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Here’s a new released handbag, it’s called Fendi Runaway Bag. The name is quite catchy and we think it’s inspired by the fashion term ‘Runway’. But anyway, this bag was first seen on the Fall Winter 2017 Runway.

The design
The Fendi Runaway Bag is a new design. The look is straightforward, modern and urban-like. It’s made with removable short leather straps for carrying by hand or at the crook of your arm. I think the reason why the strap is adjustable, is because you can change it to different colors.

The tote strap is designed with the brand new reversed ‘F’ signature logo in gold hardware and silver hardware. The reversed ‘F’ logo has been released not long ago, it was first-designed for the Kan I Bag.

The shape of this bag is neat and straight-lined. The calfskin leather feels smooth durable and luxurious. The front comes with a front zip and a pocket. This part does reminds be a little bit of the Celine Luggage Bag.

This is really a unique design, especially the mix of gold a silver hardware. The trapezoid shape is feminine and very attractive. It also comes with a long leather strap for shoulder carry, which can be removed or adjusted as well. The side is designed with large silver eye-lets.


The interior
The inside is secured with short leathers that close with push button. The interior is made with one large compartment, two flat pockets and one zipped pocket. It has all the space you need for daily use. The medium size is also great for work because it’s much bigger.

Now what do you think about this new Fendi bag? Is it going to match the Fend 2jours bag? Let us know what you think?

Fendi Small Runaway Bag
Size: 29 x 22 x 12.5 (L x H x D) in cm
Prices: $1950 USD, €1590 euro, £1530 GBP, $2550 CAD, ¥240840 JPY

Fendi Medium Runaway Bag
Size: 38 x 30 x 17 (L x H x D) in cm
Prices: $2300 USD, €1790 euro, £1720 GBP, $2990 CAD, ¥271080 JPY










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Fendi Valentine’s Day Collection

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Fendi Bag Valentines Day Collection Fendi Valentines Day Collection

Fendi Valentine’s Day latest capsule collection inspired by symbols of love, red color heart shape appears as the main design theme on all of the items in this collection. Fendi Valentine’s Day offers two versions of the latest bag By The Way and Backpack made in material in soft black nappa leather. Plush, zipper insertion as the second bag was made longer which is then decorated with Crystal heart shape red and pink. To further beautify this bag, Fendi Bag provides any famous Bug in the form of the symbol of love is still with mink fur as its flagship and crystal material for the part of the eye. Then there are also Strap You seemed made of woven heart shape decorated with studs. Fendi Valentine’s Day collection will be available starting in February in a Fendi boutiques worldwide.

Fendi By The Way Backpack Valentines Day Fendi Valentines Day CollectionFendi By The Way Bag Valentines Day Fendi Valentines Day CollectionFendi Strap Valentines Day Collection Fendi Valentines Day CollectionFendi Valentines Day 2017 Fendi Valentines Day Collection

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The Fendi Bag Bugs are getting more playful than ever, they all started with only the faces but now they got Fluffy Feet. You can’t get cuter designer bags than these.

The Fendi Micro Baguette Bag Bug Bag with Fluffy Feet is really a mini size bags, which only makes the Bag Bug design only more adorable. Perhaps its time to inject some fun and playful accessories to your dressing, your wardrobe needs it too.

This compact piece comes with one of the label’s signature Bag Bug faces and is trimmed with plush fox fur around the eyes.

Take a look at the shoulder strap and chain strap as well, the design purposely made like this to create an appearance like the Bag Bug has loose hands. At the end of your evening, when you get come, just put this bag in your living room, it will stand there like a piece of art.

Crafted from calf leather, the interior is made with two compartments and card slots. The chains and leather strap can be detached, measuring 7.5’ x 6.5’ x 1’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1850 USD, €1400 euro, $2510 AUD, ¥230040 JPY, $14400 HKD via MyTheresa.





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Some designer brands dive into the House’s Archives when searching for inspiration and thus, take you back in the past. But not Fendi, they’re giving you a taste on how our fashion future looks like. Take a deep breath and get ready for another Spring Summer 2017 Runway.

Ladies with glittering lips, big shiny glasses and of course modernized handbags. Minimalistic and simple does not exist in the Vocabulary of this runway. Everything is complex, but beautifully complex.



The iconic bags are getting face lifted, but oh my, they’re stunning. Seeing this bag is like killing-you-softly because the mind just wants to take one home – now.

Like this Peekaboo bag adorned with flowers on both sides. You see flowers in different sizes from the smallest on the bottom the biggest on the top. And the cutest part is that only the top flower is open while the rest are closed.

