jimmy Choo Evening Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo brings makes women appear with a touch of luxury with a studded clutch embellished. The clutch is suitable for a very sparkling night and luxury. Available in two options, but everything remains fine embellished. The first is the Jimmy Choo cloud crystal embellished clutch with mini structure, which is adorned with crystals aplenty and finished with a luxe leather interior. Let it add opulent allure to all your party looks. That have details like hook clasp its loop fastening, leather lining, brass and crystal. And the second is the Jimmy Choo embellished brass with brass clutch design is intricately embellished with pearls and crystals, and finished with a matching oversized faux pearl hook clasp. Interchangeable pouches in black and pastel pink can be placed inside so you can match any outfit perfectly. With details such as its loop fastening hook clasp, interchangeable black and pink velvet pouches, brass, faux pearls and crystals.

Jimmy Choo Embellished Brass Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo Cloud Crystal Embellished Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch

Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch Jimmy Choo Embellished Clutch


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Jimmy Choo Pink Bag And Shoes 2016

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Jimmy Choo Pink Collection 2016 Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo presents some of the collection in a very pretty pink color. Some collections such as Nappa Leather Ballet Pink Bucket Bag are very sweet and suitable to complement your looks. For a collection of shoes some Raspberry Cubed Neon Patent Espadrilles, Raspberry Neon Lace and Neon Patent Ballet Flats, Coral Pink Kid Leather Sandals and also other all in pink. Jimmy Choo pink bag and shoes below can be an interesting reference for fashion on Valentine’s day. Wide range of models of bags and shoes from Jimmy Choo you can choose your favorite suit. Here below the collection.

Jimmy Choo Pink Clutch Bag Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Coral Pink and Palm Bag Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Ballet Pink Nappa Leather Bucket Bag Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Leather Pink Tote Bag Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Leather Pink Bag Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016Jimmy Choo Raspberry Neon Lace Sandals Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Raspberry Neon Lace and Neon Patent Ballet Flats Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Raspberry Cubed Neon Patent Espadrilles Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Pink Shoes Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Coral Pink Pumps Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Coral Pink Kid Leather Sandals Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Coral Pink Kid Leather Pumps Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

Jimmy Choo Raspberry Neon Patent Sandals Jimmy Choo Pink Bag and Shoes 2016

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Jimmy Choo Replica Bags: Why Are They So Hard To Find?

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First of all, those of you who’ve looked for Jimmy Choo replica bags recently surely noticed that they are very hard to find, just like Coach knockoff handbags. And those of you who wanted to buy Jimmy Choo bags from eBay probably wondered if those bags are actually real or not.

My research showed me that the Jimmy Choo Ramona bag is still one of the most sought-after bags from the brand even if it’s like 9 years old! But since you’ll find plenty on eBay, I thought I should point out the main differences between a Jimmy Choo Ramona replica and a real one.

How To Spot A Jimmy Choo Replica Ramona Bag

First of all, check both the exterior engraved logo and the interior logo on the inside metal tag. Remember how the “R” in the Prada logo is usually the easiest way to spot a fake Prada bag? Well, when it comes to Jimmy Choo bags, the “H” is usually the most important clue in determining if the bag is fake or not. The cross bar in the H should not be in the center of the letter but higher. The thickness of the letters could also be a giveaway since many fake Jimmy Choo bags have thicker letters than the original.

Real Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag Hardware Engraved

Authentic Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag Front Clasp

Then you should check the inside tag to see if it has the signature Jimmy Choo lilac color or if the shade is off. Then check to see if there is an embossed stamp right under the lilac label that says “MADE IN ITALY”. This stamp and the inside tag should be on a leather patch that has the same color as the exterior of the bag. The “Made in Italy” stamp should not be embossed directly into the lining! And here’s another tip for you: the “M” from “Made” should be placed under the first “M” in “Jimmy”.

Jimmy Choo Ramona Lilac Logo Label

Authentic Jimmy Choo Ramona Inside Label

And speaking about the lining, the Jimmy Choo Ramona tote should be lined with camel/tan moleskin, not a different material.

The hardware engravings should have the same font and thickness as the logo on the clasp closure.

I think that once you check these details it will be easier to tell if you’re dealing with a fake Jimmy Choo Ramona bag or not.

I admit I’d love to buy a Jimmy Choo clutch replica myself. They have some really beautiful clutches that we’ve seen on the red carpet on many occasions and they’re not cheap at all. So any tip on where to find a good quality Jimmy Choo replica clutch would be very much appreciated!

 Candy Glitter Acrylic Jimmy Choo Replica Clutch

Jimmy Choo Replica Clutch and Authentic Jimmy Choo Candy Glitter Acrylic Clutch

I also tried to see what replica sites are still selling replica Jimmy Choo bags right now and I have to tell you, the offer is not great at all! Most of the sites I trust don’t even have Jimmy Choo replica handbags, some have just shoes.

Here are some sites that have some Jimmy Choo replica handbags:

Handbagsebuy.com – mostly old styles. Con: when you try to access their Return Policy page, it says “We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found.” So if you come across this site too, I suggest you avoid it.

Clutchknockoff.bid – this is the only place that has some Jimmy Choo replica clutches. The photos look legit. Cons: You can’t return the bag if you don’t like it and you can only contact them through a contact form which doesn’t make them look safe at all.

Ilovebestbags.com: the site is safe but they only have the Jimmy Choo replica Zadie bag.

You will notice that most Google results for Jimmy Choo replica bags will redirect you to other sites that either sell Jimmy Choo knockoff shoes or something else. So as much as I tried to find a trustworthy Jimmy Choo replica site that I could fully recommend, I just couldn’t find one.

So yeah girls, unfortunately there aren’t many good news for Jimmy Choo replica lovers. At least not for those who are interested in their bags. I guess the situation was much different some years ago. Replica Jimmy Choo shoes are a bit easier to find though. And the fact that there are many Jimmy Choo copies on eBay is both good and bad news. I can’t really explain why they are so difficult to find but I’m guessing the demand is just not high enough for replica manufacturers to invest in them.

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Whether it’s your own wedding or the one of your big sister, either way you’re obligated to look finger-licking good. Creativity must kick-in to decide what you will be wearing for the big event, from the top to the bottom. While guys just wear black suits, the Madame needs to think how to look glamorous, starting with the perfect dress. Should I wear red, pink or white?

And then there are shoes, preferable elegant pumps, matching to your sophisticated dress. The clutch needs to be fine and beautiful too, I mean what’s more important than the bag. Therefore we called Jimmy Choo for help, we’ve selected five amazing clutches that, we hope, can inspire you along the way. And don’t worry, these accessories are as timeless as they can be, when the wedding is all over, store it in your wardrobe for another day, another special event.

Oh yes, we dropped a few extra shoes, I am sorry, we just couldn’t resist. You know what I mean…right?

Price ranging from €350 to €1.200 euro, at Jimmy Choo e-store.


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