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loewe_ines-stone-yellowI usually wouldn’t look at your typical shoulder sling twice, especially since bags like that are pretty nondescript in the first place. Rectangular in shape and topped off with a sling, it’s as basic a shape as it gets, and something most ladies will use as a lightweight companion over the weekend.

That is, until I set eyes on the new Loewe Ines.

Measuring 24.5 cm by 14.8 cm, I guess why it won my heart so easily in this instance are the colour combinations it comes in. Take, for example, the one shown above in Stone/Yellow, the elegant, almost staid hue of Stone instantly brought to life with that trim of Yellow that’s just genius. The slings are also done in dual colours, which gives it that fun youthful vibe.

And to complete the look, there’s that ball-bearing like metal clasp in the middle of the bag which we first saw used over on Loewe’s Cartero. Other colour combos it will come in include Brown/Green and Purple/Pink, all boldly eye-catching and perfect for those who like pops of colour as far as their bags are concerned.

No word yet on the price or availability, so expect another update soon.

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