And the color pink is another stunning choice. Oh, it’s not finished yet; the big strap is refined with large flowers too. With such an impressive bag in your arms, the fashion winter will be a piece-cake.


And if Peekaboo is not killing you, then consider the By The Way Bag. This bag is painted with mix of eye-catching colors, from pink to white and baby blue, how fast is your heart beating?

White studs are crafted on the slide-in-hand-strap, a leather luggage tag is attached to it. With curvy shapes on the top and orange edges on the pink leather, this bag only exists in the fairytale stories.

And take a look at the bi-color strap with white studs attached. This By The Way Bag will scream fashion whenever you go.


There are also new bags introduced, like this shoulder bag. It’s just too gorgeous to describe – the center is crafted with the new double pyramid lock while the edges are made with wave pattern. The baby blue color is stunning as well as the top shoulder strap with pyramid studs.

And what Fendi is also trying to let us know – ‘put some charms on the bag will create a big impact, just see the big differences’.

And oh yes, this bag comes with a long chain strap for shoulder carry.




























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Fendi Black Flowerland Dotcom Bag
Size: 30 x 24 x 14 (L x H x D) in cm

Looks like sophisticated flower power is on its way to the glamorous fashion house of Fendi as embodied on its Black Flower Capsule Bag Collection. Yes ladies, everything about this collection is made more chic and feminine with the beautiful flower adornments.

Now what makes this Fendi collection special and unique? Well well, all the bags are all in the capsule collection and are sporting the black color. And oh, they added the right amount of flower embellishments without looking over the top.

This Black Flower Bag Collection also features Fendi’s top and most-loved bags of all time such as the Dotcom, Peekaboo, and By The Way Bag.

The Dotcom Bag looks modern than ever with the tone-on-tone Flowerland flowers and metallic stitching while the Peekaboo looks more feminine with the cute flower accents. The By The Way mini Bag on the other hand is decorated with the same flowers and with two-tone plexiglass studs.


Fendi Black Flowerland Peekaboo Bag
Size: 23 x 18 x 11 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Mini By The Way Bag
Size: 21 x 12.5 x 9.5 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland By The Way Bag
Size: 27 x 13 x 15 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Backpack
Size: 29 x 30 x 12 (L x H x D) in cm


Fendi Black Flowerland Charm


Fendi Black Flowerland Strap You


Fendi Black Flowerland Jewel Sandal


Fendi Flowerland Black Sandal

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Replica Fendi Handbags since early autumn series debut By The Way Pure calfskin handbag, immediately get attention and love each trend of people. In the coming autumn and winter, the brand launched more exciting By The Way handbags, reflecting the brand new modern style, with stylish girl and the young lady will be personalized. Inspired by its function name handbags, carry up to four ways: long side backpack shoulder strap, Replica handbags, hand bags, and the arm through the handle of the hand-held mode.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By The Way is neither a true single handbag, but also more than a handbag, a doctor is more than quadruple the bag …… but handbags! Simple and elegant appearance, not cumbersome. By-The-Way handbags show themselves extremely high plasticity shape so that you can not wait for the moment to carry. Small and easy to close, hidden inside the universe, with plenty of space, enough to accommodate everyday needs, with two internal partitions and central phone zipper bag. The new Replica Fendi Roma Handbags flag hot pressure in front of handbags, customers can more initials engraved on the strap, unique custom boutique style.

Replica Fendi Handbags

By the way a major feature is its flexibility handbag, handle design in two sizes to choose from, innovation is the key to amazing function. Large button door and let Liangbing short studs can easily handle erected, act as a conventional handle, the bag can also be flat against the body, acts as a smaller handbag.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This highly flexible design not only uphold FENDI brand has been pursuing a dual nature, it shows the designer Silvia Venturini Replica Fendi handbags in the creation of the everyday needs of women into the design. Silvia Venturini Fendi wealth of creativity more Winter Series By The Way surprise, handbags design combines autumn and winter women series of theme, creating a grid of other trees of the new trend, leading fashion brand to lay status. Soft, fine calfskin simple version using the brand good spell color techniques, another unexpected calfskin handbag with crocodile tail. Furthermore, laden with Tibetan antelope wool and decorated with fluorescent details of the design concept of the perfect interpretation of the Fur Escape, Symphony python leather handbags crocodile back side inlaid just like studs, giving people an unexpected freshness, sections are teaching people put it down. From morning to night, cool composure. By The Way handbag year round, suitable for any occasion.

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