Delvaux autumn and winter luxury fur and small leather goods, gifts of choice

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The annual New Year’s Eve Christmas gift season is coming again, 15 fall and winter beauty of the design to the construction season is no lack of soul Delvaux several exquisite luxury small leather goods and texture warm suede series, fit in this New Year’s season tribute most cherished people.

Exquisite smallleather goods andaccessories

In addition to soft calfskin, but this fall and winter skate Delvaux more specially selected skin, crocodile skin, and patent leather with stitching bright side, the collision of a new spark, small leather goods add more style and thought, compact size is enough to make your favorite people benefit from extremely attractive.

Born in 1958 Brussels Expo Delvaux Brillant series is the most iconic, classics without fear’s test. Brillant season series classic style atmosphere with rare leather material, a unique achievement undoubtedly the ultimate luxury. India rose red purse gorgeous glamorous, eye-catching is definitely the best choice for the same quarter of Prussian blue wallet contrast material is also used a variety of glossy and matte, calm elegance.

Inspired Handbags 1977 a product called “Le Marronnier” of the Le Madame series also introduced a variety of simple clutch, its shape simple, funny, and different colors, graphics, and leather mix, composition the effect of a variety of unexpected luxury. Cortex aspect, the season’s Madame series uses fine snakeskin pattern and ray skin covered Wrap, the fine details of the design to the extreme, for in the special day to pamper yourself and loved ones.

In the early 1960s sailing-inspired design Tempête series delicate cute red mini handbag India and the alligator clutch bag cover stitching elegant appearance and simple silhouette to attract women have charming elegance, Also suitable for hand and shoulder.


This season’s new color Delvaux India rose red and khaki green undoubtedly the most suitable Christmas should scenery, and to echo the advent of winter, the creative team also joined suede and plush fur elements, bring exceptional contrast from a variety of avant-garde texture , with BrillantBlack Edition mini version of Le Pin, Givry other soft casual style, cherish your love brought the slightest warmth and light.


Presse series is Delvaux men’s series of classics, in the women’s section will Delvaux basis craftsmanship show exhaustive. “Presse” series handbags are gilded leather with subtle brass buckle, subtle, more elegant. And will launch a special clutch series is a perfect interpretation of classic and modern metrosexual. Reward for the special day dearest man.

Rare are looking for high quality leather in the process, Delvaux has been concerned and strict compliance with the provisions of the Washington Convention on International Trade Convention (CITES) of: “Ensuring international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants behavior does not pose a threat to their survival.”

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Givenchy Nightingale Fur Satchel

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Givenchy Nightingale Fur Satchel

The Givenchy Nightingale Satchel is a classic, iconic handbag that has not been receiving a whole lot of attention lately. At least it seems that way. You used to see this bag everywhere and then poof, it was gone. No, not really gone. But I guess it just moved out of the spotlight a little bit. That is a shame because the Givenchy Nightingale Satchel truly is one of a kind. It is instantly recognizable and an overall great basic handbag. Perhaps Riccardo Tisci realized this and decided to breathe new life into the style. That is what it looks like anyway, especially when you see the Givenchy Nightingale Fur Satchel!

I have seen variations of this style over the years, but wow, this one certainly takes the cake! Seriously! Just look at this piece! The classic Givenchy Nightingale Satchel has been transformed using goat fur. Yep, long strands of shaggy locks rain down the sides and reach far beyond the bottom of the bag. The texture is actually quite rich. You just want to touch it and pet it. That being said, this piece is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is a showstopper for sure, so be prepared to have all eyes on you (and the bag).

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