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Because we’re also ga-ga over revamps, we’ll be ogling at the all-new Chanel Boy Enchained Bag that’s made especially for the Cruise 2016 Collection. It’s mighty fine, as per Chanel usual, and it’s all yours for the taking (but for now, no deets about prices and availability…but patience is a virtue, so…).

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Some weeks ago, we were able to feature the original Chanel Boy Enchained Bag (which had quilted edges). You can click on the link above for more details about this baby as well.

So, back to the topic – as we’ve mentioned, the original Enchained Bag had quilted edges reminiscent of Classic Flaps, but this time the Cruise 2016 variation has none of that. Instead, it has a layers of leather and chain on its edges and in front, like a dazzling array of metal. Also, instead of a smooth, leather finish, it has a seemingly embossed leather that’s textured like python skin – something that’s definitely worth mentioning! Let’s not forget about its clasp and hardware, though – they’re all dark silver, which is very much exciting. Foolproof combinations are always, always a plus factor.

So, what do you think about this piece? Is it something you’d consider getting? Comment now and let us know!

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