Céline Keeps Things (Mostly) Weird for Its Spring 2016 Runway Bags

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Hermes Birkin bags-1
And like that, Rome was built. Not in one day but several weeks and months. Thus shall be the fate of the fateful Birkin who indulged a little too much into offering its patrons ‘authentic’ material. Their clientele might comprise the ‘who is who’ of Hollywood and the ‘whose wife is who’ of glitz town but they might have gone a tad bit too far. Or they ruffled some feathers too many at PETA becauseHermés has not had such a good year, this one. The brand is now seeking a new name for its Bir- oops, I meant its former-Birkin bags.

Ever since the activist organization released videos of slsughtered crocodiles and aligators used to make these bags, a lot has changed in Hermés’ life. These are turbulent times for the brand, but damage control is essential. After the French actress disclosed her concerns in being associated with the brand, a 34-year old relationship is ending with ‘talks’. Meanwhile they are a sinking ship staying afloat on a flimsy log of wood so Birkin or not, the show must go on. They have got a lot of mileage and coverage with this incident if nothing else, and that could have done some good. There are plenty of very VERY rich women who won’t be snapped the minute they allow a ray of sun to touch their toes, and who can proudly flaunt their ‘Birkin bags’ on holiday or leisure. When a bag sells at a cost close to small state’s GDP, you are bound to flaunt it somewhere. Even if it’s just to a country club in the Middle East.

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Gucci Gets Detailed for Its Spring 2016 Runway Bags

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Louis Vuitton Has Seriously Expanded Its Selection of Exotic Bags

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If, like me, you too had grown tired of the metal-studdeds and the Swarovski-encrusteds, this will come as a breath of fresh Champs-Elysees air to you. The latest addition to Louis Vuitton’s luxurious Parnasséa collection is Flore, the ultimate carryall in calfskin.

Flore combines a practical design with an array of refined details such as braided handles and Louis Vuitton’s heritage Articles de Voyage signature in subtle and pinpoint perforations. Crafted in beautiful Veau Soie calfskin with its fine and natural grain, it is the perfect neutral accompaniment, fashionable day out and in.

Its practicality extends to its generous interior space. An elegant, suede calfskin lined central compartment is complimented by zippered pocket space. Available for $4,000 in a lovely hazelnut, Noisette, the bag has a removable shoulder strap and bottom studs that protect its base.

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