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Last week we talked extensively about the latest Chanel Fall Winter 2016 Earring Collection, but there was one particular pair of earrings that grabbed our attention. And that was the Chanel Leather Woven Chain Earrings.

Why are these special?

Well, the design is really creative yet so Chanelish. You see, when you combined the most-wanted color, the gorgeous CC signature and the popular Leather Woven Chain design, you get an irresistible accessory.

So for the ladies that already own a Chanel Classic Flap Bag (or any Chanel bags with Leather Woven Chain strap), wearing these beauties would make your outfit perfect.

Here are the details:

Chanel CC Leather Woven Chain Earrings
Style code: A96197
Price: $550 USD, €490 euro, £415 GBP, $780 SGD, $4100 HKD, $760 AUD, ¥65880 JPY

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Chanel Earrings Metal And Glass Pearls Gold and Pearly White
Style code: A86243
Price: $450 USD, €390 euro

Now let’s talk about earrings, shall we? You know, besides handbags and shoes, what is the next thing that is exceptionally popular at Chanel?

Earrings of course…


Chanel Earrings in Metal, Strass and Glass Pearls Gold, Light Pink and Pearly White
Style code: A88847
Price: $700 USD, €620 euro

So we decided to give you as much information as possible about the earrings for this collection. Oh and our favorites is no other than these CC with pearls and gems in gold, light pink and white. These beauties are perfect for the evenings as well as important events. They just look so elegant.


Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Strass and Glass Pearls Gold, Pearly White and Crystal
Style code: A97002
Price: €1050 euro


What’s more? These Chanel Clip-On Earrings looks sophisticated but amazing. Again, a lot of pearls below the beautiful CC in gold, white and crystals.

So what do you think? And which one would you choose?


Chanel Earrings in Metal Gold
Style code: A86242
Price: $500 USD, €440 euro


Chanel Earrings in Metal, Resin, Fantasy Pearls Gold, Pearly White and Light Green
Style code: A95022
Price: $450 USD, €400 euro


Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Resin and Fantasy Pearls, Gold, Pearly White and Ecru
Style code: A95024
Price: $475 USD, €420 euro


Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Resin and Resin Gold, Pearly White and Light Pink
Style code: A95023
Price: €390 euro


Chanel Metal, Resin and Strass Gold, Pearly White and Crystal
Style code: A86265
Price: €420 euro


Chanel Earrings in Metal Gold
Style code: A96045
Price: €530 euro



Chanel Metal and Strass Silver, Blue and Crystal
Style code: A95164
Price: €620 euro

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Louis Vuitton Presents Fortune Earrings Inspired by Zodiac Signs

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Whether one believes in it or not, browsing through the yearly horoscopes and predictions is a fun way to spend free time after New Year’s Eve. The zodiac signs have always provided character traits and motivations throughout the centuries, and astrology also has been perceived and practiced in different ways by many cultures and populations. The modern society is no less interested in astrology, and has frequently found eclectic ways to celebrate the zodiac signs. Of course, fashion often looks up to the horoscope to find some sort of inspirations for coming up with statement-making, unique collections, with Louis Vuitton just being one of the latest brands to launch jaw-dropping designs be inspired by the Zodiac signs.

Louis Vuitton The Fortune Earrings

The French fashion luxury house has, in fact, just presented The Fortune earrings collection, which has been inspired by the zodiac signs and is going to be available for purchase at the end of the year, from November 2016. Minimalistic, sleek and delicate, Louis Vuitton’s Fortune jewelry line looks up to the stars to celebrate everyone’s zodiac sign, pampering us with a collection of 12 gold earrings in miniature.

Mimicking well-known graphic shapes, each one of the earrings could be worn alone, left unpaired to celebrate the single earring trend, which is one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 jewelry trends, or, for those who are really into astrology, combined with one’s rising sign (the latter option may not be that thrilling for those who, like me, share the same zodiac and rising signs). Of course, Louis Vuitton made sure to have some room for its classic ‘V’ shapes within the pieces too, integrating the letter into each one of the designs in always-different and very creative ways.

