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A designer brand of Spain, is competing against the world, now who can make the finest leather? It’s not weird though that, when you think of Loewe, your thought creates an image in the background, it moves to the front stage, slowly and then it becomes visible, or it’s either the Loewe bag the flamenco.

Trying hard to become innovative, Loewe recently dropped the Origami Collection – a bag made from the leather available on this planet and crafted by the most experienced in Spain. The bag is funny and the design is creative, you can literally fold and hide it under your bed. This save a lot of space, and when you open it back again, it will recover its shape automatically, without your effort.

But the Denim color has always been in trend, since like forever, can you live without your jeans? It’s the easiest fashion piece for your legs, easy to clean and easy to wear.

Loewe decided to craft a series of denim bag, it’s named the Indigo Collection. Painted in light or dark denim blue, and made from suede, another addition to the iconic line.

The price for the Amazona Bag in indigo is set at $2450 USD, the medium size is measured 36 x 23 x 15 cm. The Loewe flamenco’s usually retails for $2150 USD. The Amazona Bag can be order at Loewe e-store, but for the other styles, you need to visit your local boutique.




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