Dogeared ‘Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are’ Pouch

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Dogeared Be the Person Pouch

When I think of Dogeared, I tend to think of the dainty jewelry pieces I have seen at my favorite department store. I especially liked the carded necklaces with inspirational symbols or phrases. They seemed like good gifts for when you’re looking for just the right thing to say. But I never knew that Dogeared also made other accessories such as pouches and bags. That is, until I came across these adorable pouches on Shopbop the other day. There were several designs to choose from, but this particular one really stuck with me- the Dogeared Be the Person Pouch.

According to the designer profile on Shopbop, Marcia Maizel-Clarke seeks to tell a story with each design. This definitely holds true for this particular piece. It’s simple shape and plain canvas exterior showcases a message. It reads “be the person your dog thinks you are”. Wow, what wonderful advice. Seriously. What dog doesn’t idolize their owner? I know my dog thinks I’m the best person in the world. If everyone lived up to their dog’s expectations, perhaps the world would be a better place. Or not. Either way, the sentiment is a nice one. I think this Dogeared pouch would be great for everyday use as both a makeup bag and a daily reminder to be the best person you can be.

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