Priced at €250 each, Louis Vuitton’s Zodiac jewelry line is predicted (pun intended) to be as successful as the brand’s last spring’s Initiales line, wherein that same golden miniatures were forged to create letters. When it comes to the Zodiac Sign collection, those initials could be worn individually or combined together to spell out a name, a word or even a sentence and a message. Apparently, the French house wants us to be more prone to personalizing our style, without being afraid of showing off our individuality and passions. “Sold singularly, #LouisVuitton’s Fortune zodiac earrings promise only good thing,” @LouisVuitton_UK stated via twitter.

Launched just in time to serve as the upcoming Christmas presents (having to wait until November is the only flaw in the otherwise perfect plan to start getting more fashionable since these very first days of January), Louis Vuitton’s zodiac jewelry line is already a must-have!

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Chanel Metal CC Earrings with Strass
Style code: A87413
Price: €360 EUR

Right now, it’s all about the bling! Today, we’re going to feature Chanel Earrings as seen on the luxury brand’s Fall Winter 2015 Collection Act 2. We’re not only about the bags and shoes here – we gotta have some of the luxe, shiny stuff too!


Chanel CC Earrings Embellished with Strass
Style code: A88657
Price: €350 EUR


Chanel Metal Earrings with Strass
Style code: A87409
Price: €240 EUR


Chanel Metal and Resin Earrings
Style code: A85994
Price: €450 EUR


Chanel Resin Earrings with Metal and Strass
Style code: A89129
Price: €380 EUR


Chanel Metal and Resin Earrings Embellished with Strass and Glass Pearls
Style code: A89130
Price: €390 EUR


Chanel Metal Earrings with Glass Pearls, CC Signatures and Strass
Style code: A88630
Price: €840 EUR

Get ahead with these shining, shimmering babies as you make them your primary accessories for the evening. Do you have any favorites from the pieces above? You can get your very own pair via Chanel boutique.

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Ladies, you’re in for a special treat today! We’re going to feature the first part of our sneak peek for Chanel Earrings, which are part of the Fall Winter 2015 Pre-collection. We get how those bouncing bling and baubles can be super-addictive – and now, we’re bringing it! So, what to choose?


Fresh Water Pearl Earrings
Style code: A88522
Price: €1040 EUR

We hope you’re up for some amazing pearl earrings. The craftsmanship on this thing is amazing – super fancy and eye-catching, indeed!


Metal and Plexiglas Earrings
Style code: A87234
Price: €690 EUR

Beautiful…just, beautiful indeed. These earrings in metal and plexiglass shine because it’s adorned with shimmering strass and finished-off with a CC signature.


Metal and Glass Pearl Earrings
Style code: A88580
Price: €580 EUR

This beauty is a metal set with strass, encrusted with glass pearls and also features the house’s CC signature. Just imagine this thing glisten in your ear…


Glass Pearl, Metal and Resin Earrings
Style code: A85927
Price: €290 EUR

Are you the type to love drop earrings? Well, we’re all for it! This earring, which comes in glass pearls, metal and resin can be your next best friend.


Glass Pearl, Metal and Resin Earrings
Style code: A85873
Price: €390 EUR

If you’re more about the rounded string, this other variation could work just well.

So, what do you think about the first part of this collection? What is your favorite design from the choices, so far? Be heard, and talk to us! These pieces are available via Chanel boutique.

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Dior is offering us new treats to watch out for! Aside from their wonderful line of bags, shoes and other leather goods, they are releasing some fancy bling, in the form of their Tribal Earrings! We are so in-love with these pieces, which show some unique craftsmanship, and a design concept which spans multiple designs. These fabulous earrings are the real deal.

Made with only the finest material available, this is not your ordinary earring – it is inspired by tribal designs, which is eccentric and unique. The pieces are composed of a small pearl, which rests perfectly on the ear, and a large one which peeps out subtly from behind the lobe. The concept is mind-blowing – we’ve seen a lot of jewelry in our day, but nothing as fancy and innovative as this. If you would want to invest in a piece that would surely stand-out, then this is the one you’re looking for! These pieces can give your outfit that added sparkle.

Designs can range from €280 EUR to €620 EUR, or around £260 GBP to £560 GBP. If you’re looking for a piece that will rock your world, head over to the Dior e-store now!

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