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What to say of luxury charm, timeless is one of its advantages, the nobles often regard them as a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation. If you also want to live a nobility addiction, the following nine classic big bag it worth your reference. You are likely to start chanel become later vintage chanel!


Nine most worthwhile investment of designer bags – [Louis Vuitton Monogram handbags Tribute]




Star Model

(Nicole Kidman)

In collaboration series popular in 2014, Louis Vuitton has also joined the ranks. Once launched on the popular endless, the two are love actress.



Recommended reason:

  • Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) in the year of 2015 launched the “Classic and Classic insurgents: Tribute Monogram” project, invited Karl Lagerfeld, Comme des Garcons, Christian Louboutin and so a big public participation in the design. Christian Louboutin this creative work, into his personal favorite red, metal studs and other elements, both practical and personality.




Star Model

(Reese Witherspoon) Ferragamo (SalvatoreFerragamo) this elegant bag has many fans in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon and Amy Adams is one of loyalty powder. Its charm lies in casual styling make up have become official!



Recommended reason:

FIAMMA handbag is the eldest daughter of founder Salvatore Fiamma Ferragamo (Ferragamo • Fei Ma) is named after, she was in charge of brand leather accessories and footwear designed nearly 40 years. Ferragamo long history and its relentless pursuit of high quality and practicality are perfectly reflected in them.




Star Model

(Dakota Johnson) I am sure this bag will not feel strange, almost can be said to be the most photographed street shooting one, enough to prove its sought-after!




Recommended reason:

Boy Chanel show is bold and maverick Chanel brand side, founder of the brand and create brand Chanel in place on an unprecedented use of menswear fabrics in women’s design, it can be seen Boy Chanel tribute attitude.




Star Model

(Alessandra Ambrósio) compact design and superior practicality and high quality is 2jours series of handbags brings the first impression, and the mini-package type is even more lovable.




Recommended reason:

Design Director Silvia Fendi text Greek children • Turini • Fendi launched in 2012 2Jours bags, after years of exercises become more attractive, many fashion celebrities have put it down. In 2013 for the Asian market and will launch a special mini-mini version 2Jours, high collection value, oh.




Star Model

(Kendall Jenner) Balenciaga motorcycle bag has this casual bohemian spirit, by this wild attracted many people, the home is one of them sisters.




Recommended reason:

This bag no matter when and where can become a classic, baggy style but without losing the high-end quality, it is important that it is very cool!




Star Model

(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)

Choose Sac De Jour handbags are just the fashion circles “Queen” level figures, Kate and Rosie at its backdrop becomes more gas field.




Recommended reason:

Sac De Jour Saint Laurent brand handbags are another iconic design, clear and neat lines, packet type stiffness, the overall low-key and simple, is destined to become a classic.




Star Model

(Emma Roberts)

Speaking of this bag loyal pink, gold sister Kendall Jenner is absolutely must mention, all black, nude color style she income.




Recommended reason:

Rage “smiley package” After upgrading to transform into “Micro Luggage” bag, retained cute smiley funny, more compact shape demonstrated a refined luxury and elegance, able to mature.




Star Model

(Angelina Jolie) and Julie mysterious goddess Pandora gas field is very contrast, an all-black styling is very cool. In contrast Dianna Agron go is feeling little girls, also cooperated with Pandora intimacy.




Recommended reason:

Pandora series of bags is arguably one of the series most photographed family, Givenchy handbag, large capacity, variability are its characteristics. Its name comes from Greek mythology in the Pandora’s Box, a touch of mystery to its increase.




Star Model

(Karlie Kloss)

Dolce & Gabbana single product family there is always a magical attraction, perhaps the warm sense of island, but also perhaps its exquisite degree. Miss Sicily handbag bag type series simple, but every detail is very charming.




Recommended reason:

Miss Sicily handbag series has a variety of sizes, materials and colors, is one of the masterpieces of Dolce & Gabbana. Retro and modern package type, how can you miss?

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Peta Asia rattles consumers to their bones with bleeding leather goods

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peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (1)

We have spoken about this repeatedly. They have spoken about this repeatedly. But people don’t get the idea, the people in the fashion business. Of all the materials they can use and promote trends and style, why at the rate of killing innocent, helpless creatures? That is what we ask, and that is what they ask. Peta, in association with ad giants Ogilvy & Mather came up with a campaign video that would leave any shopper in a state of shock for a long while. Peta Asia and O&M Bangkok created a fake pop-up store in one of the most popular malls in Bangkok. The Leather Work store had on display several leather products. Shoppers who strolled in to check out where set up to a distasteful and scary treat when they opened these bags.

peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (2)
The video, called “Behind the Leather” showed how shoppers opened the bags to see hearts beating, a jacket that opens to strings of vein covered in fluid and blood, as well as blood on the hands on a shopper who tried on a pair of gloves, and another who tried on shoes. This was a play on the cruelty on crocodiles and snakes to produce fashion statements.
peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (3)
This was extreme, and quite harsh, but the message is loud and clear – boycott leather.
peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (4)

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peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (5)

peta-behind-the-leather-ogilvy-mather-bangkok (6)

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Cartier Louis Cartier Fine Leather Goods Collection

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cartier_louis-cartier-flg-collection1You’ve already read (and seen) most of Cartier’s new Jeanne Toussaint Fine Leather Goods collection, from my favourite Jeanne Toussaint Asymmetric Clutch to the other pieces in the collection, including the Jeanne Toussaint Chain Bag and the totes which come in 2 sizes.

But enough about the ladies, here’s something just for the boys. Besides creating a collection in homage to Jeanne Toussaint, Creative Director of Accessories Marlin Yuson also drew on another legend of the house, Louis Cartier, for the new mens collection. The man who started it all, the collection is dedicated to his genius, one who dreamt of faraway adventures and the spirit of travel.

cartier_louis-cartier-flg-collection2Which brings us to the key bag of this collection, the Louis Cartier Bag, an elegant tribute to the man and his wanderlust. Made of caramel-coloured full-grain leather, it takes over five square metres of it, along with fifteen metres of thread and over 100 steps to create it. Measuring 49.5 cm across by 25 cm in height, the barrel-shaped duffel is beautifully finished with palladium-finished hardware, from its sleek side buckles to the tiniest of logos on the top of the bag, taken from the archives and given new life in this exquisite piece.

cartier_louis-cartier-flg-collection3Another bag that’s worth checking out is this accompanying piece, the Louis Cartier Document Holder, which employs the same craftsmanship and level of detailing dedicated to the former. 40 cm across by 29.5 cm, the briefcase comes in two colours (Black and Caramel), with a bevy of pockets and slots on the inside, and is guaranteed to make even the most disorganised of businessmen weep with joy. Priced at SGD5100and SGD4350 respectively for the bags, you’ll find both, along with some other pieces including a messenger and a portfolio clutch at Cartier boutiques islandwide.

Luxe, polished and sleek. It’s true what everyone’s been saying, Cartier’s bags are really coming into their own now.

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Cartier Jeanne Toussaint Fine Leather Goods Collection

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cartier_jeanne-toussaint-flg-collection1You could say I’m biased, but having already previewed Cartier’s full collection ofJeanne Toussaint Fine Leather Goods way back in February in Paris, there’s nothing I don’t personally adore with the exception of a few details, but that’s just me being me. All in all, it’s a great collection that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen Cartier do before in terms of bags, and that’s saying a lot especially if you’re familiar with their existing offerings.

cartier_jeanne-toussaint-flg-collection3But that’s all in the past. Which in some serendipitous way is how Creative Director of Accessories Marlin Yuson drew inspiration from this collection. Paying homage to a great lady who was an important creative force at Cartier for many years, you’ll see many subtle details from the archives: from jewelled clasps to the design of the chain sling incorporated into contemporary styles that are not only beautiful, but are also pretty functional as well.

cartier_jeanne-toussaint-flg-collection2On the left, the Jeanne Toussaint Chain Bag, on the right, the Jeanne Toussaint Asymmetric Clutch

The collection isn’t a huge one either, just 3 distinct styles that come in various sizes with emphasis on the quality of the leather as well as the finer details (which I’m fussy about), from the stitching (I’ve checked) to the way the clasps open and close (I’ve checked those too) to how everything feels and works (I tried them all out, weighing each bag mentally, posing with the bags in the mirror, much to the amusement of everyone related to the collection who was at 13 Rue de la Paix that day).

There is the Tote Bag, which comes in 3 variations, one with an additional zip compartment at the bottom, great for swopping out your heels for flats after a long day day at work, the regular Tote Bag that’s great for work, as well as the Mini Tote Bagthat’s just 29.5 tall cm by 21.5 cm wide and as cute as a button.

Then there’s the Chain Bag, the elegant work companion that you can wear 3 ways. Featuring a front flap with killer detailing as far as the hardware is concerned, this is the one that looks set to be a classic in her own right.

Last but not least, my personal favourite and the one bag boys can also pull off confidently from the Jeanne Toussaint FLG collection. Simply known as the Asymmetric Clutch, I like to think of it as the kind of clutch old men bring to casinos but loads more contemporary and stylish, and one that won’t look out of place most anywhere.

I could go on and on, but because I’m not a fan of posts that go on forever and a day (there will be more updates as far as the individual styles are concerned, so hang in there), I’ll just leave you with one of the new videos celebrating this collection, and a reminder to make a mental note to visit Cartier soon where the bags are already available. Or you could just head online and check out the full range (and their respective prices) for yourself.

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