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Chanel Emily Guccissima Large Chain Shoulder Bag
Size: 11.8” x 7.1” x 3.3” inches (W x H x D)
Price: $1,590 USD, €1,890 EUR


Oh boy, what do we have here? It’s the Gucci Emily Guccissima Chain Shoulder Bag, another one-of-a-kind piece that’s sure to make any city girl’s heart melt! Beautifully constructed, the Emily Guccissima comes in two sizes to choose from, so depending on your preference and need for space, you may want to consider one with an ample size.





Both sizes come in signature Guccissima leather with trim, side flap closure with embossed Gucci trademark detail and light gold hardware which provides a stark (yet beautiful contrast). Inside, it even has pockets for storage – you have to give it to the luxury brand for keeping up with your needs for organization. Way to go, Gucci!

These babies also come with chain straps, but the Large variation has double the fun (with leather shoulder panels). More bling, more possibilities!

Get your very own Emily Guccissima Chain Shoulder Bag now via Gucci e-store.



Chanel Emily Guccissima Mini Chain Shoulder Bag
Size: 11.8” x 7.1” x 3.3” inches (W x H x D)
Price: $1,200 USD, €890 EUR

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Gucci Mini Emily Embossed Shoulder

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gucci_fw15-mini-emily-embossed-shoulderYou know the drill. Small bags are still in. Luxury brands continually churn them out. You just get more and more confused as you decide which of these tiny lovelies is the one for you. And with the launch of Gucci’s new Mini Emily Embossed Shoulder, here’s another one to add to your wish list. Measuring just 18 cm by 15 cm (seriously, it’s that small), the embossed GG leather wallet (it should be technically called a wallet, right?), has a single canvas-lined compartment along with a patch pocket, which is quite a downer especially if you need a bag this size to be more functional.

The upside? This baby’s quite the beauty especially for those being on details, from her lush GG-embossed leather body in the lushest of greens, those fun leather tassels and of course, that piece of gold-tone Horsebit hardware that’s the perfect accent on the green leather. Because who doesn’t love gold on green anyway.

Priced at GBP730 and available online, there’s also another in Sand(more like a pretty pastel pink of sorts) besides the one in Turtle Green shown above.

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