The Louis Vuitton Garance Bag

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LLouis Vuitton always plays it well with the classics. Think of any timeless bag shape, and LV takes it to a new level of modern freshness (ode to the Dora Tote Bag!).

Louis Vuitton may have just done it again with one of their latest bags from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Let’s take a closer look at the Louis Vuitton Garance Bag…

louis-vuitton-garance-soft-leather--M50347_PM2_Front view

The Garance bag encompasses everything Louis Vuitton strives for: practical modernity, homage to heritage, and pure sophistication. The Garance bag has a structured, duffle bag like silhouette, which has been a very popular trend this fall. The Garance has a luxe feel and is made of smooth calf leather, but has all the functionality of a reliable everyday bag. Featuring a double zip closure, removable zippered pocket, and detachable strap, you can easily tote the Garance around on the go with no fear. The bag also features two top handles that add to its elegant, ladylike feel.

What gives the Garance its unique LV flair are the flower-shaped handle mounts that allude to the iconic monogram motif. The Garance also features other details honoring Louis Vuitton’s history as a malletier such as the metal corners and buckles. It is available in black, red, and off-white via Louis Vuitton starting at $4,300.

louis-vuitton-garance-soft-leather--M50346_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-garance-soft-leather--M50345_PM2_Front view

With the Garance bag, LV went “smart and sophisticated”. Do you agree? Is it calling your name this season?

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Aside from waiting on the classics and reissues, we know that most of us here in the community are on the lookout for new bags. With that in mind, we’re giving you the Louis Vuitton Garance Bag, a newcomer that’s heavily inspired by LV’s humble beginnings as a malletier (some history in a bag, you might say).

Made with only the finest smooth calf leather, this baby has flower-shaped handle mounts (inspired by the Monogram motif) and elements which point back to the trunk maker’s art. It comes with a removable, adjustable leather strap which allows you to wear it however you want. Very versatile, indeed! Also, it has a removable inside zip pocket and double zip closure, which keeps your valuables organized and intact. Below, it has four bottom studs which prevent it from touching the floor. Well, this bag is truly something!

Measuring 11.8” x 8.7” x 5.1” inches, you can get your very own Garance bag for $4,300 USD or €2,900 EUR via Louis Vuitton online boutique.



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Louis Vuitton Garance Tote Bag

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One of Louis Vuitton’s latest offerings from the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection is the new Garance Bag. Made of premium soft calf leather, this lightweight duffle bag is perfect for everyday use. It features two top handles and an adjustable/removable leather shoulder strap. The bag presents unique details such as the Monogram flower on the handles and metal corners. The bag has silver metallic pieces, a double zip closure and 4 bottom studs for protection. The interior is made of microfiber lining and includes a removable zip pocket. Available in three colors, Rubis, Off-White and Noir.

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Garance Bag $4,300.00 (USD) 11.8″ L x 8.7″ H x 5.1″ W

Source: Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Garance Replica Handbag Review

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I love everything that is beautiful, even if it is natural or created by man. I love nature, with all the sun and sea, with mountains and valleys, I love all kitties and puppies, and I also love all the beauties man created, such as purses. About one month ago I stepped into my office and saw my colleague wearing the most beautiful bag in the world: the Louis Vuitton Garance handbag. She has the genuine one, but as I don’t see the reason of paying $3000 for one bag so I immediately contacted my friends from pursevalley and ordered myself the replica of this lovely accessory.

louis vuitton garance handbag

I recently received the Louis Vuitton Garance handbag and it is everything I wished it to be. It has an impeccable style, heritage and contemporaneity. It has been produced out of amazingly smooth and high quality calf leather. The lines are simple, modern and very elegant. The flower-shaped handle mounts and the bag’s metal corners make this bag look really special and beautiful. This bag is both lightweight and supple which makes it the perfect choice for every day wear, even if you go to the office or out with your friends, or even if you want to go shopping and then have a cup of black coffee.

louis vuitton garance white handbag

I measured my Louis Vuittton Garance replica bag when I received it. It has a length of 11.8 inches, a height of 8.7 inches and a width of 5.1 inches just like the original bag. The hardware is made of metallic silver pieces very shiny and beautiful. The purse has an adjustable leather strap for the shoulder and a double zip closure. There are no misspellings on the bag, the “Louis Vuitton Paris” engravings are correct both on the front part of the leather and on the metal parts that connect the lateral sides of the bag. This beautiful LV Garance stands on four metal bottom studs and inside it we can find one removable zip pocket.

I couldn’t find any differences between my Louis Vuittton Garance replica bag and the original one I saw in the office. I am so glad that I have not spent such a big amount of money for it. I promised Diana, my colleague, that I will let her know next time I place an order for a new purse maybe she’ll try one replica. I am sure that ones she gets one she won’t be able to stop.

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Love It or Leave It: The Louis Vuitton Garance Bag

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As I’ve said in this space time and again, I’m usually not one who has trouble being decisive, especially when it comes to whether or not I like a bag. I look at them all day, every day, so the evaluation process happens pretty quickly. Despite that, I’m wavering over the newLouis Vuitton Garance Bag.

The Garance wasn’t a Fall 2015 runway piece, so I’m just seeing it now, after taking a little jaunt through Vuitton’s leather section on its website. The brand’s leather offerings have expanded a lot in the past few years, and it seems like every time I check, there’s at least one new bag hiding in there. Today, among others, was the Garance, which is currently available in three colors of smooth calf leather.

The duffel-style bag’s most interesting design feature is its handle attachments, which are in the shape of one of the motifs in Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram. The attachments, although tonal, take up much of the front surface of the bag, and they’re the thing that stops me from being fully on board here; I wish they were a little smaller, perhaps. On the other hand, I love the metal joints that cover the bag’s corners. Not only do they protect a point of wear, but they’re a beautiful little touch.

What say you? Let us know if you love this bag or would rather leave it.

$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


$4,300 via Louis Vuitton


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